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Color Changing Nail inspirations

by Tattoos
Color-changing nail inspirations

I remember falling in love with mood rings as a kid. Seeing the stone change color based on my “mood” has aroused my awe since I first wore one. When I discovered the secret behind the jewelry, I was no less impressed. In fact, it just gave me one more reason to love her. I still own one of these color changing rings to this day and I am still totally thrilled.

I’m still just as excited as I was on the first day when I find a new design to try out.In addition, there are different types of polishes, each changing color with their own unique effect. These designs and types of polishes are the inspiration for your next mood ring manicure.

1. Color Changing Nails – Pick Your Basecoat

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

While plain nails are still cool in this varnish, a design combined with a color changing varnish looks amazing. This thermal color works much like a mood ring in that it changes with temperature.

2. Add Shine to Your Nails

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Adding glitter to your manicure creates a feminine design no matter how it is worn. Placed over Mood Polish, you have pretty much two cool glitter manicures in one.

3. Try color changing polishes in your nail design

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

This unique manicure uses color changing to highlight the accent nail.Adding glitter helps capture the light to make this nail choice even more exciting.

4. Choose a top coat that complements both colors

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

A green glitter coat could look great over a plain blue paint. However, if that color changes to a color that doesn’t complement the green, you may be tempted to pull out the paint remover. Try to pick a coat that will go with both colors that your base coat will change to.

5. Play with hidden messages in your design

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

This Halloween nail art is a great way to play with color changing varnish. Paint a secret message in one of the colors so that it can only be seen sometimes.

6. Try an animal print over the base coat

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

You might be a big fan of leopard prints or love zebra stripes. A great way to play with color changing polishes is to layer these prints over your base coat. The two colors give you different options for wearing something that you already love. This is a lovely nail design for short nails.

7. Try a Color Change French Manicure

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

ust have your tips painted with the polish to perform this atmospheric manicure. A fun way to spice this up even more would be to use a different color changing varnish as a primer so that both colors change.

8. Holographic nail art ideas with color change

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Holographic polish is one thing. Very, very cool thing. It’s another way to get different colors in an easier way. The change is more dependent on the light hitting your nails than on the temperature.

9. Holographic pearl nails for unicorn lovers

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

These unicorn-inspired nails are a lovely choice for both the fantasy lover and the stylish woman. The pink tones in the holographic bead polish will reward your manicure with a lot of compliments.

10. Holographic Nail Polish with Design

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Just like the Thermal Mood Polish, Holographic Polish can be used as a basecoat with an overlying design. The design of this manicure mutes the shiny colors for women who prefer less dramatic nail art.

11. Color-changing holographic varnish for short nails

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Long nails or artificial nails are not a prerequisite for holographic polishing. Painting your favorite color on your natural nail leaves an equally beautiful effect.

12. Mirrored, color-changing nail design ideas

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Mirrored nails also have a color-changing effect. They capture the colors around them to lighten your mood.

13. Play with the color selection for new effects

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Mirrored nails are available in polish, powder and for pressing on. You can find the one you like the most, although the powder and false nails will have the most powerful effects. Metallic colors come in almost every selection you can think of, so don’t hesitate to try them all out.

14. Make Your Nails Stand Out With Accessories

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

Accessories help draw attention to your manicure. Play with different pieces of jewelry that complement your color-changing nail art. On mirrored nails, these accessories can add even more shine to your hands.

15. Toning down with a design

15 Color Changing Nail Inspirations

You can tone up mirrored nails with a flat colored design overtop. This geometric design goes perfectly with all the colors of this color changing polish for a beautiful manicure ..

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