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Angel Tattoo Designs With Meaning

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Angel tattoos are just wonderful. There are very many different variations and there are motifs that have very great emotional significance for those who wear this tattoo.

The History and Meanings of Angel Tattoos

There are few designs that can match the beauty and meaning of angel tattoos. They usually carry a deep symbolic meaning for those who wear them. They can be worn for a variety of reasons and serve many different purposes. Angels are also known around the world, and they are part of Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and other religious belief systems. All these properties make the angel tattoo imitated and popular very sought after.

Engel Tattoo im Nacken

Meanings and ideas

Here you will find a variety of meanings that are associated with angel tattoos. It depends on which symbols the angel is combined with. Here are some examples of them.

    • Spirituality
    • Christianity
    • Hope
    • Protection
    • Security
    • Faith
  • Guardian
  • Free Spirit
  • Freedom
  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Courage
  • Everything is good
  • Serenity
  • Higher Self
  • Calm
  • Would

Most of us already know what angels are and what they represent.

  • We all believe that angels are messengers of God
  • And angel (Angelus) also means messenger of God in translation
  • We also know that angels have many talents, powers and skills, for example they can travel from heaven to earth and vice versa

There are many different designs

Amor Engel Design Cupido Engel Design

Some choose a Cupid Angel . Cupid is known as the “angel of love.”

Baby Engel Tattoo Design Baby Engel mit Initialen Design Baby Engel auf der Brust Baby Engel Design mit Namen am Oberarm Baby Engel Design am Schulterblatt Baby Engel Design am Handgelenk

For example, a popular choice among women is a baby angel.

Engel und teuflischen Engel Design

In addition to the beautiful angels, some choose a devilish angel. The meanings also change, it depends on the wearer. In women it represents calm and quiet. In men, they can represent the higher self.

But like any tattoo in the end, it represents what you want.

Engels Flügel Tattoo am Oberarm

Angel wings are a common choice among men and women. They can represent a free spirit, independence. You can use the wings without any frills or you can combine the wings with, for example, a cross, heart, key and lock or halogen.

Gefallene Engel Tattoo am Rücken

It is believed that the fallen angels are bound from heaven because they have committed many sins on earth. The devil is the most famous fallen angel.This shows how the fallen angel is ashamed of their sins. And waiting to be taken back to heaven. These motifs don’t just show the negative.

It also means that you have managed to stand on your feet again after the difficult times.

Gefallene Engel Tattoo auf dem Arm

As I mentioned above there are endless ways to portray the angel tattoo. This is why the angels are so popular.

Schutzengel Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Guardian angels are also very popular, so we will get to know them better now.

Engel Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Most of the time, the angels are designed with shine and shine. This is mostly intrigued behind the angel.

Tattoo Schweben Engel auf der Brust

Most of the time the angels float, but of course they can also be grounded.

Engel mit Schwert Tattoo am Rücken

They can be designed as male or female as the male angel becomes depicted with a sword or other weapons. They are mostly designed down or to the side in a protective way.

Engel Desin am Rücken

With some designs you can see how the angel defeats an evil angel or devil.

Engel Tattoo auf der Bein

But no matter which angel motif you choose, I think angel tattoo always looks beautiful, it is a gift from heaven .

Engel Design Old School Engel mit Kompass Design Engel mit Rose Design am Unterarm Engel Design am Rücken Abstrakt Engel am Unterschenkel Baby Engel Design hinter dem Ohr Engel Design am Oberschenkel Baby Engel Design mit Rose am Unterarm Engel mit Herz und Kreuz Tattoo am Oberarm Wasserfarben Engel Design am Rippenbogen.

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