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45 Watercolor Style Tattoos

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45 Watercolor Style Tattoos

Watercolor-style tattooing is a trend that has taken over social networks. This style is marked by little or no use of outline, in addition to refraining from black ink. The idea is to create a real work of art, simulating paint strokes.

agua viva
Watercolor jellyfish.

In today’s Tattoolandia guide, you will see a gallery of over one hundred and fifty selected images of the most beautiful watercolor style tattoos for you to enjoy. inspire when doing yours.

agua viva 1
Watercolor jellyfish.

Although they’re very pretty, as it’s not all flowers in life, watercolor tattoos have a downside: they fade a little faster than normal. And this is further aggravated by tattoos without outline.

Watercolor Tree of Life.

The big secret of these tattoos is to create depth with the play of colors.

Watercolor Tattoo Design Ideas

arvores em aquarela
be brave
be brave

beija flor

Hummingbird that brought my love.

Giant whales.
com relogio
Manipulating time.
Elephant in a burst of color.
flor em aquarela
Flowers without outline.
frases aquarela
With phrase.
Cat and butterfly in style watercolor.
Color dragonfly. See more Dragonfly Tattoos.
For those who love books.
masculina 1
A mind-blowing sky.
na perna 2
For people who like to travel.
nas costas
Flowers on the back.
nas costas 1
For those who like to travel…

no braco 1


no braco 1

no braco 1 1
Covering the arm.
nos bracos
With minimalist contours.
obra de arte
An abstract footprint.
The eye that (almost) everything sees!
This style is cool!
Landscapes with gradients.
Tattoos without outline result in a painted frame on the body.
pincelada de tinta
In the wave of abstract tattoos.
planetas 595x1024
For those who enjoy astronomy.
planetas 1
Planets and more planets…


If you like bigger projects, you’ll be surprised by this gigantic fox.If you’re creative, you must have had good ideas looking at this tattoo.

tatuagem feminina
Hummingbirds are symbols of freedom and animals that look beautiful when their feathers are dyed in this style.
See more Wolf Tattoos

See some design suggestions for you to include in your watercolor tattoo project:

  • Flowers: if you have a design that benefits from adding more colors in the palette are flowers. Flowers combined with the watercolor style are a real highlight for the eyes. A unique combination.
  • Rainbow: one of the symbols of the LGBT movement, and also of the alliance of God with man for the Abanian religions. The rainbow looks really cool in this style because of course it’s already a watercolor of God without the outline.
  • Ink splatters: One of the hot trends we’re seeing this year are the tattoos of the abstract style, which contain no explicit meaning. Watercolor-style ink splash tattoos enter this abstract art mat on the skin.
  • Butterflies: symbolize life, hope, rebirth, a new phase. With this wealth of meanings, they are beautiful options to include in your project.
  • Landscapes: a blue sky with white clouds, a wave made with paint splashes, a forest of explosive colors, finally, the possibilities of landscapes are the most diverse. If you want bigger tattoos, this might be a good idea.
  • Animals: each animal has a specific meaning that can be related to its personality or philosophy of life. As nature is vast in animals, there are plenty of options.

Another idea is to buy paint yourself, make your own painting, and tattoo it on your body.

Common Doubts About Style

arvore 1
Watercolor Roots.

Do you have any doubts about this tattoo style? Check out our Q&A session with frequently asked questions:

Watercolor tattoos fade easier? Fading watercolor tattoos is certainly faster than fading a tattoo done with black ink . However, it is possible to carry out occasional touch-ups to correct fading.
Can I add watercolors to an existing tattoo? Yes. Depending on the previous design and colors, you can retouch and even cover up with a watercolor style tattoo.
Do tattoos without outline last long? Yes. Although they fade faster than tattoos that use black ink, they can last a long time. What happens is that without the outline, the fading ends up becoming more apparent.
What is the best place on your body to tattoo watercolor? Choose a place on your body that has little friction with clothes and other objects, as colored ink tends to fade more easily when used friction.

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