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Best French Manicure Ideas

by Tattoos
The hottest french manicure designs

French manicures are timeless nail art works. The traditional white lace design remains popular with women. Modern art and techniques have resulted in the design changing over time to keep pace with current trends.For every major event, the design can be tailored to your outfit, it doesn’t have to stay simple.

French Manicure Designs

Women who simply love it will find that a French manicure is just the thing. You have come to the right place for those who like more intricate designs. With so many options to customize the design, you’re sure to find a favorite that suits you. The hottest tips of the season are here, and we’ve put them together to prep your nails for anything you can think of. Stick with the traditional and add a modern twist with an ombre technique or go bright with the design you want.

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One thing is certain. You’ll want to try at least one of these designs. You might even want to try them all out, here are some tips on how to achieve French Tips at home too.

French Manicure

1. French manicure with a simple design

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

This French manicure is perfect for anyone who wants something more than the classic style. A small design can really spice up your look. Central to this design is the heart, which makes it a great choice for a wedding or anniversary celebration.

2. Black Tie Event – White with Black Tips

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

For a design that goes with everything in your closet, you can’t go wrong with black and white. This simple color scheme keeps the base white to create a light and simple design. The lines add a little extra edge to the look without overdoing it.

3. French manicure design with glitter and shine

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Would you like to add a little more shine to your life? This design is perfect. While not overly fancy, it would certainly suit even the most lavish of events. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but glitter probably comes second.

4. Classic French Manicure with Cuticle Art

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Maybe you don’t want to stray too far from the classic look. Maybe you just want a little something to make it unique. This design is perfect for you.

5. Asymmetrical Tips – Neutral Tinted French Manicure

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Earthy tones are another classic. Combine these two classics into one amazing design. Add asymmetrical lines to keep things in balance. A shiny brass-colored polish will catch just enough glare to really make your nail design stand out.

6. Minimalist Tips with Ombre Accent Nail

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

With some striping tape, you can easily do this design on your own nails at home.

7. Adding Colors To Your French Manicure

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

A French manicure is not something that only needs to be done one way. A fun way to make it your own is to use different colors to suit your mood. This design would be perfect for a sporting event using your favorite team’s colors.

8. Stiletto Nails – Pretty Manicure Design Idea

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Stiletto nails are all the rage right now and for good reason. A French manicure is just one of them. Add accents like the one here for one of the hottest nail looks.

9. Pretty Polka Dot Natural Nail Art

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Fake nails make great manicures, but so do natural nails.

10. Polka Dot Lines – Easy French Manicure

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Another fun way to add polka dots to your nails is to skip the line and use it to separate your colors. This design uses the classic style and adds dots for a pretty and easy twist.

11. Flower Tips – Hot French Manicure For Women

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Designs with intricate designs really make this classic style a fun and unique manicure. This floral design is pretty and feminine. While it can take a while to perfect at home, this fun design could be just the perfect look for you.

12. Animal Print Tips – Hot Manicure Design

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

Another intricate and feminine design is animal print tips. This nail art is perfect for your favorite style, be it leopard, zebra, or any other animal print that you love.

13. Metallic Tips – Trendy and Easy Manicure

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

You can get back to basics with this look and still keep an eye on all the fashionable things. Metallic paint is all the rage right now and is a great tip choice.

14. French manicure design for a wedding

14 Hottest French Manicure Designs

If you are attending a wedding, attending a wedding party, or even becoming the bride, this next design is perfect for you.

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