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Elephant Tattoo ideas and Meanings

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25 Brilliant Elephant Tattoo Design-Ideen & Bedeutungen

The elephant tattoo can portray a variety of different meanings to those who wear that tattoo. The elephant tattoo symbolizes several positive meanings towards the wearer. But remember, in the end, your elephant tattoo represents what you want too, below are the meanings behind the elephant tattoo. Elefanten Realistisch Tattoo Design auf der Bein

The Importance of Elephant Tattoos

  • Longevity
  • Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Chastity
  • Sexuality
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Prosperity
  • Meekness
  • Creation
  • Good luck
  • Determination
  • Nobility

One great thing to say about the elephant tattoo is the fact that they come in different designs. Elephant tattoo designs can be embodied in a variety of different ways. Elephant tattoos can be depicted realistically or as a caricature. Some elephant tattoos will show the entire elephant while others only portray the head and torso. Elephant tattoo designs also portray pink elephants, possibly inspired by “Dumbo” Pink elephant tattoos are usually too cute, and are more suitable for little girls.

Kleiner Elefanten Dumbo Tattoo am Knöchel

Baby Elefanten Design am Unterschenkel

Elephant tattoo designs can also portray in different poses or scenarios. For example, some elephant tattoos portray in a circus. Elephant tattoos can also be designed with clothing and jewelry as is done in India and in Hindu culture. The elephant tattoo can also be portrayed while standing, sitting.

Elefanten im Zirkus Tattoo Design am Handgelenk

With all of the elephant tattoo designs you have a handful option take your time and find the right one for you. You will find many different designs in this article. Take a good look at the variations. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to elephant tattoo designs.

Aquarell Elefantenkopf Tattoo am Unterschenkel

In order to understand the meanings of the elephants, the only thing you have to do is observe the elephant in their natural environment. The elephant is very large and weighs about 4 tons. This alone shows the incredible strength of the animals, but despite all of this, the animals are known as gentle giants. They show patience and gentleness. All of these factors can be represented by the elephant tattoo.

Elefantenfamilie Design auf dem Arm

An interesting fact about the elephant that indicates their wisdom is their behavior in death. Elephants are known to throw dirt, plants, and limbs at elephants that have died. As you can imagine, this is a spectacle. Elephants are also known to fetch from other elephants that have died. You can, to a certain extent, compare this to the ritual of the dead. Elephants are really intelligent animals.

Elefantenkopf Tattoo Design am Rücken

Before choosing your elephant tattoo or tattoo, there are some important things that you need to remember. Make sure you take the time to research your tattoo. You should make sure that you fully understand what your tattoo represents and what it stands for. It would be a shame if you had a tattoo done and in the end found that the meaning is not what you wanted. Do not rush! If you have a second thought about a tattoo, wait until you are sure. Men and women who get a tattoo on impulse end up regretting it.If you think that the elephant tattoo at night is for you, take a look at our other articles and you will definitely find the right one. As always, thank you for your visit!

Wasserfarben Elefanten Design auf der Hüfte Aquarell Elefanten Design am Schulterblatt Indien Elefanten Design auf Hand

Traumfänger und Elefanten Design am Oberschenkel Elefantenkopf Tattoo mit Blume Design am Fuß Mandala Elefanten Tattoo auf der Hüfte Abstract Elefanten Design auf dem Arm Geometrisch Elefanten Design am Unterarm Elefant Tattoo Design mit Herz am Knöchel Elefant Tattoo Blume Design im Nacken Elefanten Familie Tattoo Design am Unterschenkel Origami Elefanten Tattoo am Schulterblatt Bunte Elefanten Tattoo mit Ballon am Unterschenkel Kleiner Elefanten mit Schmetterling Design am Rücken Bunte Elefanten Design am Knöchel Kleiner Elefanten Tattoo auf der Hand Seite  Kleiner Elefanten Familie Tattoo Design am Rücken Kleiner Elefanten Tattoo Design auf Finger Baby Elefanten Tattoo auf dem Arm Kleiner süße Elefanten Tattoo mit Herz Ballon auf der Bein

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