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50 Magnolia Tattoo ideas With Meaning

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50 Magnolia Tattoos + Tattoo Meanings

Existing for at least 100 million years according to modern archeology, Magnolias are considered the first flowers in the flower’s evolutionary cycle. The most amazing thing is that the composition of the plant has hardly changed in these 100 million years. Which means that the magnolias found by archeology are very similar to those grown today in gardens and pots.

colorida 2

Due to the characteristic described above, magnolias are universal symbols of resilience. As such, it is an excellent design for a male or female tattoo. In this new guide from Tattolandia, you’ll check out photos of the most beautiful magnolia tattoos. In addition, you will check the main cultural meanings associated with these tattoos.

com frase 2
With name.

The magnolia is a flower used in traditional medicine by many different peoples. Even modern medicine makes use of its medicinal properties, whether in powder or pill form. They are used to treat congestion, cramps, lung problems and digestive conditions.

com nome 1
With name.

The name magnolia is a tribute to French botanist Pierre Magnol, who studied the plant for the first time.

com significado

Magnolia flowers are very fragrant. Although they are popularly known for their white color, it can have many other colors such as pink, peach, yellow, lavender and purple.

cor azul 1
Blue Mangolia Tattoo.

Given the proper growing conditions, a magnolia tree can live for decades. Some of these trees can live for up to a hundred years.

What does a magnolia tattoo mean?

cor preta 1
In black ink.

The meanings of magnolia tattoos are very rich and varied. As we said initially, magnolias are among the oldest flowers on the planet, meaning resilience and perpetuity.

cor rosa
Red on the arm.

Secondly, they are very adaptable to different types of soils and climates, and can be cultivated in different parts of the world. Due to this characteristic, magnolia tattoos can also signify adaptability.

cor rosa 1
On the arm.

Because of their longer flowering than other flower species, magnolias are also symbols of long life. In many places, these flowers are sent to the newborn’s parents, and represent purity and dignity.

desenho de mangolia
On the back.

In America, it is common to use the flower in the making of bridal bouquets, making this plant also associated with romantic love and marriage. In China, it is popular to grow Magnolia denudata, which is also popularly called jade orchid. Magnolias, in Chinese lands, are symbols of purity and nobility.

desenhos de mangolia para tatuar na perna 1
With a mirror in the background.

In Japan, the magnolia is a plant used both in traditional medicine and in ornamental gardens. It is associated with love for nature, in Japanese culture. In Georgia, there is a cultural custom of cultivating a magnolia tree in the garden to attract luck and economic stability.Check out the meaning of each magnolia color below.

Meaning of each Color of the Magnolia Flower

estilo aquarela

Check, in the table below, the meanings attributed to each color of the magnolia flower: PinkAs Pink magnolias represent femininity and are associated with Aphrodite and Venus.WhiteWhite magnolia flowers are associated with the moon and goddesses such as Selene and Artemis.YellowThey are associated with the sun and represent goddesses like Medusa and Sunna.PurpleRepresents spirituality.RedRepresents love and desire.Meaning of each color of the magnolia flower

Male and Female Tattoo Photo Gallery by Magnólia

Check out some drawings to inspire you when designing your next tattoo:

estilo minimalista no braco
Small on the forearm.
feminina no braco 1
Closing the arm.
galeria de inspiracao da flor
In black ink.
grande 1
Blue with green leaves.
mangolia 1
Inspiration on the arm.

mangolia em tinta preta

Inspiration in the arm.

mangolia preto
With fine lines.
mangolia vermelha
Red color.
na mao 5
In the hand.

na nuca 2

On the back of the head.

nas costasd
Behind the shoulder.
no braco 2 2
Old school style.
no ombro
Big on the shoulder.
no pe 1
Mangolia tattooed on the foot.
o que significa tatuagem de mangolia
With pink flowers.
On the arm.
representa a pureza
Black and shaded gray.
rica em significados
Black with lines fine.
rosa no pe
For those looking for ideas for the foot region.
significado de tatuagem de mangolia
With word.

simbolo da pureza

White color representing purity.

simbolo da resiliencia
Stylish fine lines.
simbolo da resistencia
Black color.
simbolo da vida longa
Red mangolia.
tattoo da flor de magnolia
On the arm.
tattoo feminina de mangolia no braco
On the shoulder.
tattoo masculina de mangolia
Men’s Mangolia tattoo on the arm.
tattoos de mangolia
Shadow black.
tatuagem de mangolia no braco
Delicate micro-tattoo Mangolia tattoo on arm.
tatuagem feminina de mangolia
Small black tattoo on arm.
tatuagem feminina de mangolia no braco
Inspiration from female Mangolia tattoo on arm.
tatuagem grande de mangolia no braco
Inspiration for whoever likes black ink.
tatuagem masculina no peito
Inspiration for those who want to cover their chest.
tatuagens de mangolia
Large Mangolia tattoo on the arm.
tres flores
Minimalist style tattoo .
verde 2
Blue mangolia with green leaves.
Red mangolia.
vermelha 1
With pa plows forming the stem.

We can conclude that magnolias are ancestral plants that have adapted to different conditions and changes for thousands of centuries, representing resilience, strength, adaptability, nobility, purity and long life.Which magnolia tattoo did you like the most? Which one would you do? Comment!.

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