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Aztec Snake Tattoo ideas and Meaning

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Find out what the Aztec snake tattoo means

Tribal tattoos all the time have a method of paying tribute to cultural heritage. One of many oldest and largest tribes you’ll have heard of are the Aztecs, native to South America. The Aztecs have many symbols and traditions that make it all of the extra thrilling to include these designs. Range offers you the liberty to unleash your creativity as there’s a lot you’ll be able to embrace. That is how Aztec tattoo ideas include completely different symbols and animals.

Aztec Snake Tattoo

Probably the most widespread Aztec tattoos is the Aztec snake or snake tattoo, also referred to as the Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent). The Aztecs adopted a selected calendar system that performs an necessary function within the which means of your Aztec tattoo designs. Aztec snake tattoos have extra masculine options and look good on men. Nevertheless, there isn’t any limitation for women and so they may strive these tattoos. To not point out, these tattoos have some profound meanings that many individuals can attribute to.

Bold Black Aztec Snake Tattoo

If you wish to be taught extra concerning the which means of Aztec tattoos and get inspiration in your subsequent tattoo, then it’s essential to preserve studying this text.

The Meaning of Aztec Snake Tattoos

The Aztec snake tattoo is among the hottest forms of Aztec tattoos. The snake, also referred to as the quetzalcoatl, was an necessary image of their tradition. The Aztec snake tattoo symbolizes the snake god whom the Aztecs worshiped. They believed in lots of gods and confirmed them a lot respect and worship. Therefore, tattoos like this could be an enormous deal for the Aztecs, and they’d handle to painting themselves as warriors.

Small Aztec Snake Tattoo for women on finger

Aztec men who fought in wars would particularly get this tattoo. This tattoo additionally represents the jap course and the fifth day within the Aztec calendar. When you might not perceive that which means these days, the design of the Aztec snake is kind of attention-grabbing. It would assist you to obtain amazing physique artwork.

Aztec Snake Tattoo at back for women

The Aztec Snake is only one amazing merchandise from the Aztec Tattoo Assortment. Many different meanings revolve round varied Aztec tattoos. One of many foremost meanings that Aztec tattoos symbolize is warfare; the snake symbolizes a warrior. The Aztecs wore tattoos to face out as true warriors. Some received tattooed to honor their varied gods, such because the snake god and plenty of others.

Aztec Snake Tattoo behind the ear for men

The Aztec eagle tattoo has many different meanings equivalent to: B. it symbolizes power, power, braveness and bravado. These are some attributes that men like to point out of their tattoos. It would additionally assist remind them that it doesn’t matter what they’re going by way of, deep down they’ve the qualities to beat the challenges. This tattoo may help them uncover that.

Snake Tattoo on arm for men

The gods of the solar and the moon have been one of the necessary gods for the Aztecs, as they symbolized their day by day work. The solar god, often known as Oll, represented all earthly and common components equivalent to earthquakes, rain, wind and water. The Aztec Moon God Tattoo additionally has an attention-grabbing story and has a complete story. In response to the Aztecs, the moon god ought to first grow to be the solar god. However due to his failure, he grew to become the moon god as an alternative. These tales are troublesome to narrate to immediately, however they’re related to many mysteries and historical past. That is one thing that many would like to flaunt of their tattoos.

Two head snake tattoo on hand

As talked about earlier, Aztec tattoos reveal completely different meanings which might be stuffed with tradition and thriller. Even for those who do not click on behind the Aztec snake tattoos with these meanings, the amazing patterns and designs will pressure you to get this tattoo instantly.

Aztec Snake Tattoo Placement

The Aztec snake tattoos seem in varied designs and shapes with some distinctive options. To match its majestic tattoo traits, it’s essential to select the best placement for this thrilling tattoo.Some individuals wish to see solely the snake’s face, which seems to be nice on the arm, back, and facet of your higher chest.

Black Snake Tattoo for women on back shoulder

The snake’s swirling physique options go nicely with the arm and make for good motion. In the case of selecting an internship, it will possibly get a bit overwhelming. However the best strategy to preserve any confusion out of the best way is to select your Aztec snake tattoo first. After which you’ll be able to select the proper placement accordingly. Aztec snake tattoos add a really regal really feel; Therefore, irrespective of the place you get it tattooed, it can nonetheless look amazing as all the time.

Aztec snake tattoo

The Aztec snake tattoo seems to be like one of the textured snakes you’ll ever discover. There are numerous methods that you could show your Aztec snake tattoo. Some Aztec snake tattoos comprise a black and grey inked Aztec snake that seems in a maze-like characteristic with some distinct particulars, which is what makes the snake look so distinctive and highly effective. If you’d like a coloured look, you’ll be able to go for a coloured Aztec snake tattoo, which normally consists of the colour red or green.

Aztec Snake Tattoo for men on chest

A few of these tattoos even have two-sided snakes on both finish of the tail. These give off a really legendary trait. Even for those who can not determine with the which means of the Aztec snake tattoos, you’ll be able to nonetheless go for his or her amazing design and look for a shocking physique artwork.

Aztec Snake Tattoo Sorts

  • Black and grey conventional Aztec snake tattoo
  • Coloured Aztec snake tattoo
  • Aztec Double Headed Snake Tattoo
  • Calendar Aztec Snake Tattoo


Hopefully the meanings of Aztec snake tattoo have helped you and made your tattoo determination simpler. These meanings are conventional and never relevant on this planet immediately, however that’s the great thing about these tattoos. Though this tribe existed tons of of years in the past, individuals nonetheless present an curiosity in it by getting tattooed. These present the wealthy historical past and tradition of the Aztec tribe. So undergo these meanings rigorously and obtain spectacular physique artwork.

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