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Historical Nordic tattoo meaning and ideas

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Historische nordische Tattoo-Bedeutung und -Ideen

Tattoos are an integral part of many cultures, especially ancient civilizations.One such example is Nordic tattoos, which involve symbolism and a lot of history.These tattoos make up a large part of Viking culture that originated in the 8th century.You may have come across many stories and facts in various historical books and forums.The rule of the Vikings in the Scandinavian region is a fascinating topic to read.There is a lot of history behind these tattoos with unique and alluring designs.If you want a tattoo that is about folklore you must read below as Nordic tattoos can be the perfect choice for you.

History of Nordic Tattoos

Dating Up until the 8th century, the Vikings were popular as their warriors tattooed their entire bodies with various symbolic images.They got these tattoos from their fingertips to their necks.Many historians, such as Ahmed Iban Fadlan, an Arab scholar in AD 921, described Viking tattoos as “tree-like”.Nordic Tattoo for men

The tattoo has a bluish hue that supposedly comes from wood ash.The trees in the tattoo helped depict one of the famous Norse knotwork tattoos that Vikings usually wore.Many people believe that the Vikings would tattoo themselves, but there isn’t much evidence of this.According to a report by Al-Tartush, an Arabic writer, there is much evidence of the use of blood or ashes to paint faces with ink for ritual purposes.

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The facewould normally look blue and were not permanent.Many historical accounts mention Vikings and Norse tattoos, but some research and evidence is still needed.Regardless, tattooing was a very common practice in the Scandinavian region and across Northern Europe.Most historians have discovered corpses covered with tattoos in these regions.Nordic history is vast and rich in detail.It is a beauty how thousand-year-old tattoos like these are still worn today in the 21st century.

5 popular Nordic tattoos and their meaning

1.The Valknut Nordic Tattoos

The Valknut Tattoos are one of the most common and interesting Nordic tattoos you will come across because of their unique design.This tattoo consists of the mysterious Norse symbol that includes three triangles that interlock.Many archaeologists report that they found these symbols on many Viking rune stones and were also carved on various objects found in the ship graves of the Vikings.

Hence, this tattoo includes the meaning of death in battle and symbolizes Odinof the Nordic symbol.The word Valknut is a combination of “slain warriors” and “knots” from Nordic words.

Valkunt tattoo for men

2.Yggdrasil Nordic Tattoo

The Yggdrasil Tattoo represents the tree of life.This concept symbolizes the framework of the universe and is a symbol for holding the world together.The meaning behind this tattoo is deep and applicable in this day and age, but the design is even more extraordinary as it explains the meaning.The tattoo designs consist of a huge tree that connects nine worlds and holds the universe together.Most tattoo artists do this design with black ink, but there are several modern ways to show it off on your body.

Yggdrasil tattoo on hand for women

3.Vegvisir Nordic Tattoo

The Vegvisir Tattoo is made up of the Viking compass which is believed to have magic.It helps a wearer find their way through bad weather.The tattoo contains unique compass details that will give you a bold look.Overall, this tattoo symbolizes guidance and protection and reminds you not to lose your path in life.

Vegvisir tattoo for women at back

4 .The Helm of Awe Nordic Tattoo

The Helm of Awe Nordic Tattoo, also known as Aegishjalmur, is a magical rune and an important symbol in Norse mythology.The tattoo consists of a black inked snowflake-like feature made up of Nordic details and symbols.This tattoo symbolizes protection as the Viking warriors have this tattoo on their foreheads before going into battle.Even if you don’t believe in the subject, such a tattoo will repeat your interesting personality.

Bold helm of awe tattoo on chest for men

5.The Hammer of Thor Nordic Tattoo

The Hammer of Thor Tattoo, also known as Mjolnir, comes from Norse mythology and has a very strong meaning.You probably know the thunder god Thor who is part of Marvel’s Avengers.Thor is an important god in Norse mythology and what better way to symbolize his strength than having his hammer tattooed on you.With this tattoo you can represent an expression of power, strength and protection that is believed to have been achieved with this hammer.

Hammer of thor tattoo on shoulder for men

Where your NordicCan present tattoos?

Your Nordic tattoo will only look amazing if you choose the right placement.Ultimately, this will help you showcase the various images and symbolism in the tattoo.Different Nordic tattoos look great in certain areas.If you want to get your tattoo in a place that is visible to all, consider placements like the arm, sleeve and neck.

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Tattoos like Thor’s Hammer and The Tree of DesLife would look fantastic on the arm or full sleeve.You can also consider getting a Nordic tattoo on your thighs, chest, stomach, and legs.You can get your tattoo anywhere.Just pay attention to the shape, size and design.Not to mention how good it is to show off a tattoo.

Take away

Nordic tattoos are ancient, but people still wear them today,while they incorporate modern features in order to give them an upgraded look.This can make the tattoo even more unique.If you want a tattoo that has as much history and brilliance as this one, be sure to go through the tattoo types and meanings carefully for a meaningful Nordic tattoo that you will love forever.

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