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5 Ashley Tisdale Tattoos & Meanings

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5 Ashley Tisdale Tattoos & Meanings – Celebrity Latest Tattoos

Find Ashley Tisdale’s tattoos here.

Do you know how many tattoos Ashley Tisdale has? Ashley Tisdale tattoos are currently up to 5 and feature a fabulous array of self-motivating words and symbols.

Believe in yourself and “do it”!

Ashley Tisdale tattoos - back
Ashley Tisdale tattoos on her back

These attractive inspirational message tattoos started in July 2009 when Ashley had “believe” tattooed vertically on her upper left back, along with two small stars. In an interview with Allure magazine, Ashley said:

“The ‘Believe’ tattoo is because my mom always told me to believe.”

A bit vague, but I assume that her mom encouraged young Ashley to believe in it herself and that is an important message for Everyone Women!

Ashley Tisdale Tattoos – Angel Wings Tattoo for Women

Ashley Tisdales Tattoos - Wings on Wrist
Ashley Tisdales Tattoos – Wings on Wrist

Another attractive quintet of Ashley Tisdale tattoos is the outline of an angel wing that contains the encouraging word:fearless‘, Within. This is another inspiring message for women who need to be more confident in their workplace!

The second of five Ashley Tisdale tattoos, ‘Fearless’ debuted in glamorous January 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

Ashley Tisdale Tattoos – “Never Alone”

Ashley Tisdales Tattoos -
Ashley Tisdales Tattoos – “Never Walk Alone”

And later in 2011, Ashley and BFF Vanessa Hudgens went to a famous tattoo art studio together Bang bang – this is one of the studios used by Beauties Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Ashley Tisdales tattoos
Ashley Tisdales tattoos

Ashley chose the French words: ‘Never alone’ – Meaning ‘Never alone’ – along the top / side of your right foot in a beautiful shade of purple. It’s the perfect place to be clearly visible no matter what kind of high heels or flat sandals Ashley is wearing! (Vanessa has the yoga meditation symbol “OM” tattooed on her hands.)

These three Ashley Tisdale tattoos look fabulous, written in classic italic handwriting, and contain messages that can boost anyone’s confidence and determination to succeed!

Current Ashley Tisdale Tattoos – Sanskrit and Star

In the spring of 2012, Ashley added a well-deserved ☆ star over the “fearless” tattoo on her arm to celebrate how hard she had worked to achieve even more in her career!

Ashley Tisdales tattoos on arms
Ashley Tisdales tattoos on arms – arm tattoos for women

And the latest from Ashley Tisdale Tattoos (February 2013) is a wise and soothing phrase in the ancient Sanskrit language on her left forearm. This little tattoo was done on the occasion of the premiere of her film. Safe haven. The best translation of this attractive Sanskrit text is ‘Everything happens for a reason.’

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