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50 Geometric Tattoos

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50 Geometric Tattoos: Triangles, Squares, Circles

Tattoos are often ways of expressing meaning through body art. The category of geometric tattoos tends to get away from that a bit, as their meanings tend to be more abstract and fluid than more solid drawings. The great advantage of this style is the variety of options, colors and styles, in addition to the fact that they are usually cheaper than traditional tattoos, as they use less ink in most cases and are less complex.

And what is a geometric tattoo? It is nothing more than the joining of lines, lines and geometric shapes that reassemble a design that often makes no sense. It’s art for art’s sake. Generally, they are made with black ink, but nothing prevents you from betting on colors, as you can see in our inspiration gallery for this article. Another great advantage of this style is that you will hardly regret doing it. A tattoo that represents a worldview, an ideology, a feeling, can often generate regret. In those cases, you’ll have to cover it up or remove it.


Check below some design suggestions for you to bet on your next geometric tattoo. At the end of the article, you will check out some tips on how to find a good tattoo artist and what you must do to succeed in your endeavor.

abstrata 1
árvore 1

{1 }braço 4

braço fechado 1
com cores 1
com flores 6

Shapes and Design Tips

You can use and abuse triangles, circles, squares and other geometric shapes. Here are some ideas:

  • Flowers: if you harmonize the geometric shapes and align them, you can make a beautiful flower. Here’s a project that requires a lot of creativity but results in amazing tattoos. Although it looks like a kind of modern art, this style is older than you might think. The ancient pharaohs of ancient Egypt already made flowers with geometric shapes on their skin;
  • Animals: you can also combine shapes to assemble animal figures. In this article, you can check out some interesting suggestions for this tattoo style;
  • Color: as stated in the introduction, the most popular geometric tattoos are made of black ink. However, nothing prevents you from betting on colors. Colorful tattoos tend to look better on lighter skin. But there are no restrictions, anyone can bet on different palettes and make an explosion of colors and strokes;
  • With formulas: math lovers can include formulas from geometry and other areas of mathematics. math together to demonstrate your love of the science of numbers;
  • Minimalist: Minimalist tattoos are among the most popular in the geometric style. They are often small, simple and sophisticated. The simple and the sophisticated, in minimalism, are not contradictions. You can use simple shapes and lines to create a design with sophisticated proportions.
com sombra 1
com sombras
dicas de desenhos 2
elefante 2
em cores 11
em cores 1 5
em três D
em três dimensões

Meanings of Geometric Tattoos

Each design using geometric patterns will express a different meaning.What we can say is a comprehensive meaning applied to everyone who chooses to bet on this style of tattoo. They are: creativity, balance and consistency. There are three values ​​that can easily be assigned to these tattoos.

formas diferentes
formas geometricas
fotos inspiradoras
grande 2
imagem inspiradora
lobo 2
lobo 1 1
meio a meio
na coxa 3

na mão 6

na perna 15
nas costas 17
no antebraço 5
no braço 13
no braço 1 6
no peito 7
no peito 1 5
sem significado
tattoos geometricas
tattoos geometricas 1
tatuagem geométrica
triângulo 1

triangulos pontilhados


More tips:

  • Before you decide what you’re going to tattoo, you should do some very comprehensive research on the tattoos. different options.However, there are two social networks aimed at tattoo lovers where you can find a multitude of models to be inspired. They are: Pinterest and Tumblr;
  • Another vast and thorough research that should be done is about artists. The success of a tattoo depends, and a lot, on the skills of the tattoo artist. To do this, ask friends who have already undergone the procedure beforehand for indications. Another tip is to read, on the internet, reports and testimonials from people who have already attended the studios. Finally, look at the artist’s portfolio and look for drawings similar to what you want. When an artist already has experience in a specific style, there is a greater chance that your tattoo will come out as you want;
  • Another point you should pay attention to is the environment in which you will perform the procedure. The room must be cleaned. Your tattoo artist must wear gloves. The machine must be sterile. It is also important to observe possible health surveillance certificates and state authorizations for the professional to act. All this will minimize the risks of your experience;
  • The region of the body to perform a geometric tattoo depends on the taste of the person who is going to tattoo. However, regions called convex, such as the hands and feet, which are curved or curved, can distort the lines. In the case of this tattoo, you want greater symmetry, don’t you? So avoid convex body regions;
  • If you want to use single strokes, you can choose smaller body regions. If you want a larger and more complex tattoo in detail, you’ll need to choose large areas of the body, such as the back and chest;
  • The values ​​of a tattoo vary according to the region, the professional’s reputation , design complexity, number of colors, project size, number of sessions, etc. There are so many factors that we cannot draw a fixed estimate. You must make a budget in advance to know exactly the amount you should invest;
  • The tattoo does not end the moment you happily leave the studio after having completed it. There is a whole care routine that you should watch carefully, not only to avoid complications but also to keep your tattoo beautiful and free from fading;
  • Ask all your doubts about the care routines with the professional who will carry out your project. Don’t be shy to ask. The more information, the easier it will be for you to deal with unforeseen events, such as blisters, for example;
  • When you notice any signs of infection, allergy or complications, seek immediate help from a doctor.

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