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Best Leshen Tattoo ideas

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Best Leshen Tattoo-Ideen

Assuming you need to have a cool and debilitated Leshen tattoo then you need to look at these great Leshen tattoo plans!Leshen Tattoo If you know the game series, watch out for “leshy”, also known as Leshen or Spriggan, a forest demon who is characterized as “only alive for slaughter”. They don’t leave much for scavengers when they murder someone or something. If people or things came across a Leshy in the forest, it was most likely that they had lost their bearings, which resulted in them missing their turn. Legend has it that he had to turn all his clothes inside out to retrace his steps. Leshy is defined as a forest-dwelling, iron-resistant monster with high intelligence. For some obscure reason, many villagers believe that he is a forest spirit guarding the forest. It is a fearsome beast that pursues forest creatures and lonely nomads.

It has the ability to change shape. From the dark fantasy escapades and the dense lore in the original novels, to the battle and the amazing and sick computer game, to the dark and delightful Netflix series and videos, there is so much to the plot of The Witcher and the Witcher game to admire. This is a program that has had a great impact on people’s lives, with elements as strong as tolerance, even when faced with the imperfections of human nature and determining your own destiny.

Leshen with Bird Tattoo

Leshen With Birds Tattoo You will agree that these Leshen style tattoo services are totally cool and sick. The Leshen’s huge claws give it that extra bloody look. Although the tattoo is black and white, the shading and wood background make the tattoo look very spooky and surreal. The tattoo here was done on the arm, but this tattoo would work great on the calf as well.

Leshen and Skull Tattoo

Leshen And Skulls Tattoo This leshen tattoo delivers the monster draped in a cloth and covers only the upper half of the creature. It also shows what looks like two human skulls hanging from the monster’s side. A flash of lightning comes from the eyes of the Leshen, as well as from the eyes of the skulls that the monster is carrying. The horns in leshen tattoo art are covered in cobwebs and the creepy claw that finishes the tattoo, which gives it a final touch of fear and blood.

Leshen Snake and Wolf Tattoo

Leshen Snake And Wolf Tattoo The tattoo doesn’t portray the bloody and scary version of the monster that we all fear as viewers of the Witcher series. The artist tried to capture a more human version of the leshen in this tattoo by giving it a human face along with the horns. The trees at the end show the forest where he lives.

Leshen Tattoo with Celtic Designs

Leshen Tattoo With Celtic Designs Another part of the features of this tattoo is the relationship with Cernunnos. The creatures surrounding the character on the Gundestrup cauldron are reflected in the design. Here the artist applies the principle not to show people. The Celtic art of this period exhibits numerous features in terms of geometry and shape, but what you will quietly notice is its focus on the indirect representation of triskeles. In this tattoo, the leshen is shown on all four legs on the shoulder rather than two as is usually the case.

Leshen and Cernunnos Tattoo

Leshen And Cernunnos Tattoo This tattoo shows the wolves of the Cernunnos.The image of Cerninnos has appeared in many parts of the ancient Celtic Empire and is heavily associated with animals and hunters. The wolf medallion and the faces on the chest, back and wrist represent the triskelion and the strength of the trio.

Contemporary Leshen Tattoo

Contemporary Leshen Tattoo This tattoo shows a very simple idea of ​​the Leshen monster as opposed to the actual witcher game. It’s this idea that makes it even more scary and fearful. The horns on the skull are huge and there is a red piece of cloth in the hand. It appears to be sitting cross-legged on the floor as if trying to lure you and then pounce on you. The tattoo is done on the forearm just above the wrist. You can always get a smaller tattoo if you don’t want it to stand out all the time.

The Witcher Game Leshen Tattoo

The Witcher Game Leshen Tattoo This arm tattoo shows the Leshen in all its glory. The black ink is used to perfectly shade the scary monster. You can likewise see birds orbiting around the beast in the sky. The tattoo might look terrifying to a few, however for the game fans, it is the best portrayal of their cherished game and its characters.

Full Length Leshen Tattoo

Full Length Leshen Tattoo If you’re looking for a captivating tattoo that can get creepy too, this is the design for you! The human skull attached to his back and the bone hanging from his side are amazingly drawn by the artist. The horns are particularly large and cover a large part of the forearm. The placement of this tattoo is amazing and clearly reflects your love for the character.

Wolf Locket and Leshen Tattoo

Wolf Medallion And Leshen Tattoo This haunting Witcher Leshen design is a work of art! The artist used black and gray tones to shade the leshen monster to perfection. It looks like the Witcher 3 Leshen tattoo. And you would agree that the entire look of the tattoo is completed by the wolf medallion at the end of the tattoo.The skulls, horns and the forest drawn in the background bring the entire work of art to life.

Colored Leshen Tattoo

Colored Leshen Tattoo Here is the Witcher Leshen tattoo that moves away from its usual black and white bloody monster look for a more colorful look. The monster’s legs and feet are colored green-yellow, which gives it an extra creepy look, not to mention the boils it has on its legs that fill you with disgust and horror. The hands of the Leshen are colored orange and the ends of the claws or nail are colored dark pink.

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