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Frog Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

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Frog tattoo designs are not only popular because of their color, they are also adaptable. And are therefore used by many people as a tattoo motif in this article you will find the symbolic meanings of the frog tattoos and the history of the frogs.

Zwei Frosch Design am Unterarm rot und gelb The Story of Frogs Despite the stigma attached to this amphibian, frogs were an important part of human spirituality long before Jim Henson Kermit introduced the frog into the world. The Egyptian frog deity, Heket (Heqet), is the fertility goddess who makes breathing easier and is responsible for the newborn baby taking their first breath. It is Heket who brought life to God, one of the oldest Egyptian deities. Frosch Tattoo Design am Unterarm rot und Schwarz

Native American tribes have a high reputation for frogs – they hold these animals as symbols of transformation and change. The Tsimshian people believe that frogs are the link between mother earth and humans, while various other tribes see frogs as a sign of the end of winter. According to tradition, when the last snowflakes of winter fall, they turn into frogs and inform the tribe that spring is only a few weeks. In Asia, a frog symbolizes luck and safe voyage, as the animal is closely related to the natural element, water.

3D Frosch Tattoo Design am Rippenbogen Schwarz und weiß

The Meaning of Frog Tattoo Designs

Frogs embody a variety of meanings in different cultures, including:

  • happiness
  • purity
  • Rebirth and Resurrection
  • Fertility
  • Transformation and Change
  • Opportunity
  • Peace and Tranquility
  • Frog Tattoo Variations

3D Realistisch Frosch Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Whether you are in love with the serene image of a frog on a lily pad or fascinated by the evil red eyed tree frog, there are a plethora of design elements you can add to your tattoo . Popular frog tattoo design variations include: Tribal Frog Tattoos Tribal Tattoo – Designs from different parts of the world have spiritual meanings in their home regions. The most common tribal frog tattoos clearly have Native American elements that are common in tribes such as the Haida. These tattoos symbolize transformation, change, and a deep, spiritual connection with the elements of nature. Tribal Frosch Design am Unterschenkel Haida Frosch Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel

Peace Frog Tattoos Peace Frog Tattoos with the wings of an angel and a flower reminiscent of the Flower Power Revolution in the 1960s, Peace Frog tattoos combine many elements that are easily identified with calm. By wearing such a construction, many people identify the message of peace, love and tolerance. Friedensfrosch Tattoo Design auf der Bein

Celtic Frog Tattoos In the Celtic tradition, frogs represent the purification and healing of the nature of water. Many experts believe that the common fairy tale of the frog prince actually originated from the oral tradition of this region. Celtic frog tattoos symbolizes restoration and healing. Keltisch Frosch Tattoo Design am fuß

Choosing the right frog tattoo is a bit tricky but if you know the most important symbols and what it should symbolize for you and where you want them on the body, things are a little easier.They will definitely help you and make your decision easier. Until next time.

3D Frosch Tattoo am Handgelenk Frosch mit Schlange Tattoo auf dem Arm Schöne Frosch Tattoo am Schulterblatt für Frau Frosch Tattoo auf der Bein Schwarz und weiß Tattoo Frosch Design hinter dem Ohr Realistisch Frosch Design auf der Hand Comic Tattoo Frosch Design auf dem Arm Aquarell Tattoo Frosch Design mit Blumen am Oberschenkel Tattoo Frosch mit Blumen Design Schwarz und weiß am Knöchel Tattoo Frosch mit Krone Design Schwarz und weiß Frosch Tattoo Design am fuß Blau Frosch Tattoo Design Idee am Schulterblatt Frosch Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel Grün und Schwarz Bunte Frosch Tattoo Design am fuß Geometrisch Frosch Tattoo Design Realistisch Frosch mit Blumen Design  Frosch Design am Handgelenk Abstract Frosch Design am Unterschenkel Tribal Frosch Design am Schulterblatt Spaß Frosch Design am Oberarm Frosch mit Krone Design am Oberarm Drei Frosch Tattoo Spaß Design am Rippenbogen Spaß Frosch Tattoo Design am Unterschenkel Spaß Frosch Tattoo auf der Bein.

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