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60+  Meaningful Matching Sister Tattoo Designs

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60+  Endearing Sister Tattoo Designs

60+  Meaningful Matching Sister Tattoo Designs

Meaningful Matching Sister Tattoo Designs.Sisters are connected by blood, which makes them the strongest bond anyone can come across. And whether you currently love your sister or detest her, you know that the two of you will be together in your heart forever. What better way to show this bond than by matching tatts?

Sister tattoos are some of the cutest tattoos. Nothing spells laughter, fun and good conversations like a sister. Sisters have a special bond that is sentimental and unique. The next 61 designs are warm and adorable as well as fun, entertaining and interesting. Do you have a sister or someone who is like a sister to you? Consider getting one of these unique designs to denote your friendship. Tattoos are a great way to represent how you feel about someone.

Who gets it?

sisters! Surprisingly, however, it is not limited to blood relatives. Sometimes friends feel closer than blood and easily call themselves family. So if you don’t have a sister, don’t worry, these pictures will still keep you entertained. Consider one of your best friends and maybe think about getting a best friend tattoo.

Where do they place the ink?

You will notice below that the tattoo is usually only complete when the other person is there. Therefore, the designs are usually in places that can be connected when the other person is present. For example, forearms, hands and feet are very popular spots. You will also see the occasional behind the ear or even leg and back art. Where would you choose?

What is the current range for sister tattoos?

You will see a variation of colors from bright and flashy to small and detailed. You can see stencils, or you can see elaborate images. They are usually tailored to what the sisters (or people who feel like sisters) want in their design. The color is an important part of the tattoo because it is part of the story of why you get one. Bold colors often mean something completely different from subtle pastels. It all depends just on how you define your relationship.


1) This is a cute design that is Halloween themed. They each have cats inscribed with the word “boo”. It’s funny and carefree and probably describes that they have very good relationships. The way the art reflects in the sunlight probably means that they are fairly new designs.

39-sister tattoo designs

2) These images are really cool because of the contrast between the designs. You have color and one is black and white. This could be symbolic of how each sister approaches life. Look at the details and the shading. It’s very well done and a great talking piece. You can say that they have a special bond.

40-sister tattoo designs

3) These elephants go well by themselves, but look even cooler when paired together. It looks like a Thai elephant with the unique design in each animal. Notice how the strains both extend to the other elephant? This is a smooth look and a flawless tattoo. We especially like the touch of color on the elephant saddle.

41-sister tattoo designs

4) Here’s a great example of what sister tattoos look like when they’re to be paired together. It looks like they’re remembering important dates, maybe their birthdays with girls on swings. It’s simple yet charming. The hair in a bun on a girl might indicate that she is a bit prim and right, while the other sister may be a little more carefree as her hair blows in the wind.

42-sister tattoo designs

5) This is a really cool picture of three sisters with birds and keys. We especially love the detail in every bird. The artist did a great job so that everyone looks exactly the same without any variation between the birds. Notice the little attention to detail that the artist did by closing the keys.

43-sister tattoo designs

6) Behind the ear is a popular ink stain and these sisters decided to get flowers to denote their friendship. The pastel colors are subtle and soothing.

44-sister tattoo designs

7) These back tattoos are interesting and bold. Although they are easily covered for places like work, they are easy to show off even on the weekends with a tank top.

45-sister tattoo designs

8) These pineapples look good enough to eat! The line detail is well done and the coloring looks so vivid. Again, these designs fit well, but look really great when they are paired together.

46-sister tattoo designs

9) These cute sisters literally colored, “sisters” on top of their foot. That’s a pretty gnarled spot to tattoo because it’s so boney. Everyone has personal experience getting the tip of the foot inred? This looks like they wrote the word sisters and the artist copied it, which is another great option if you can’t find a font you like.

47-sister tattoo designs

10) Such a cute tattoo. The line connects them and is not completed until they are together. It’s a simple design that wouldn’t last long if you were looking for something fast.

48-sister tattoo designs

11) Feathers are very popular at the moment and these sisters took it to heart by getting the same design on their forearms. The variation of shapes within the spring makes it unique.

49-sister tattoo designs

12) This is a fun and witty design that probably represents that they like to sing and have fun. We really like the bang of red on her lips. It brings the whole tattoo together and makes it pop.

50-sister tattoo designs

13) Owls are really cool and usually have something symbolic to do with wisdom. This could mean that these girls go to each other for advice. The variation in color in each design is a great way to show that they are from the same family, but still individuals.

51-sister tattoo designs

14) Really cool flower tattoos that have the same general theme and yet are completely different. They show that every girl is her own wife, but that they also love and respect each other very much. The artist did a great job with the shading and contrast through his art.

52-sister tattoo designs

15) Placing these types of tattoos on different body parts is another unique way to symbolize unity and yet independence. Would you choose a place for you both to get or would you choose different places? The coloring looks vivid and the shading creates a dimensional look that shows talent on the part of the artist.