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Cat Tattoo ideas With Meanings

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The human love affair with these furry cute animals goes back to the dawn of our civilization. To this day, many cat owners simply cannot bear to part with their beloved cats, no matter what the circumstance. It is no surprise that the word “cat” comes from the Egyptians. Egyptians were devout cat worshipers and believed that the animal was an extension of the moon goddess. She was not only the guardian of Pharaoh and Lower Egypt, but also the divine mother and a warrior goddess who provided subjects for her beloved. In many ways, the Egyptians viewed cats as a representation of their patron goddess because cats are known for their expert hunting skills, which were used to protect ancient Egyptian food supplies from vermin and pests.

Portrait Katzen Design am Unterarm The cats were so revered in ancient Egypt that a crime against a cat was punished with death. A well-known story is that an angry man accidentally killed his cat with a mop and was punished for it with the dead. Even an official apology from Pharaoh Ptolemy XII was not enough to save this poor man from his doomed fate. The idea of ​​linking cats with hunting, protection and motherhood also crossed over to ancient Rome and cats became the symbol of the goddess Diana. In ancient Rome it was believed that having a cat as a pet would bring happiness in the household and guarantee happiness at home.

Oldschool Katze mit Hut auf der Bein

The Meaning of Cat Tattoos

Cats are more than just furry cat friends. They symbolize a variety of qualities including:

  • Feminine Energy
  • Happiness and Prosperity
  • Riddles and Secrets
  • Spirituality and a Connection with that Divine
  • A Connection with the Afterlife
  • Protection
  • Intelligence and Intuition
  • Elegance and Refinement
  • Attention

Aquarell Katzenkopf am Unterarm

Cats are alluring creatures that can look very cute and pretty in various tattoo designs. Her eyes show innocence and so does her charming expression. There are tons of options when it comes to cat tattoo designs. Cat tattoos can be done in black color as black cats have had a long association with folklore and are closely linked to mystery and superstition. Such tattoos are suitable for those who want to represent a mysterious and dark meaning. On the other hand, those cute designs may wish to have innocent looking cats tattooed on their bodies, preferably in bright and vibrant colors and focused on the innocent look in their eyes.

Aquarell Katzenkopf am Schulterblatt

The symbolism of cat tattoos

The beauty and symbolism of cat tattoos depend on the expertise of the artist who created the tattoo. The feats of an expert tattoo artist can create a brilliant effect with a seemingly simple looking tattoo design, while one wrong hit is a mistake for a lifetime. Basically, it’s the expression in the cat’s eyes that matters because that’s what makes a cat look innocent, mysterious, or dangerous in the long run. Therefore, before getting your cat tattooed, find someone who is experienced with such tattoos and ask them to show some of their previous work.

Bunte Kleine Katzen mit Herz Ballon

Also, you should do some research on your own level about the tattoo you have chosen because after all, you will be spending a lot of time and money on it and also enduring a significant amount of pain then it should be the nicest thing you never should will regret. Take a look at the pictures below that I have selected for you. Thanks for your visit.

Aquarell Katze und Hunde mit Herz auf der Hüfte

Aquarell Katzen auf der Bein Kleine Katzen am Knöchel Kleiner Schwarze Katzen Design auf Hand für Frau Kleiner Katzen am Rücken
Kleiner Katzenkopf auf Finger Katzen mit Halbmond am Handgelenk Abstract Katzenkopf am Unterschenkel Kleiner Katzen Tattoo im Nacken Bunte Katzenkopf am Unterarm Kleiner Katzen am Unterarm Kleine Katzenkopf Design am Unterarm Bunte Abstract Katzen Design am Unterarm Kleiner Katzen Design am Unterschenkel Zwei Katzen Design am Fuß Abstrakt Katzen Design am Unterarm  Aquarell Schwarze Katzenkopf am Unterarm Schwarze Katzen um den Hals der Männer Katzenkopf am Oberschenkel schwarz Tattoo Pusheen Katze mit Herz Kleiner Katze Design am Oberschenkel Kleiner Katze Design hinter dem Ohr Katze Design am Unterschenkel.

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