How to Find Your Skin Type

How is skin type determined?

Products formulated for your skin type are the best way to achieve the results you want. Follow these simple steps to identify the type of skin you have and find out which types of products are best for you.

Wash your face

Remove makeup and remove oil and dirt daily so your skin can begin to regenerate.

Wait for Two Hours

Do not apply any products and let your skin return to its natural state.

What do you see?

Determine your skin type based on the characteristics of your natural skin.


No signs of rash or oiliness. Skin feels smooth and normal. Lucky.

+ Your skin is the envy of all your friends. + Search for lightweight formulas. Do not use anything too thick or heavy.


Skin looks shiny and may feel tactile on your face. Pimples are ready to come out.

+ Yes, there are still adult acne problems. No, it’s not hopeless. + Gel and liquid formulas are suitable for you. Avoid heavy emollient textures.


The skin may feel tight and have areas that may be flaky. Moisturizer is your best friend.

+ Moisturizing is as important as breathing. + Nourish your skin with lotions and creams. Get rid of irritants.


All of the above. The skin usually has an oily T-Zone and it’s normal for the rest to be dry.

+ Everything is on the map. But the right products will help you get home. + Support oily areas with gels and liquids. Soothe dry areas with light lotions and serums.

Don’t forget

The levels of each skin type may vary.

Skin type is different from skin problem. For example, redness is a skin problem that can appear regardless of skin type.

Although it is the most common of oily skin , any skin type can cause acne.

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