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Horse Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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Because of the popularity of these majestic animals, they have different meanings in different cultures. Individuals with horse tattoos are usually cocky and free willed souls that are not easily tamed. Realistisch Pferdekopf Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

The meaning of horse tattoos

As a rule, horses embody:

  • nobility (white horses)
  • freedom
  • grace
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Fertility and Rebirth
  • Power
  • Intelligence
  • Beauty
  • Society
  • Tod (Rappen)

Wasserfarben weiße Pferde Tattoo Design am Unterschenkel

Horse Tattoo Design Variants

It doesn’t matter whether you want a horse tattoo that pays homage to your native culture or that spiritual connection to the animal means there are many elements that can be incorporated into your tattoo design. Popular horse tattoo design variants are: Celtic horse tattoos The Celtic goddess of fertility, was charged with the task of protecting horses. In this culture, horses also represent the yield of war and victory. In addition, the Celts associated these animals with the sun god, on the animal with honor and power. With a Celtic horse tattoo you have a great opportunity to identify and symbolize this culture and the power that these great creatures have. The designs usually symbolize the strength and strength of the animal.

Keltisches Pferd Tattoo auf der Hüfte

Flying Horse Tattoos The most famous winged horse is the Pegasus. Pegasus became a legend after paying homage to Zeus and was entrusted with the task of bringing thunder and lightning to the earth from Olympus. After being captured by the heroes, the duo then embarked on countless adventures, including killing Chimera and fighting the Amazons to win. Pegasus is also associated with muses as such flying horse tattoos represent freedom of ideas, thoughts and creativity. In a sense, Pegasus gives wings to human ideas.

Pferd Tattoo Pegasus am Rücken Pegasos Pferd Tattoo Design am Oberarm Fliegende Pferd Tattoo Pegasus am Rippenbogen Schwarz und weiß

Horseshoe Tattoos If you’re not lucky enough to be Irish then try making your own by creating a horseshoe. The tradition of associating worn, discarded horse shoes with prosperity and happiness began in Europe and was spread across the world through European immigrants. The position of the shoe is also important. In Northern Europe (Ireland and England), the horseshoe must point upwards, while in southern countries, only the shoe is lucky if its end points downwards. Most of the people who wear a horse shoe tattoo pretend to have a change of fortune.

Pferdekopf mit Hufeisen und Blumen Design am Knöchel

Flame Horse Tattoos Flame Horse Designs combine the power of the horse with the power of the natural element, fire. This design is truly for those of the free will, individuals who with strength and uncontrollable might resembled a wild horse.

Wasserfarben Pferd Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel

Racehorse Tattoos Associate Racehorse Tattoos When you think of a racehorse, those have been known to come from the majestic breed like the Arabian thoroughbred.Getting a picture of a racehorse tattooed on your body is a way to symbolize your connection with the speed, agility, beauty and power of a galloping horse. The design also represents your need to be free to make your own decisions. Choosing the right designs is a bit tricky and involves trying to juggle multiple decisions at the same time.

Rennpferd Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

What will your new piece symbolize, where will it be placed on the body, and what other elements will you add to the design? If you need inspiration, our pictures that we have selected for you can be of help. Thank you for reading, see you next time.

Tribal Pferde Tattoo Design am Schulterblatt

Abstract Pferd Tattoo auf der Bein Pferdekopf mit Schmetterling Tattoo Design am Unterarm Kleiner Pferd Tattoo am Unterarm Kleiner Pferdekopf Tattoo am Schulterblatt Kleiner Geometrisch Pferd Design am Handgelenk Drei Pferde Tattoo auf dem Arm Pferdekopf Tattoo mit Blumen auf der Hand Abstract Pferd Tattoo am Schulterblatt Aquarell Pferdekopf Tattoo mit Schmetterling am Oberschenkel Schöne Pferdekopf Tattoo Design am Unterarm Abstract Pferd Design auf der Hüfte Pferdekopf Design mit Blumen und Schmuck auf der Bein Abstract Pferdekopf Tattoo Design am Unterarm Bunte Pferd Design am Oberschenkel Pferdekopf Tattoo Geometrische Design am Unterarm  Pferdekopf Tattoo Design mit Rose am Schulterblatt für Frauen Wasserfarben Pferdekopf Design am Fuß schöne Pferde Design am Unterarm Wasserfarben Pferde Design weiße Pferde Design am Unterarm Kleiner Pferd Design am Unterarm Pferdekopf Mandala Design auf der Hüfte Einfach Pferdekopf Tattoo Design am Oberarm

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