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Leopard Tattoos and Meanings

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With a close relationship to tigers, lions, jaguars and cheetahs, leopards are known to cover parts of sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Siberia. Leopards are largely nocturnal animals that prefer to avoid the public eye. It is an opportunistic hunter, which means it will take down any prey it comes across, including the occasional careless person.

There have been a number of fatal leopard attacks reported on people in India, the best known of which are the Rudraprayag leopard and the Panar leopard. But don’t worry, these animals haven’t developed a love for human flesh and if given the choice between you and a fat antelope, the leopard would surely choose the antelope. These animals are also incredibly strong, and are the only ones in the large cat family known for their ability to pull the carrying capacity of prey up a tree; a task that requires great climbing skills and brutal strength.

Leopard Tattoo Realistisch auf dem Arm

Contrary to what you’ve heard before, a leopard can change its spots. Just as in the case of the jaguars, the coloration of the leopard is dominant due to the expression of a gene, but that’s not that there aren’t other pigmentation possibilities. Leopards that lack this gene tend to be black and are commonly known as Black Panthers, but there are cases of albino leopards in existence. For thousands of years, mankind has had an unwavering fascination with these big cats. In African folklore, they are seen not only as fierce warriors and hunters, but also as cunning and deceitful animals.

Leopardenkopf Design Realistisch am Unterschenkel

The meaning of leopard tattoos

Leopards embody an abundance of seemingly contradicting traits, all of which enhance the animal’s mysterious aura:

  • Intelligence
  • manipulation
  • Nobility and License
  • Protection and Guardianship
  • loneliness
  • Reserved service
  • Opportunistic

Leoparden Augen Realistisch am Unterarm

Leopard Tattoo Variations

Leopard tattoos come in a variety of sizes, but the color scheme of this design is usually standard. These tattoos are usually colored to resemble actual leopard spots or made with a tribal motif. Of course, the most popular variation is the leopard print, which is distinctive of being wearable by both women and men. Leopard tattoos are usually done by people who enjoy the lonely life. They love inner peace and tranquility. People with leopard tattoos identify with the leopard’s quiet life. As with most designs with a unique feature like leopard spots, it is always important to think about the placement of the tattoo on your body.

Leopardenkopf Design Realistisch am Unterarm

Your leopard tattoo on a section with a large muscle adds a new dimension to your design by giving your body art the illusion of movement. Tribal leopard tattoos can also represent a trunk motif and are designed that way. Because the tribal patterns from every region of the world have characteristics that are unique to that region or group of people only, leopard tattoo identifies you as someone deeply rooted in the indigenous culture of that region. These designs have spiritual associations that empower the wearer with the characteristics of this animal totem.

Leopard mit Schlange auf der Bein

Aquarell Leopardenkopf Design auf der Bein

Leopardenkopf Design auf Finger

Leopardenmuster Tattoo am Schulterblatt

Leopardenmuster am Schulterblatt und Hals Pink

Leopardenmuster Tattoo auf Finger

Leopardenkopf Design am fuß

Leopardenkopf Design auf der Hüfte

Leopard mit Schmetterling auf dem Arm

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