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Polar Star Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

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Long considered an image for protection and guidance through life, Pole Star tattoos are they do different things for different people. This vibrant tattoo is as eye-catching as you are.

Polar Star Tattoo Designs

The Polarstern tattoo design was originally derived from a simplified version of the compass rose. In contrast to the compass rose, however, the nautical star traditionally has five points, with the topmost in the direction of the polar ice, the polar star.

Oldschool Polarstern mit Flügel und Vogel am Schlüsselbein

Anker mit Polarstern am Oberarm

Rather than a flat, or a two-dimensional image, this star has two colors per point, which creates a subtle, 3D image. There are several variations on the Pole Star design, any of which can be used without changing the original meaning.

Six points

A pole star with six points is worn by people for whom religion plays a major role in life. The six-pointed star is reminiscent of the star of David, as well as some pagan designs.

Eight points

Eight pointed polar stars can also be traced back to religious beliefs. In this design, the eight points, the design represents the San Juan Cross.

Mann mit Polarstern Tattoo am Unterarm schwarz und weiß

Creative design ideas

  • layering over another image, like flames or a flower
  • Break each point into several sections and give each section a separate color
  • Place a picture or a face in one or more points
  • Rotate the points a bit so that they all move in one direction as if the star was turning
  • Packaging printed on banners, with a word or phrase around the star
  • Signal box with two or more stars together
  • With daggers or other pictures stick out from the tips of the individual points.

Two North Star Tattoos

Polar stars have been around as a tattoo for a very long time. These stars were once popular only with people who were in some way attached to the water, but over time other groups have used the nautical stars for their own purposes.

Zwei Polarstern am Schlüsselbein Rot und Schwarz

Zwei Polarstern und Schlange am Rücken

Lesbian and gay symbols

Since the 1940’s and 1950’s, the polar star has been used by homosexuals to show their sexual preferences. Lesbians began this practice on themselves during a time when homosexuality was frowned upon and not spoken about. Lots of lesbians chose a tiny Pole Star and had that tattooed on the top of your wrists that you could easily cover with a watch if needed.

Bunte Polarstern auf dem Arm

Punk Rocker

They have also been popular with people like punk rockers and hardcore musicians, Polar Stars have also found their way into this part of tattoo culture.

Punk-Rocker mit Zwei Polarstern Tattoo

The history of the North Star tattoos

There is no precise documentation of the identification of the first North Star tattoos. However, there is ample evidence, including written sources and illustrations, to suggest that this design dates back to many generations.

Polarstern am Schlüsselbein Rot und Schwarz

Create your own meaning

The meaning of the North Star is rich and varied, there is no reason why you should not choose this tattoo. Whether you just admire the stars or enjoy the three-dimensional differences or you love the meaning of the stars. The Pole Star Tattoo is open to anything you can create your own personal meaning that is entirely up to you. Thanks for reading until next time.

Polarstern am Handgelenk Grün und Schwarz

Polarstern auf Hand Rot und Schwarz

Polarstern für das Bein

Halbmond mit Polarstern am Rücken für Frau

Polarstern Tattoo am fuß für Frauen

Tribal Polarstern Tattoo am Brust

Polarstern am Rücken für Maenner

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