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Paw Tattoo ideas and Meaning

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There are a variety of different meanings ascribed to paw tattoos, especially which animal the paw is related to the paws get a different meaning and which culture the paw represents. Frettchen Pfotenabdruck Tattoo am Rücken The Story of the Animal Paw If you are looking for a small but incredibly meaningful tattoo, you should consider a paw tattoo. Although these tattoos look simple, they have incredible meanings to the wearer and can symbolize a wide variety of digits. From a favorite pet to an individual trait to a representation of an entire culture, paw print tattoos are a great choice for many people. One of the best ways to give personal meaning to paw tattoos is when taking their own pet memorials.

Abstract Bärenpfoten abdruck mit Wolf am Unterarm

Whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, or even a bird or lizard, it is possible to have a paw print of the animal tattooed as a souvenir. When you get older these tattoos are just right to remember the old times you can’t say anything against the tattoos like now you’re old and these tattoos are out of date because they don’t age, but are always personal memories for them. You can also have paw prints designed differently, for example multiple paws that go down your back or thighs you can make these paws part of your body.

Tattoo Wolfspfote am Rippenbogen

The paw print of a certain animal can also symbolize certain properties that you want to embody in yourself. For example individuals in many Native American cultures who are associated with their totem animal, the wolf is particularly notable; in Indian American culture it symbolizes the life after the dead. Wolves are also notable as protection for parents, as well as some of the communicative expression of the Animals.

Bärenpfoten Tattoo am Unterarm

For members of the gay community, a bear paw print symbolize the “bear” culture. Gay men belonging to this culture are often made out by their facial and body hair, and many are very muscular or stocky compared to a bear. Although the bear is often viewed fiercely and scary, gay bears are often very friendly, polite, and friendly – they only respond when provoked. Generally speaking, with a paw print pattern you can show with your body what moves you in life, your goals, your passion, everything. A series of paw prints along the foot can show your passion for running, while a paw tattoo can reveal a scar that you had a particularly painful period in your past, in your past.

Frettchen Pfoten am Unterschenkel

The meaning of paw tattoos

As a rule, animal paw tattoos represent the following meaning:

    • Remembering a pet
    • Movement / forward
    • A member of the “bear culture” within the gay community
    • Totem animal
    • Wildness
    • Power and strength
    • Children and upbringing

Katzenpfoten Tattoo Design am Rücken

Variations of Paw Tattoos

There are so many variations of paw tattoos because there are animals! Here is an overview of some of the most popular paw designs and how you can personalize them according to your own individual character or cultural background.

Dog Paw Tattoo Designs

The dog really is man’s best friend, and for any dedicated dog owner (or just a dog lover), dog paw tattoos are a great way to demonstrate your love for the species.

Cat Paw Tattoo Designs

If you prefer cat company, or who simply admire the independence of animals. Cat tattoo is the right choice for it is finer than the dog paw print tattoo, and it is more delicate and feminine. I hope I was able to make your decision a little easier with this article I have also selected pictures for you that will make your decision a little easier. I thank you for reading.

Aquarell Pfote Design auf der Bein Aquarell Pfote Design am Knöchel Aquarell Pfote Design am Unterarm Aquarell Pfoten mit Namen auf der Bein
Pfote mit Herz Design am Unterschenkel Pfoten und Herz mit Unendlichkeit am Handgelenk Pfoten und Namen mit Herz am Unterschenkel Pfoten und Namen mit Blumen am Oberschenkel
Pfote Design mit Blumen am Unterschenkel Pfoten Design mit Namen am fuß Pfoten Design mit Namen am fuß Pfoten Design mit Namen und Datum am Brust Gestorben Pfoten Design am Unterarm
Chihuahua Pfoten Design am Unterer Rücken Pfoten Design um den Hals Pfoten Design auf Finger  Pfoten Design am Bauch Pfoten Design auf dem Arm Pfoten Motive am Unterschenkel Pfoten Design mit Initialen am Handgelenk Hunde Tattoo mit Pfoten und flügeln am Rücken Pfoten Design am Oberschenkel Hundepfoten Motive mit Namen am Unterschenkel Pfoten Design mit Initialen und Herz am Schulterblatt Pfoten Design mit Namen am Unterarm

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