Leg Tattoo Ideas Men and Women

Legs are one of the most popular places to get tattoos on the body and there is no limit to imagination and creativity as tattoo artists do all sorts of work on the skin. Today we explore some of the most popular designs requested by tattoo lovers who want to carry their artwork on their legs.

In this gallery you will find a wide variety of designs and tattoos on legs with different styles and techniques. The idea is that you can control which ones you like best and how to choose your favorite tattoo design.

Leg Tattoo Ideas for Men

Leg Tattoo Ideas Men and Women

In the gallery you will find different styles and designs of leg tattoos. Men often use tribal designs and figures that combine geometric and abstract art. There are also very interesting proposals for the representation of animals, plants and dream catchers, among others.

Leg Tattoo Ideas Men and Women

Female Leg Tattoo Ideas

Leg Tattoo Ideas Men and WomenLeg Tattoo Ideas Men and Women

In tattoo designs for women’s legs, we see many choosing the faces and shapes of important people in history, culture or entertainment. In the gallery is a gorgeous representation of the Powerpuff Girls and a female face with numerous leaf and flower details.
thigh tattoos.

Smaller styles are also very popular when it comes to choosing leg tattoos. The main reason for this is that small tattoos are easy to hide when needed and can only be shown to the people we want. Some very interesting and small sized designs include the famous lotus flower tattoos, a line or representations of waves.

Leg Tattoo Ideas Men and Women

Full leg tattoos are impressive because they tend to reflect very specific ideas due to their size and level of detail. People who choose full leg tattoos often have highly personalized designs incorporating musical suggestions, animals, or even spectrum or landscape representations.

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