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50 Finger Tattoo ideas

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50 beste Finger Tattoo-Ideen für 2021

Tattoos have moved from being fads and niche fashion to mainstream.Today’s body color has diversified into inspirational messages, creative omissions, expressions of individual personas or personal mantras – with different sides to be seen all over their body for those who want it to be clearly visible;others keep discreet images where they are barely noticeable.Finger tattoos belong to the latter.If you are looking for a way to express your individuality or show some personality without having to apply even more permanent ink to yourself, then finger tattoos are the perfect choice.They can be simple and cute like little hearts that look rebellious at first, instead of attracting attention by being outside where people could see them more easily.Do you feel inspired to get your own?Read on to learn all about finger tattoos and discover the best designs that will stand the test of time.

1.Ring Finger Tattoo

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It’s a love story that is as old as time.When you entrust your life to someone, the symbol of this commitment is an eternal tattoo on the ring finger that never goes away.Many couples nowadays choose this ink style for their wedding because they want something unique that will hopefully last forever – just like their marriage!What better way to show your lifelong devotion than with permanent ink on your finger?It stays there through thick and thin;Whether it gets tough in difficult phases of marital happiness or not, one thing will at least remain: your eternal promise!Interestingly, the ancient Romans believe that the ring finger has the “vein of love ” that is directly connected to the heart, making this ring finger tattoo a very meaningful and romantic option.

2.Small Finger Tattoo

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Tattoos are a popular form of self expression and there is no shortage of styles that you can get.If you like delicate tattoos with filigree designs then this is worth considering!Small finger tattoos come in many shapes, including initials or your favorite shape, as well as symbols that have significant meaning in your life, such as stars (which represent hope) or wings (which represent freedom).They can be placed anywhere on the body, but they always look best where skin meets bone as they provide optimal ink coverage that leads to stunning results.Small tattoo styles like this never go out of style due to their delicacy and finesse – when small prints are aesthetically pleasing to you, it can make all the difference.

3.Sweet Finger Tattoo

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Sweet tattoos are a great way to express yourself and be creative.Choose from many different themes such as fruits, cartoon characters, symbols or characters.As long as you bring your dream subject with you when you visit the tattoo artist, getting exactly what you want shouldn’t be a problem.The best option for most finger tattoos is to keep the art simple.It doesn’t have to be great;as long as it has meaning and symbolizes you, it will never go wrong.A cute line drawing with blue and black colors may even give you the best results.

4.Side Finger Tattoo

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Side finger tattoos are a clever option for making your tattoo invisible.These inks have a fascinating and mysterious purpose that can be interpreted by the wearer of such tattoos.If you want to keep the idea of ​​something in mind but don’t want to spread it, a small tattoo on one side is perfect.This choice can also be popular with couples who prefer messages that are spelled while holding hands.

5.Inner Finger Tattoo

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The dumbest kind of ink is a secret tattoo that you can only show someone if they ask for it.Additionally, one of the benefits of an inner finger tattoo is that it is less painful than other tattoos because there is more fat and muscle in this area.

6.Middle Finger Tattoo

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The middle finger tattoo is aboutto show your rebellious side.You can show off any eye-catching and eye-catching design you want as the finger is long enough to hold most of the patterns or drawings you might like, such as Ariana Grande’s ink-style stars.If you are looking for a tattoo that is over the top and has an elaborate design, your best bet is to choose the middle finger as it covers most of the area.

7.Heart-finger tattoo

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The heart-finger tattoo is the most common color today.Like ring finger tattoos, this symbol of love and commitment can show off your personality as a caring person who values ​​freedom and trustworthiness with unconditional self-love.A tattoo on your hand that reminds you of the most important thing in life: love.

8.Rose Finger Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d1bf199Did you know that people who choose a rose tattoo have deep and meaningful reasons for it?They are often about the pain of life mixed with beauty.Roses are also associated with passion and love, which is why they make excellent symbols in tattoos.So if you have a passion for something, this is the best bet for the tattoo type and will look amazing on your fingers too!

9.Infinity Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d256defYou don’t have to like math to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the infinity symbol.You might not even need a deep understanding of what it is, but you can still love this tiny line that looks so much more than just an 8 lying on its side!Infinity tattoos are usually drawn in black ink with calligraphic details between each letter or number.The most popular variation is to add either “forever” or “never ending” depending on how committed your partner really is.

10.Wave Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d30e5ddThe Japanese tsunami wave print is an iconic image in the world of graphic design and wall hangings.You can now get a stylized line drawing of waves tattooed on your finger or thumb, which are compelling reasons to get a tattoo.As a small alternative, a simple wave design can be worthwhile, because you are never too old for youthful enthusiasm!If you love the ocean, the tranquility of the coast, or the ferocity of a tsunami, a wave tattoo can be a constant reminder.

11.Lion tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d3e62f3Lion tattoos are exceptional in detail and attract the attention of many celebrities like Anthony Joshua and Cara Delevingne.They are also popular because they stand out from other designs and styles that have traditionally been used for finger art.This tattoo symbolizes strength, courage, nobility and pride as the lion is considered the king of the jungle.Because you are born under this sign if you want to have it on your finger forever.Lion tattoos represent royalty.

12.Snake Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d4da271Snake tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with tattoo enthusiasts for a number of reasons.Not only do they look cool, but they can also be adapted to any part of the body and have never gone out of style.Historically, they are viewed as symbols that represent knowledge, transformation, creativity, and fertility, making it a perfect design for both men and women.

13.Tattoo with words

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A word tattoo is the perfect choice for fingers as they are straight and long.You can express what it means to you by having meaningful inks; finger tattoos are perfect for making a powerful yet personal statement.The right word can sum up your personality in just two letters, and the easiest way to customize them is with text or color.

14.Butterfly Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d667419A butterfly is a symbol of beauty, freedom and transformation.You can think of the design as representing the interests of both women and men: for more feminine fingers, try wrapping it around your finger in lighter colors like yellow or red.In the meantime, a male butterfly color could use a black one in a static and dignified pose.

15.Flower Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d751d4fGetting a flower tattoo can mean different things depending on the preferences of the person getting it.This can range from an optimistic view such as that of sunflowers to spiritual harmony such as with lotus.When choosing the design that works best for you, think about what meaning you want your design to represent and whether it suits you well.Long stemmed flowers like roses and daisies will look stunning on your fingers.No doubt why they are most likely the choice of many for their beauty and elegance.

16.Finger Dot Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d7debf5One of the most popular but simplest finger tattoo designs are dots.They are often understated, but dot tattoos can also have multiple meanings and meanings.For example, a single point could be representative of an end mark or pause in a phase.However, that doesn’t mean they don’t provide significant meaning to those who wear them.Maybe you want to start something new with your tattoo?Or maybe it’s time to end each day by resting until tomorrow starts again

17.Henna Finger Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d875189You want a tattoo, but you don’t know if it’s the right time to make a decision?No problem!You can have one in henna that is painless and naturally fades over time.Henna has been used as a beautiful body art in many cultures for centuries as it is a natural, plant-based dye.If you are looking for something exotic to add a little flair and originality to your wedding day, consider mehndi tattoos.These traditional Indian tattoos have also become internationally popular.

18.King and Queen Finger Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6d96a0b4For couples who are deeply involved, a king and queen tattoo can be the perfect way to show mutual respect.Showing these two iconic symbols on each other’s body will always remind them that they complement each other wonderfully, even though they have different roles in life with their own strengths and weaknesses.The tattoo pays tribute to your partner and means that that person rules over you and has completely won your heart.If you and your partner are looking for a special way to show your commitment, take the plunge with king or queen finger tattoos.These ink designs look especially romantic when each of you is able to hold your hands together as the ultimate symbol of oneness between two people.

19.Rosary Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6da01b02A rosary finger tattoo is an obvious and meaningful reminder of a person’s belief in God.As a Catholic symbol, the rosary is associated with the Virgin Mary.However, when used as a tattoo, it symbolizes God’s protection from all evil.When you lean on the scriptures, the right hand represents power, blessings, and strength.So a rosary tattoo on a finger of your right hand could mean something remarkable and special.

20.Arrow Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6db02ac0Arrows are unique in style but beautifully simple. In fact, it is a very popular ink design for most young people today.It represents the direction of life and the importance of moving forward, not backward.Many people consider an arrow design to help define their goals and be true to themselves.This tattoo design not only has a motivating and positive meaning, but can also be perfectly matched to a person’s finger shape.

21.Diamond Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6dbbf4f5A diamond is the strongest material on earth and has been considered priceless and precious for thousands of years.It is not surprising why diamonds represent wealth, beauty, strength and everlasting love.Not only will it look great as a tattoo all over your body, but it’s also a great finger tattoo.Some people consider a diamond tattoo to be part of their engagement color as the traditional suggestion symbol is a diamond ring.

22.Moon Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e49e539One of the most popular designs for tattoos is the moon.It has been part of the tattoo art for many years.The bold shape of the moon looks amazing when inked on someone’s fingers.It is an attractive tattoo for those who have a mysterious side as the moon is associated with the night.Having a moon tattoo also represents the beauty of transformation.

23.Anchor Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e54deaeAnchor tattoo designs have been popular for many centuries.It is a nautical symbol that represents the end of a long journey.Anchors can also symbolize hope and security.This design is often chosen by couples willing to commit and get married as they express that they are each other’s “safe haven”.

24.Feather tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e60789bFeather tattoos are compositionally more complex and not common in large form.However, these go well with finger tattoos as these are inked along the length of the finger or the side of the thumb.The complexity can range from line drawings to full shading.Inspiration from feathers can come from different sources.Native American eagle feathers represent courage, goose feathers for writers, and peacock feathers are reminiscent of 1920s fashion.The large selection of options enables endless possibilities in the smallest of spaces.

25.Gun tattoos

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e69dceeGun tattoos are just as controversial as gun control laws.Weapons project an image of power and are usually large images on the chest, arms and back or shoulder blades.Small finger tattoos of guns, however, present a private message of power, strength, aggression, or even as a peacekeeping and defense.Men may prefer large gun tattoos, but gun tattoos on the fingers are more suitable for women.

26.Printed Snake Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e73ec6cPrinted snake tattoos are considered to be the most stylish tattoos of all time.It contains a printed snake with black ink tattooed on your finger.It looks like the snake is curling around your finger when the tail and head appear on the surface.The snake symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.It can also represent a transformation of a person.So, if you believed that you had changed a lot in the past few years, this unique tattoo choice is for you.

27.Gothic Flowers

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e82f3f6Everyone has their views on the darker side of life, and it’s excellent as long as you know how to use it well.Some show it off by getting a gothic flower tattoo that includes a black inked gothic image that appears on all fingers in a geometric design.You can choose a flower on each finger with a small dot on top of the flower.It’s still possible to create it with just one finger.However, it is more stylish when you can get it on all your fingers.You need black ink for this tattoo to bring out the dramatic look and atmosphere and to make a gothic flower tattoo perfect.

28.Yin Yang Shaolin Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e8d44d4

If you are fascinated by symbolic finger tattoos, this is Yin Yang Shaolin Tattoo suitable for your fingers.It leaves a meaningful and uniquely designed tattoo.The Yin Yang comprises four symbols.The first and most important is the Shaolin circle colored in black, the yin and yang symbols, and the last are the two black and white dots for a powerful appearance.They all appear in a straight line on the side of your finger.It’s up to you which fingers you want to get tattooed on, but the middle finger looks best.This type of tattoo represents the way in which you would like to reconnect with nature.It helps you to enter a new phase of life.

29.Pharaoh Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6e971939Assuming you are a fan of Egyptian civilization and its history, the Pharaoh finger tattoo is the best choice for you.It will show your love for Egyptian culture and connect you with its rich and colorful history.This tattoo features a gray and black pharaoh inked in the center of your middle finger.You can choose any finger you want to be tattooed on.It symbolizes boldness, power and royalty.You can get these hieroglyphic tattoos on all of your fingers too.

30.The Finger Bone Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6ea820dc

Finger Bone Tattoo is one of the unique types of finger tattoos.It contains the anatomy of your finger inked black and appears on the top of the index finger and then goes up halfway up your hand.It is considered to be the most realistic tattoo ever.You need a good and experienced tattoo artist to do the design for you.It’s time to spice up your tattoo experience with this incredible finger bone tattoo design.

31.Ribbon Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6eb3d4d5Bring out the child in you by getting this ribbon finger tattoo.Sometimes someone gets a tattoo like this because it’s cute and feminine.It can symbolize an important event in your life or portray you as your father’s eternal baby.Surely it’s not a boring tattoo.The little ribbon wrapped around the finger shows a delicate touch, and if you attach some paint to it, it will burst.

32.Small Shape Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6ec2931aThe most basic design for a tattoo is the small shape.Tiny tattoos are all the rage these days, especially among millennials.Lots of people love the effortless look and simplicity of this design.Having small shapes for a tattoo is something that Native Americans would love to try.But there are already modern tattoo enthusiasts who find these small shapes very attractive to see in your fingers.

33.Crescent Moon Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6edec51aLooking for a nifty yet straightforward finger tattoo design?A crescent moon can be a viable choice.It has excellent shading that highlights the nature in you.If you love the moon, show it off with a crescent moon tattoo.You will definitely present the most extraordinary design.

34.Owl Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6eea2124Would you like to represent wisdom with your own joke?You’d better have an owl tattoo.It is a symbolic figure that reflects hope, wisdom, charity and serves as a link to different worlds.If you’re into symbolic figures with deep and aesthetic meaning, an owl tattoo is best for you.

35.Space Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6ef20105Fascinated by the idea of ​​space and beyond?Space tattoos can be a great alternative.It comes with fantastic images that represent the coolness of space.You have a variety of options, from planets to missile ships.You can have an alien too if you want.There’s no denying that incorporating space into your art style is beautiful and excellent.

36.Ancient Symbols Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6ef9a4e7Ancient symbols as tattoos come with great respect and greatness.You can choose your own design from different types of symbolic triangles or an all-seeing eye.You can enjoy what pagan and religious symbolism has to offer.They can showcase your personal style and unique beliefs and still make it a great fashion statement.

37.Wolf Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f0a3b6f

One of the most popular tattoos is the wolf.After all, who can ignore this beautiful animal tattoo design?Wolves are majestic animals.They symbolize the loyalty and ferocity of an individual.You can never be overtaken with a wolf tattoo.

38.Airplane Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f1418d8

Are you looking for the most incredible way to express your craftsmanship?The airplane tattoo could be right for you.It’s one of the most delicate finger tattoos you can have, especially if you love to travel wherever a plane can take you.It gives you freedom and opportunities to explore and is an expression of limitlessness!

39.Cat Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f1dbd5fLet yourself be enchanted by the cutest finger tattoo in the image of a cat.With these tattoos you can show everyone your love for cats.It keeps the connection you have with your loving cat.If you want to remind yourself of your cat’s coolness, a finger cat tattoo can fulfill that.

40.Cat Whiskers Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f294aaf

Expressing your love for cats is fulfilling and satisfying.It will help you re-establish your bond with your loving pets.The cat lover spirit can also be expressed with a cat whisker tattoo.You can have your own design starting with precise colors and amazing details.

41.Crosses and Jewels Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f302979

You love the elegance that crosses and jewels can give?You can enjoy them and never lose weight by having crosses and jewel tattoos.Who would have thought that mixing crosses and jewels can get extremely elegant?This tattoo gives you style and swagger!

42.Pencil tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f369880A pencil stands for freedom.It’s an exciting design that will bring out your poetic side.A pencil tattoo is a great design for a writer, teacher, accountant, or artist.It symbolizes creativity and continuous creation.A pencil tattoo is also a great conversation starter as people wonder what you are doing.

43.Abstract flower tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f45cdc9Abstract designs exude elegance, especially when they can be perceived as a beautiful flower.Abstract tattoos come with elegant shades that add to their overall beauty.If you’re looking for an intriguing design that matches your personality, the abstract flower tattoo can be part of your list.

44.Elegant Lines Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f4a7a70

Elegant Lines are minimalist designs that can be used as your new tattoo. It’s a captivating design that will leave an impression on the people who see it.

45.Music Note Tattoos

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f50531cAre you a music lover?Then a musical note tattoo might be the best for your personality.This finger tattoo expresses your love for music and is easy to see when you pick up an instrument and play it.

46.Native American Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f60bab7Native American art comes with interesting styles and symbols.Having one as a tattoo gives you an aesthetic and unique piece of art.It connects you with the spirits and guides and helps you give meaning.

47.Card Symbols Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f68352bDo you like playing cards?You can show your interest or skills in playing cards by coloring a card icon on your finger.They can be king or queen, or represent your favorite number.These tattoos are fascinating and can be easily combined with a partner or a group of friends.

48.Love Tattoos

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f77b8ff

Love tattoos have a charming style and show emotions.There are tons of words to choose from that match your interest, appreciation, and commitment to the person you love.It is important to record what you are feeling at the moment.

50.Simple Arrows Tattoo

50 beste finger tattoo ideen fur 2021 6162a6f7d17b7

Are you looking for a captivating yet uncomplicated tattoo?Arrow tattoos can be part of your list.If you haven’t decided on your first tattoo yet, this is an option to add to your selection.Arrows symbolize the sense of direction and forward movement.The secret messages that can be drawn with this little tattoo shouldn’t go unnoticed.These tattoos are great choices for those interested in the art form but don’t want to fully commit themselves, and they also serve as hidden secrets between couples or friends!.

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