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Bear Tattoo ideas and Meaning

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many bears embody a whole range of characteristics, the meanings vary, you will find below in the article different meanings of bear tattoos.

Abstract Bär Design mit Wald auf dem Arm

Bear tattoos and their story

Bears are more than just those cute little toys in stores around the world. Native American shamans believed that the bears were the link to the spirit world and performed numerous rituals in their honor. In Norse culture, the god Odin was often depicted as a bear. Early humans wore the skin and bones of bears believing that this would allow them to absorb some of the animal’s mental and physical powers. Bears have long been associated with Native Americans, who viewed these animals as great warriors, showing incredible strength, valor and strength in the face of opposition. In the Sioux Nation, the bear is associated with healing and medicine. Legend has it that a bear was healed after eating redwood sorrel plants.

Porträt Bär Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel

The meaning of bear tattoos

  • Strength
  • courage
  • Protection
  • Maternity
  • courage
  • Spirituality and a deep connection with nature
  • Power
  • Trust
  • Resurrection (bears emerge from a long period of inactivity in spring)

Grizzlybär Tattoo auf Hand

Bear Tattoo Design Variations

From the vivid colors of a Haida tattoo to the intricate patterns on a Japanese-inspired design, bear tattoos offer myriad cultural elements. Popular bear tattoo designs are:

Panda – Bear Tattoos

Panda bears are one of the rarest and most famous bears in the world. Panda – bear tattoos mean good luck, harmony and balance. Pandas have long been associated with the yin-yang symbol in Chinese culture because of its distinctive black and white patterns. Black Bears and Grizzly Bear Tattoos Both black bears and grizzly bears have many things in common. If you wear any designs then you will identify strongly with the bear’s powerful, fighting spirit. The difference between these titans is mostly due to the coloring of each species; Grizzlies are brown while black bears are … well … black.

Koala Tattoo am Oberschenkel

Polar Bear Tattoos

Polar bears have cultural and spiritual significance for the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. In Inuit culture, the polar bear is the earthly embodiment of the Great Spirit, Tuurngasuk. The Eskimos revere these animals for their excellent hunting skills and the Nenets of Siberia believe that wearing a polar bear canine teeth protects them from harm. Eskimo and Inuit tribes have innumerable folklore legends that speak of the bear’s devotion and love for his cubs. This is one of the reasons Coca-Cola used a polar bear in numerous Christmas advertising campaigns.

Tattoo EisBär Design auf dem Arm

California – Bear – Tattoos

The California bear became part of the state’s flag in 1846 after a group of American settlers took control of the Mexican garrison, Sonoma. At the start of the Mexican-American War, the settlers proudly raised a raw, homemade flag that included the California bear, a star, and the words “California Republic”. This design is to show freedom and independence, in honor of the settlers. Koala Bear Tattoos Koala bears are friendly, animals that are known for their calm demeanor and teddy bear looks. In Aboriginal folklore, koalas are the keepers of the earth’s memories who crawled from the depths to bring wisdom to people and then took to the trees to keep vigil.

Kalifornien Bär Tattoo Idee

If the decision is difficult for you, take a closer look at the pictures so you will definitely make a decision more easily. Until next time.

Grizzlybär Tattoo Design

Abstract Grizzlybär Tattoo auf dem Arm

Tribal Bär Tattoo am Oberarm

Abstract Bär Geometrisch Design auf dem Arm

Abstract Bär Design am Unterarm

Bär Design auf Hand

Bär Tattoo Design auf Hand

Bär Tattoo Geometrisch Design am Oberarm

Die wilden Bär Tattoo auf der Bein

Indian Bär Tattoo auf dem Arm

Bunte Bär Design mit Blumen auf dem Arm

Axt mit Bär Tattoo am Rücken

Grizzlybär Design am Oberarm

Wolf und Bär Tattoo Realistisch auf der Brust der Männer

Grizzlybär Design am Oberarm

Cartoon Grizzlybär Design auf Hand

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