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Compass Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

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Compass tattoos come in many different designs and variations.Like most tattoos, compass tattoos are meant to symbolize the women and men who wear the tattoo.

Compass tattoos are also designed with many different variations, colors and sizes.Since compass tattoos are designed in different sizes, they can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body.

In this article, we are going to look at compass tattoos and compass tattoo designs.We will also discuss the meaning of compass tattoo and you will have the opportunity to learn about a lot of compass tattoo designs.

Why compass tattoo?

Compass tattoo is believed to protect you from rough waters and get you home safely.This is one of the main reasons sailors, naval personnel and fishermen get tattoos.

Kompass Tattoo mit Datum und Anker am Oberarm

While there are compass tattoo designs out there, you can personalize them by adding the few elements to personalize the design.There is nothing more amazing that this is a personalized tattoo.

Also, keep in mind that there are many artists working in tattoo parlors who claim to be the best.Do your research, talk to your friends for recommendations, and then choose an artist to work on their tattoo.

Compass Tattoo Meaning

  • Offer protection and security
  • Urgent instructions
  • direction
  • Always looking for a way home
  • Beacon of Hope

Aquarell Kompass Tattoo mit Vogel am Unterarm

That being said, a star compass tattoo is very popular with both men and women.Many people believe that every tattoo has some sort of ‘deep meaning’.While this may apply to some concepts, such as compass tattoos, it does not apply to all.So if you really want a tattoo because of its artistic vocation, that’s totally okay.

Kleine Kompass Tattoo mit Blume am fuß

Mandala Kompass Tattoo am Oberschenkel für Frauen

Once you have chosen a compass tattoo, find an experienced tattoo artist, check out their portfolio and show them exactly your idea and have them drawn on a piece of paper.The placement of a tattoo makes a huge difference in how it looks.

Kompass mit Pfeil am Unterarm Seite

Nautischer Kompass mit Anker am Oberarm

Kompass mit Sprüche am fuß

Schön Keltischer Kompass am Unterarm

Elegant Kompass mit pfeil am Oberarm für Frau

Kompass mit Kreuz am Unterarm

Kompass am Schulterblatt der Männer

Kompass mit Eule Tattoo mit Rose Blau am Oberarm

Nautischer Kompass mit Anker am Oberarm

Kompass mit Feder am Unterarm

Einzigartig Kompass mit Sonne

Kompass mit Rosen auf Arm

Kompass mit Traumfänger am Oberschenkel

Kompass und Kolibri am Rippenbogen

Kompass und Karte am Rücken für Frau

Kompass mit Blume im Nacken

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