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Jaguar Tattoos and Meanings

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Like many of the big cats, jaguars are symbols of dominance and strength. These powerful animals embody many characteristics as you will see in the article.

The History of Jaguar Tattoos

Although these beautiful animals have strutted the jungle thickets and the heart of South and Central America for centuries, you may be surprised to know that they are originally from Asia. The scientists have followed the jaguar’s path from its homeland, across the Bering Strait and across North America. Large wild animals followed as far as Central and South America, where the species now lives undisturbed in the biological labyrinth of the jungle. Jaguars are most likely related to leopards, tigers, and snow leopards. Their spotted coloring is actually because of a dominant gene, and it is not uncommon for jaguars to be born with these spots. Jaguars without spots are commonly known as black panthers. The jaguar was and still is, a revered spirit of the forest.

3D Jaguar am Oberschenkel

Jaguar Realistisch auf der Bein

They stay within the confines of the shadows, only decide to hunt for themselves at that moment and reveal themselves when the prey is entangled in their attack. The jaguar killer instinct, is a fiercely protective demeanor, and its strong, invisible presence in the forest is highly regarded. Elaborate temples were built in honor of the animal totem, and offerings were made to the jaguar in an attempt to appease the spirits and protect the village. It was the order of the day to decorate walls, buildings, pots, ceramics and even trinkets with the jaguar motif.

The meaning of jaguar tattoos

  • Discreet and Reserved
  • License and Nobility
  • The Divine and Spirituality
  • Power
  • Wisdom and Intelligence
  • Courage and Valor
  • Beauty
  • Elegance and sophistication
  • Strength
  • Male domination

Aquarell Jaguar am Schulterblatt

Although jaguar tattoos can be seen in all shapes, it is extremely rare to see them in all colors. The inner beauty of a jaguar lies in its spots, so many artists create the beauty and intricate details of the animal with perfect coloring to highlight it. A tribal tattoo of a jaguar can be interpreted as that of a leopard or cheetah, which explains why artists design it that way. Another thing to watch out for is that many large band members have jaguar tattoos done on their bodies. In this way you can create the illusion that the art is moving on your body and that it has a certain life of its own and that makes your works of art stand out from the crowd.

Aquarell Jaguar Design am Unterarm

Jaguar tattoos are most commonly worn by men because they are easily recognizable with the strength and calm that this animal has. This is also a connection with long and ancient traditions, because in Meson American or Pre-Columbian America, only male warriors wore clothing objects and even tattoos, with a jaguar it was believed so that the fighting spirit of the animal was carried over to their bodies. Jaguar tattoos are great symbols to show that, you are a powerful person all over the world. Having this design is also a way to show your strong spiritual connection with this animal totem. The items you can choose to add to your tattoo speak volumes about your personality, so don’t be afraid to invest and take the time to create a great design.

Jaguar Design um den Hals

If your fantasy tank is set to “empty”, take a look at the pictures I have selected for you or get help from a professional tattoo artist who will definitely help you to create a personal design. Thank you for your interest see you next time.

Jaguar auf der Bein Schwarz

Tattoo Jaguar Muster am Schulter und Hals

Jaguar Kopf um den Hals

Jaguar Kopf Geometrische am Unterarm

Abstrakt Jaguar Kopf am Rippenbogen

Jaguar Design am Rücken

Jaguar Muster Tattoo am Handgelenk für Frauen

Jaguar Kopf am Unterschenkel

Jaguar Kopf am Oberarm

Jaguar Augen auf dem Arm

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