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Best Anchor Tattoo ideas

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An anchor is one of the most popular tattoo designs to make for both men and women. It is popular because of its versatility. The anchor is a casing that the craftsman can join various components and images to, including ships, ships, wheels, sharks, fish or stars. Similarly, since the anchors arrive in a wide range of sizes, you can have it inked anyplace on the body.

Hope Anker Tattoo am Schulterblatt für Frauen

This article is about anchor tattoo designs where different options are available. We will also talk about the meaning and meaning. In the end, we hope you will be able to choose the right one for you.

Anker Tattoo mit Blumen am Unterarm

The anchor tattoo has endured for the long haul is as yet a famous oceanic image. It was a long time favorite among sailors, the anchor is one of the oldest tattoo symbols. The Marines and Navy are mostly best known groups that wear the anchor tattoo. The anchor has a story. The popular and well-known symbol has been around for centuries.

Anker Tattoo mit Kreuz Design am fuß

Albeit the anchor is most usually connected with mariners, it likewise has a relationship with Christianity. Christians replace the hooked cross with the anchor, but these are persecuted minorities. Christians under Roman rule, you spent most of your time in hiding. Christians used the anchor because it resembles the cross so it would not be a sign of religion.

Anker Tattoo Familie Design am Oberarm für männer

The anchor tattoo became known in the 1900s. The sailors were among the first to get it to symbolize the connection to the sea. Sailors crossed the dangerous Atlantic and got the anchor tattoo as a symbol for the fulfillment of their task, so the anchor became more and more popular for the sailors. later the Navy also got the anchor symbol to indicate affiliation. Most of the time the anchor was drawn with a beautiful girl or the ship they were using, they wore the tattoo with pride and they represent America with it. They also used designs like the American flag wrapped around an anchor or even an eagle with an anchor. Even today, the anchor tattoo is very popular with the Navy or with the sailors.

Anker mit Schiff und Blume am Oberschenkel für Frauen

It is believed that pirates also had anchor tattoos, although a dead skull was more commonly associated with them. If we take a closer look at the anchor, the anchor is used in real life for the purpose of keeping ships quiet on the water. If the anchor is dropped, the water cannot move the ship.

The Importance of Anchor Tattoo Designs

An anchor tattoo can have different meanings, all of which embody the qualities of the noble soldier:

  • Loyalty
  • Devotion to the greater good
  • Honor
  • Stability and Security
  • Hope
  • Protection
  • salvation
  • Enlightenment

Whichever variation you pick, anchor tattoos are an extraordinary way of showing your unwaveringness and commitment to support.

Kleine Aquarell Anker Tattoo auf Unterarm

Kleine Anker Tattoo am Knöchel

Kleine Anker auf Finger

Kleine Anker Tattoo auf Hand

Anker Tattoo im Nacken für Männer

Anker Tattoo mit initialen am Knöchel

Anker Tattoo mit Namen und Unendlich am Handgelenk

Anker mit Herz am Rücken für Frauen

Anker mit Blumen auf Arm

Anker mit Blumen auf fußrücken

Anker mit Rose auf Unterschenkel

Anker mit Unendlich am Handgelenk

Anker mit Kompass Tattoo am Unterarm

Anker Tattoo mit Totenkopf auf Bein

Anker mit Kompass am Oberschenkel

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