Amazing Zebra Tattoos with Meaning

Wild zebras have conquered the hearts and imaginations of countless cultures around the world with their free running in nature. And also as tattoo motifs they are very popular in this article you will get to know the meanings of the zebra tattoos and the history of the zebras.

Realistisch Zebra Kopf Design am Oberarm

The history of the zebras

While the word zebra is believed to be of Congolese origin, its Latin name is Equiferus, which translated means wild, untamed horse. It is no surprise that most of the attempts to domesticate a purebred zebra have not been successful. These beautiful animals are fierce and free-spirited; as such, you will be luckier admiring them and their beauty than trying to control them. In the African folklore tradition, the Bushmen in Namibia believe they know how the zebra got its stripes. According to the story, the zebra was originally white but after a violent battle with a wild baboon, it fell in a nearby fire and was burned by the glowing fire sticks.

Zebra Design Realistisch auf dem Arm

Zebras are very social and roam the African meadows in large groups. Although they live in a group, each zebra is a unique animal. Like fingerprints, no two stripes are exactly alike, which gives voice to the notion that a zebra represents a person’s individuality and creative spirit. Anyone who has had the opportunity to see these noble creatures up close, or the misfortune of one by being kicked, can attest to their physical strength and power.

Realistisch Zebra Design auf dem Arm

The Meaning of Zebra Tattoos

Since the animal’s long history has come with humanity, zebras have come to embody a number of traits including:

  • Balance
  • Individuality
  • Freedom
  • frivolity
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Nobility

3D Zebra Design am Oberschenkel

Zebra tattoo variations

Cartoon Zebra Tattoos Nothing can better way to express your childlike innocence than a cartoon zebra tattoo! In the popular Madagascar franchise, Marty is the zebra of the instigator group who always manages to start the mess but is always there when his friends need him most. Given that zebras are free and indomitable in general, it is no coincidence that Marty’s desire for freedom is what prompted the initial escape from the Central Park Zoo. Cartoon zebra tattoos show your playful side too.

Cartoon Zebra Design auf dem Arm

Zebra Heart Tattoos Like the panda bear, the zebra coloring is often seen as a symbol of balance and harmony (yin and yang).

Aquarell Zebra Herz Design am Rücken

There are a few things to keep in mind when making the right tattoo design choice. Think about what your new tattoo symbolizes. Does it go with your personality. Are you going to add other design elements as well? It is also worth keeping an eye on your body with the position of your new tattoo, as a tattoo in a poor location can ruin a great work of art. If you need a little inspiration, you should take a look at our pictures that we have selected for you.

Bunte Zebra Design am fuß

Zebra Design am Schlüsselbein der Männer

Bunte Zebra Design im Nacken

3D Zebra Design am Oberschenkel

Aquarell Zebra Design am Oberschenkel

Abstract Zebra Design am Oberarm

Wasserfarben Zebra Design auf der Bein

Zebra Design mit Blume auf der Bein für Frauen

Abstract Zebra Design auf der Bein

Zebra Design am Rippenbogen Schwarz

Zebra Tattoo mit Blumen am Oberschenkel

Zebra Kopf mit Namen Design am Oberschenkel

Kleiner Zebra Design am Knöchel

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