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Classic Pixie Bob Haircut Styles That You Must Try

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Classic Pixie Bob Haircut Styles That You Must Try

Women have opted for the pixie bob haircut because it looks modern and chic. However, there are different styles in the pixie bob hairstyles category and this article is going to talk about each of them to give you a good idea of ​​which one is best for you. A pixie bob haircut isn’t a new trend, it’s an all-time trend that you see in movies or on red carpets. It is mainly seen in films that are athletic or show an athlete. Plus, you can use this style to show off at a gathering or a special occasion. The reason it is so famous is because it is short and easy to manage. In addition, when you get this type of haircut, you can try different hair colors for a short time. Most pixie hairstyles come with curls and bangs.

Messy Pixie Bob

Messy Pixie Bob Haircuts for Women

Messy Hair is a type of pixie bob haircut that, when done correctly, is a very stunning style. It is very elegant and when you get it it will look nicer when it is blown by the wind. It gives you a touch of elegance that is rarely found in short haircuts for thin hair.

Blunt Bob Pixie Style

Pixie Blunt Bob Haircuts for Women

Blunt Bob cannot be called a pixie bob haircut but has a pixie twist. This haircut originated a few years ago and has an edgy style that suits you regardless of your face or hair texture. This means you can get this haircut even if you have thin or thick hair. It’s a long haircut that reaches your shoulder or even your chin and when it is fused with pixie it will highlight your facial features. It can be said that it is a summer haircut.

Soft Blended

Soft blended pixie bob cuts

When you think of a pixie bob haircut, harsh lines with sharp edges come to mind. However, you will be happy to know that you can get soft blends too; the edge becomes less precise and the layers would be subtle. When you blend it with pixie, the length becomes short and reaches below your ears. If you add multiple layers the hair will also touch your neck. The impact it will have on your personality would also be palpable and wonderful.

Heavy Bangs

Pixie bob haircuts with bangs

The bangs will frame your face and make you look elegant, whether it’s a short haircut for thin or thick hair. If you want a retro style, heavy pixie bob style bangs are for you. It will make you look very glamorous and if you adopt this style you will not be alone because it is so popular.This type of haircut isn’t limited to straight hair ; Even if your hair has a wavy texture, you can still wear this look.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs for Pixie Bob Cuts

When getting your pixie bob haircut, you can always ask for curtain bangs because they really veil your face and give you a mysterious look. If you have short hair, the curtain bangs are the best look for you and in a crowd you are sure to stand out. This look is best for summer, and you should get it when you want to try something new.

Praise Pixie Bob Cuts

Lob Pixie Bob Hairstles

Lob is a type of pixie bob haircut and was the most popular haircut in 2014, but that doesn’t mean it is now out of fashion. A regular pixie bob hit the jaw or even the ear line, but in this case the haircut grazes your cheek. If you don’t have time to blow dry your hair then this is the perfect haircut for you.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Pixie Bob Haircuts

You may think that cotton candy is a really vibrant color that nobody chooses, but you’re wrong. Cotton candy is a color that will make you stand out from the crowd and if you choose this color when getting a pixie bob haircut then your thin or thick hair would look perfect. The pixie bob haircut has its own charm as it doesn’t require much on your part to maintain, but when you get the cotton candy it will have to be serviced. However, you should style it with the best of products to give it a modern look.

Two Tone Pixie Bob Cut

Two Toned Pixie Bob Haircuts for Women

A two tone pixie bob haircut will give you a really zippy look. Imagine getting a pixie cut and then asking for two colors; on the hair at the bottom you get a black color that shines and the hair on the top is colored white gold. If you add some neat texture to this hairstyle, it will look really good.

Making a Choice

Short haircuts for thin hair and short haircuts for thick hair are very difficult to choose. With the pixie bob cut, however, the decision is easier because there are so many hairstyles to choose from. The thing about pixie bob haircuts is that with it you can choose long bangs or short bangs, you can have a single color haircut or even double colors.

Blonde Pixie Bob Haircuts

The pixie bob haircut makes you look very modern and young, and if you wear a leather suit then it will definitely change your whole personality so that everyone around you compliments. Once you Once you’ve cut your hair, you really can’t get it back.Your hair really defines your personality which is why you always have to research and imagine different hairstyles in order to choose the best hairstyle . Once you’ve cut your hair, there is really no way you can get it back. So choose a haircut from the above hairstyles and you won’t regret it! ..

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