Medusa Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

The Medusa is portrayed as a sufferer or villain in lots of tales. In this text I’ll inform you the story of the Medusa and present you the meanings of the Medusa tattoo.

The story of Medusa

Medusa is described as somebody who fascinated men together with her seems to be. Until at some point Athena, Medusa caught within the temple enjoying love, she will get so offended that she turns right into a monster with snake hair, it’s mentioned that she has turned the men into stones together with her stare. There can also be one other model of Hesiod who says that Poseidon and Medusa liked one another passionately, united with flowers and meadows. Medusa additionally symbolizes the female energy, magic makes transformation and safety. It is alleged that Perseus beheaded Medusa in his sleep with the intention to be inheritor alone.

Medusa Design am Oberschenkel

One of essentially the most well-known style corporations, Versace, used Medusa’s serpentine hair as its firm emblem. At one finish of the broad spectrum of interpretation of this emblem lies an understanding, the self-importance. But on the opposite hand lies a easy rationalization from Donatella, Gianni Versace’s sister, she says with absolute conviction and unshakable nonchalance in her voice “he thought that whoever fell in love with Medusa couldn’t escape from her.

Medusa Tattoo auf der Hand

It is her sensual energy, her seductive appeal and her invincible energy that has made Medusa a logo of feminism and neo-nihilism. It made women query the justice of their Poseidon. Much discussion has spun round whether or not Medusa was a victim or a scoundrel, but what remains constant is that Medusa, especially energy, put away men experiencing passionate feelings for along with her and a reviled Medusa might flip her to stone with just one look. Well that is an impact!

Medusa Tattoo Design am Oberarm

The meaning of the Medusa tattoos

In many sure cultures the Medusa is depicted with wings meaning free being, particular person freedom that she tried to stay regardless of her cursed life. It additionally symbolizes their rule over two worlds: earth and heaven. You can have the attractive Medusa wings tattooed on her physique to symbolize it.

In sure historic accounts, Medusa is alleged to have had the wings — a illustration that’s intently associated to her free being and the person freedom she lived regardless of her cursed life. To put on this tattoo design, you may have lovely wings drawn on her physique. Despite Medusa’s historical past being very historical, Medusa’s free will actually testifies that every one lovely issues are younger, wild and free!


The story about Medusa in Greek mythology is reasonably questionable as a result of the various variations of the story sound extra like a fairy story and are on no account factual. But as I point out on the finish of every of my articles, the tattoo can be what you need it to be. But in case you are of the opinion that Medusa isn’t for me, you must check out the opposite articles that I’ve ready for you. Thanks for studying and see you subsequent time. If you will have any questions or have any ideas for me, be happy to put in writing to me within the remark space.

Medusa Tattoo um den Hals der Männer

Medusa Tattoo am Unterarm Schwarz und weiß

Medusa Tattoo am Oberarm

Medusa Tattoo Design am Bauch

Medusa mit Schwert Tattoo auf der Bein

Medusa Design auf dem Arm

Medusa Tattoo Design

Medusa Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Rahmen Medusa Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel

Medusa Tattoo Design auf der Hand

Medusa Design am Unterarm

Medusa Tattoo Design auf der Hand

3D Medusa Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

Medusa Design am Schulterblatt

Medusa Design am Oberschenkel

Medusa Design am Oberschenkel

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