Clock Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Watches are entrancing things, both outwardly and emblematically. A clock tattoo can be planned with an assortment of representative and significant components, and since there are a wide range of kinds of timekeepers you can look over, it’s not difficult to make an exceptional and individual design. You will track down various varieties in your article.

Clock tattoos are actually a standard design, on the off chance that you select a clock tattoo it can turn into a genuine eye-catcher. When progressed admirably, they can be amazingly staggering and remarkable. Clocks can be planned as male, female or unbiased so everybody can wear it.

das weiße Kaninchen aus Alice im Wunderland Tattoo

Below are clock tattoo designs and implications, with heaps of pictures.

Clock Tattoo Meaning

The clock tattoo can address a wide range of implications. Although they address time, they can address a great deal more. Remember, your tattoo symbolizes what you need. Below are some potential implications of the clock tattoo.

  • time
  • incarceration (exacting or metaphorical)
  • A uncommon moment
  • Life or Mortality
  • death
  • existence
  • Endlessness or Infinity
  • structure
  • stability
  • A beating heart or a bang
  • Endless love

Kaputte Uhr Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

Usually a clock symbolizes life and demise. Time never stops and we will generally fail to remember that reality. That time will find us and that our opportunity will reach an end.

Tattoo Uhr mit Totenkopf Design

A clock tattoo could likewise symbolize a perpetual love. It could be the adoration you have for your folks or kids (where case, their names, faces, or dates of birth can be joined). A typical image utilized for such developments is the heart. But birds, blossoms, heavenly messengers and stars can likewise be used.

Uhr Tattoo mit Vogel und Blumen am Unterarm

Clock tattoos can likewise be planned with moving statements, for example, time mends all injuries and much more.

Clock tattoo design options

    • wrist watch
    • Hourglass
    • Mantel clock
    • broken or lacquer watch (like Salvador Dali)
    • stopwatch
    • Grandfather clock
    • Cuckoo clock
    • the white hare from Alice in Wonderland (“I’m too late!”)
    • Sundial
    • analog or computerized display
    • Bell tower
    • Big Ben (in London)
    • Pendulum clock
    • alarm clock
    • pocket watch

Before you get a tattoo

There are some vital things that you should know prior to picking a clock tattoo (or a tattoo, for that matter).

Make sure you set aside the effort to completely explore it and ponder what it should mean. Make sure you are totally clear with regards to the particulars of how it should look and how it will fit on your body.

Uhr mit Kreuz Tattoo Design am Ellenbogen

You should ensure that you completely get what your tattoo addresses. It would not be a benefit in case you had this theme inked and in the end discovered that it had a totally unique meaning than you needed. Don’t surge with the tattoo – the vast majority who have the drive made into a tattoo think twice about it eventually, so as I referenced above, they research the themes well.

I have chosen a few pictures that may intrigue you, I trust that will settle on your choice more straightforward. Until next time.

gebrochene oder Schmelz Uhr Tattoo Dali Design

Uhr Tattoo mit Traumfänger und Feder für Frauen

3D Auge mit Uhr Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Sanduhr Tattoo Design

Abstract Uhr und Schmetterling Tattoo Design

Wecker Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Mandala Tattoo Vogel mit Uhr und Blumen Design

Antike Uhr Tattoo mit Kolibri und Blumen am Oberschenkel

Wasserfarben Armbanduhr Tattoo Design

Big Ben Uhr Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

Uhr Tattoo mit Flügeln Design

Antike Uhr mit Blume und Datum Design am Oberarm

Tattoo Armbanduhr Design

Rosen und Uhr Tattoo Design mit Datum

Rosen und Uhr Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Abstract Uhr Design mit Pyramide

Aquarell Uhr Design auf dem Arm

Uhr mit Sprüche Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Tattoo Zahnräder Uhr auf dem Arm der Männer

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