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Crab Tattoo Designs and Meanings

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A tattoo that you may also be interested in is the crab tattoo. Crab tattoo designs are a common tattoo choice in the area around the coast of the United States and around the world. The crab is also a popular tattoo among sailors. For these seafarers, the crab represents their lives because of the risks they have to catch crabs. For these brave men and women, the crab represents their way of life in the world.

Krabbe Design schwarz und weiß um den Hals

Crabs are interesting creatures, one that is known for having epic side dance. The crab is able to hide in a shell for protection. All together, there are a multitude of different types of crabs. The crab tattoo can represent any type of associated crab species. Crab tattoos bring many different options for the tattoo artist and the wearer.

Krabbe am Handgelenk

The crab is also a symbol of the zodiac, the symbol of Cancer. Some men and women choose crab tattoo designs to show when they were born and that they are cancer of the zodiac sign, usually they have cancer tattoo designs.

Anker mit Krabbe Blau am Oberarm

Crab tattoo designs can be designed and modified in a variety of different ways. The crab tattoo can be depicted alone or with other tattoo symbols and elements. Crab tattoos can be displayed in different postures. Crab tattoo design sketches, in almost all sizes as crab tattoos, can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body. It all depends on what type of crab tattoo you are looking for.

Krabbe mit Auge Rot am Unterarm

When people think of crabs, the color red comes first on people’s minds but the truth is, they can make crab tattoos in many different colors such as red, blue, orange, green. If you want you can also choose a pink crab that is entirely up to your imagination and in which size you want it you can also decide for yourself. As I said, that’s entirely up to you.

Realistisch Krabbe mit Fische auf der Hüfte

We also see that crabs can be associated with various symbols and elements. For example I’ve seen crab tattoos for women with flowers, fish, feathers, stars, hearts and for men with sand castles, shovels and buckets. With tribal art tattoos you can see the crabs with Celtic art, hourglass, flames, sharks, stingrays, or candles. The point is that you can decorate your crabs with anything your heart desires. There are several related symbols that make working with the crab tattoo easier too, such as the compass, nautical stars, mermaid, ship, wheel, swordfish or other maritime symbols.

Aquarell Krabbe am fuß

Crab Tattoo Meanings

The crab tattoo is symbolic and represent the meaning given to the men and women who wear a tattoo. The crab has been a symbolic animal to a wide variety of different cultures around the world. Just remember, in the end, your crab tattoo symbolizes what you want. Below are the many crab tattoo meanings.

  • Transformation
  • rebirth
  • regeneration
  • Trust
  • High status
  • Prosperity
  • Wealth

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Kleine Krabbe Rot am Knöchel für Frauen

Krabbe auf der Bein

Krabbe mit Kompass auf dem Arm

Tattoo Krabbe auf Hand

Krabbe mit Auge auf dem Arm

Krabbe schwarz und weiß auf der Hüfte

Krabbe mit Auge schwarz und weiß am Oberarm

Krabbe Rot am Oberschenkel

Aquarell Krabbe auf der Brust Männer

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