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45 Fine Line Tattoo Suggestions

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45 Fine Line Style Tattoo Suggestions

Fine line tattoos are booming. There are photos on Instagram, references on Pinterest, galleries on Tumblr, showing that minimalism, which is strong in fashion and decoration, also has its place in the world of tattoos. Famous personalities like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus are just a few examples of people who embraced the style. Want to learn more about fine line and get inspired for your next tattoo?

Tattoo fine line style.
amor pela vo
Homage to Grandma.
Tattoo of planets with fine lines.

When searching the hashtag #finelinetattoo no Instagram or any other social network, you can see thousands of references to beautiful tattoos that are made with fine lines, in a delicate and dry way, usually in black or gray. Color may even appear, but it is quite rare within this style.

beija flor
Hummingbird with colors.
Face with butterflies in fine line aesthetics.
Rabbit tattoo on arm minimalist style.

Although the Fine line tattoos can be of any size, currently we have the trend of tattoos in smaller sizes, usually positioned in a more discreet part of the body. They’re cheap tattoos, they don’t hurt to do, and they’re usually easy to hide. Fine line tattoos bring together all the best for those who are going to get a tattoo for the first time.

Definition of the Fine Line Tattoo Style

com frase 1
Fine line with phrases.

Check out some elements that characterize the fine line aesthetics/school of tattoos:

  • Fine lines.
  • Use of few colors, usually monochromatic.
  • Minimalist aesthetics.
  • Simple designs.
  • Small and delicate tattoos.
  • Representations semiotics of reality.
  • Produced with thinner needles.
  • Use of a single needle – instead of several.

Some types of fine line tattoos are known as single needle , due to the fact that they are single and continuous line drawings.

How to get a fine line tattoo?

coracao com flores
Heart tattoo sprouting flowers.
Great fine line style tattoo for inspiration.
Flower lamp tattoo fine line style.

You will need to find an artist who works with the style. As it is a very simple style, easy to perform, you will hardly have any problems finding someone who fulfills your demand.

diamante na perna
Inspiration in the leg.

After choosing the artist, you must choose the design you will make. This is one of the most important steps, since a tattoo is a mark that you will carry with you for a lifetime.

elefante na perna
Elephant with flowers.

You can either choose ready-made, pre-defined designs, found on the internet or in the professional’s tattoo catalog, or you can make your own designs and suggest customizations if the professional performs this kind of service.This is due to the fact that tattoos are most often in smaller sizes, taking few sessions to be completed. In addition, they are drawings without many details and shading, which are also made using few ink colors – usually black or gray.

Fine line tattoos fade easier?

estrela 1

Yes, like any tattoo, they are subject to fading. One advantage is that you can retouch at a more affordable price and in fewer sessions. When we talk about the disadvantage, we can say that this style can fade faster than other styles that use more ink, fill and thick strokes. Some professionals can reduce the amount of ink used to make the fine line effect.

fine line
Flower fine line style.

One risk is that the ink will spread and the lines will no longer be fine. In this case, you should consult your tattoo artist to assess a possible correction.

flores com fine line
flores no braco
Flowers on the arm.
flores pontilhadas
Flowers on the arm.


Rocket tattoo.

fotos de tatuagens de linha fina
On neck.
Sunflower tattoo on arm.
linhas finas
Flowers with butterflies.
masculina no braco
With letters.
Inspiration shaded with pointillism .
na costela
Inspiration on the rib.
no braco 1
Flowers on the arm.
no pescoco
Flowers on the back of the neck.
para quem curte musica
Para who loves music.
rosa minimalista
Great flower fine line style.
simbolo da justica
Symbol of justice in fine lines.
tattoo de coruja
Owl in fine line.
tattoo feminina de fine line
On the rib.
tattoo masculina
Tattoo on the male arm.
tattoo no braco 576x1024
Fine line on the female arm.
tatuagem de linha fina no braco
On the arm.
tatuagem de linhas finas
The most beautiful on the internet.
tatuagens de linhas finas
Small flowers.
tatuagens de rosas com linhas finas
Big roses.
Cup of tea.

Do fine line tattoos hurt more?

The pain depends a lot on the region where you want to get a tattoo – the amount of skin, nerves and fat influences a lot.Another fact that helps to reduce pain is the fact that they are generally smaller than tattoos of other styles, can be completed faster and save you pain. Finally, the fact of using a lot of black and gray ink also helps to reduce pain, since these inks require a lesser depth of perforation to penetrate the skin. See also: Meanings of Rihanna’s Tattoos

What are the riches of getting a hairline tattoo?

feminina no braco
Triangle with flowers.

Every tattoo is a wound on the skin, which can bring several risks, such as an infection. Because of this, you should always get a tattoo in a certified environment, choosing a qualified professional. There is also a risk of scarring and keloids, which occur when the method is inadequate, the instruments are inadequate, or even a genetic tendency to develop keloids. It is also worth mentioning that some people may have allergies to tattoo inks. When you notice any unexpected reaction, seek medical help…

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