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Beautiful Bracelet Tattoos for Women

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Women can choose between Celtic, Tribal, Aztec, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Japanese and many other patterns, there are many types of armband tattoos. Even though these tattoos are repetitive in their nature, their simplicity makes these tattoos very popular. Of course, depending on your preference, you can choose a simple or complex design.

Armband Dotwork Design am Unterarm

Tattoo designs to choose from

Before deciding on a design, I advise you to do some research first. You should be sure if this design is really what you want. Just because the design looks good doesn’t mean that it will look good on the arm. It is also possible that after a few years you don’t like it at all or you find it boring. Make sure that you choose a design that makes sense and symbolizes thoughts and values. These tattoos can be made in any color it can be black for tribal tattoos or a colorful floral pattern.

I have some examples of you here that you might like. You can use the designs just like here. You can also use these examples as inspiration and add your own wishes.

Die schönsten Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Armband Mandala Tattoo am Oberarm

Armband Tattoos am Unterarm

Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Spitze Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Flower Bracelet Designs

Blumen Die schönsten Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Blumen Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Blumen Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Blumen Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Blumen Armband Tattoos für Frauen

Rose Armband Tattoos für Frauen

For centuries, different tribes have had their own bracelets tattooed on their arms in ink so that everyone knew which tribe belonged to. The idea of ​​these tattoos traveled to European countries around 17. You can choose the design either they have both ends connected or they leave a small gap inside the arm. Below you will find a few suggestions for reconsideration in addition to the designs that we mentioned above.

Celtic Designs

Keltische Armband Tattoos für Frauen

In the case of Celtic bracelets, roll, knot, spiral, intertwining pattern designs are most commonly used. The beauty of these designs lies in the fact that they give the feeling of communicating much more than a physical object is. The most important thing about these tattoos is that they are constant in life and therefore very difficult to symbolize.

Indian bracelet designs

Indianer Armband Designs

The native American designs are tied around the arm with a rope and beads and feathers that dangle from the rope. Therefore, Native American designs are very different from traditional patterns. But the most common designs used are bull skulls, an ax, a dream catcher and also a totem pole.

Snake and Dragon Designs

Drachen Armband Tattoo

The dragon tattoos have very nice meanings in the east and also in the west and look great on the arm. And the Japanese dragon wrapped around your arm looks phenomenal.

It looks like bracelet tattoos are more for men because they look masculine, but I can tell you with the right flyer these tattoos can look really feminine and on the arms of women really feminine. You can make the bracelets look more feminine with colored accents. Therefore, think carefully before getting a tattoo.

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