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Bee Tattoos Designs and Meanings

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The bee is a hardworking, highly organized insect. With such an honest reputation, it’s no wonder why people find them so fascinating.

Honigbienen und Bienenwabe Realistisch am Oberschenkel

The story of the bees

Long before the Greeks and Egyptians built monuments to their deities, ancient cultures kept bees as representatives of the divine. Honey was and still is, the “food of the gods” for many indigenous peoples around the world. The ancient Aegean and Middle Eastern cultures believed that the bees were the sacred bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, and many decorated the graves of their loved ones with images of bees. The bees are prominent in creating legend of the San people from the Kalahari. Bees are often incorporated into the rite de passage rituals for young men.

Bienen Tattoo Schwarz und Weiß

The Importance of Bee Tattoo Designs

Honeybee designs embody a number of these characteristics:

  • Love and Affection
  • creation
  • Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Spirituality and the Divine
  • Discipline
  • family
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • eloquence
  • Prosperity
  • Nobility

Bienen Tattoo am Oberarm Schwarz

Bees Tattoo Design Variations

Bee tattoos can be designed as funny and cartoon, they can of course also look realistic. Although the color scheme of bee tattoos are usually more standard (yellow and black), they usually feature a number of design elements. Some artists prefer to focus on the delicate beauty of a single bee, while others tend to highlight the structure as a cohesive organism. Still, there are others who prefer to bring powerful symbolism that the bees are associated with in the form of intricate honeybee cones rather than using the image of a bee.

Popular bee tattoo variations are:

Tribal Tattoos

In many indigenous tribes around the world, bees are an important part of daily life. They provide food (honey and larvae), materials for hunting and other important tasks (beeswax) and are a means of defense for the villagers. Given their status in human history, it is no wonder why so many native regions pay to these tiny animals by creating religious symbols and icons that glorify the bee. Tribal bee tattoos are an extension of this practice and serve to represent people’s spiritual connection with the free flying, hardworking, team player who is the bee.

Tribal Bienen Tattoo Idee

Bumblebees Tattoos

Tattoos Bumblebees are the heavyweights of the Apoidoea family. They are the pounding mammoths of the air and the sound of their basal hum can be recognized in an instant. Including the famous transformer, bumblebee, these animals are known for their fierce loyalty to a common cause, their ability to work in teams, and their hardworking natures.

Hummeln am Handgelenk

Queen Bee Tattoos

The queen bee always has the last word. They are the main decision makers of the stick that controls every movement of thousands, if not millions, of other beings around them. Bees queens tattoos are reserved for chic, confident divas who love to see themselves in charge of the world, and who, despite their delicate nature, are not afraid of making things difficult.

Bienenkönigin mit Krone und Initialen auf dem Arm

Bee tattoos are usually worn by unruly, strong women whose personalities tend to kick their butts and ask questions later. It is not easy to find a tattoo designer who reflects your personality. Before the needle touches the skin, you should think about what your new tattoo will symbolize, whether you’ll add other elements to the design. At the end of the day, should you have the best graphics you are proud of it, the procedure may take 20 minutes but you may have to wear it for 20 years. If you need inspiration, take a look at our photos below and if you have any questions feel free to write to me and I’ll try to answer all of your questions. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Bienen mit Totenkopf am Unterarm schwarz und weiß

Aquarell Bienen Tattoo am Schulterblatt

Honigbienen mit Bienenwabe am Unterarm

Aquarell Bienen am Unterarm

3D Bienen auf dem Arm

Bienen auf Finger

Bienen hinter dem Ohr

Bienen um den Hals der Männer

Bienen mit Blumen auf der Bein

Bienen Tattoo mit Uhr und Krone am Schulterblatt

Bienen mit Blumen am Oberschenkel

Bienen am Rücken schwarz und weiß

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