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41 Amazing Chest Tattoos for Women

The chest is a great place if you want to show off your tattoo, large or small. Yes, we usually imagine the entire chest covered in ink when we hear the words “chest tattoo”, but your design may do so be how YOU want to accentuate your cleavage or just want a small but fine design, discover the best breast tattoo ideas for women with us.

1.Flower Chest Tattoo

Flower tattoos are an elegant tattoo design, if you go for a cute and simple design, your tattoo WILL only look stunning and floral designs are usually a great way to achieve this.

Flower Chest Tattoo

2.Small chest tattoo

Who Said Chest Tattoos Are Big When? Small and simple is the way to go, especially IF YOU are a woman who doesn’t have a lot of ink. Therefore, YOU have some leeway to decide exactly how you want it.

Small Chest Tattoo

3.Underbust tattoo

The popular underbust tattoo is a great alternative to the chest especially if you don’t want your design to be seen all the time, it’s a great place to work no matter the size of your tattoo, but it looks especially amazing if your design is follows the curve of your chest and the focal point is right in the middle.

Under Chest Tattoo

4.Rose chest tattoo

A rose tattoo is the first choice for any girl, especially on the sternum area, you can get the outline rose in black ink or detailed to make it resemble a real rose. so that it is only an outline, like a shadow.

Rose Chest Tattoo

5.Sweet chest tattoo

When deciding on your tattoo, sink into a girly mindset, after all, this is usually the best way to come up with cute designs; anything from a tiny heart to a delicate flower will work fantastic in this place.

Cute Chest Tattoo

6.Full Chest Tattoo

Whether it’s a script or a flower collage, it is sure to look amazing. Fullbreaks aren’t just for men and it’s wonderful to see women push these boundaries.

Full Chest Tattoo

7.Tribal tattoo on chest

If you’re planning on getting a tribal tattoo, they will generally look better, they will cover the entire chest. Tribal prints are usually larger in size and should be kept as close to their original heritage as possible. So before finishing, think about how they best fit in this area.

Tribal Chest Tattoo

8.Star Chest Tattoo

Stars are so various in plan, you can get tossing stars, sparkle stars, and surprisingly a whole night sky inked on your chest, whichever you pick, you can’t turn out badly.

Star Chest Tattoo

9.Butterfly chest tattoo

When getting a butterfly tattoo the best thing you can do is add as much detail as possible to your design; if it is smaller then you should focus on the wings, while in the case of large details you should focus on the wings as well as the body details can add.

Butterfly Chest Tattoo

10.Henna Chest Tattoo

Henna has been used by the Indians over the centuries to create intricate designs and patterns. We all know how cool henna looks, so why not in the form of a tattoo so it will last forever. While we usually have henna tattoos on hands and Finding fingers, the chest is a great alternative.

Henna Chest Tattoo

11.Bird chest tattoo

Bird tattoos are a popular chest design. Many people get two swallows, one sits under each collarbone. There are also many other bird tattoos that look great on the chest.

Bird Chest Tattoo

12.Dragon Chest Tattoo

There are various winged serpent tattoo plans that you can decide on, like a legendary, Chinese or ancestral mythical beast. Regardless of whether winged serpent tattoos aren’t actually the cut for “female plans”, they can generally be with the right sort of stylish still look very cool, yet everything revolves around what suits your character.

Dragon Chest Tattoo

13.Colorful chest tattoo

Chest tattoos don’t have to be black so why not add some color it will make your tattoo stand out even more. Whatever the design, whether it’s a flower or a dragon, some color pops it up, it may even be yours Make tattoo 3r and look more vibrant.

Colourful Chest Tattoo

14.Unique chest tattoo

If you can draw or have a good imagination why not try creating your own design that is unique to you; you can also try to personalize it in any way you want it to have scrupulous sentimental value. Try to come up with a design that is related to your ancestry or background while remaining unique.

Unique Chest Tattoo

15.Moon Chest Tattoo

Moon tattoos can be as simple or intricate as you like, whether you want a standalone, outlined, or buried motif in the middle of a pattern or design below. Be as creative as possible; you can even try to add sentimental meaning to your tattoo IF YOU want. Usually you’re either a sun or a moon girl, never both.

Moon Chest Tattoo

16.Delicate chest tattoo

Think small and dainty when creating your design if you want a delicate and something “classic” tattoo. A delicate tattoo can take many forms; you can opt for a flower or your own unique “gypsy style” design such as the following IF YOU want some ideas to play with to get you started.

Delicate Chest Tattoo

17.Geometric chest tattoo

Geometric tattoos have become a later design choice over the years. There are so many different styles that YOU can create using shapes, lines, and dots.

Flower In A Rhombus Tattoo On The Sternum.jpg

18.Gypsy Style Chest Tattoo

Gipsy tattoo designs are popular with women, they are girlish, have flowers and hanging gems, and look great, the chest / sternum is the most sought after location for this type of tattoo.

Gypsy Style Chest Tattoo

19.Vine Chest Tattoo

The way a design turns out depends so much on the type of artist you choose, it can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to match your tattoo to the artist’s tools.

Vine Chest Tattoo

Theatre Chest Tattoo

20.Shoulder to chest tattoo

It can look artistic when you have two symmetrical tattoos on either side of your body that start on your shoulders and creep onto your chest, wrap around your shoulders and their tongues meet in the center of your chest.

Shoulder To Chest Tattoo

21.Chest-to-stomach tattoo

If you want a less visible design, why not get a tattoo that starts on the chest and creeps down the stomach. Most of the tattoo can be on the stomach while the chest is just a taste. Think patterns or upturned roses, these will do best for this type of design.

Chest To Stomach Tattoo

22.Under the chest tattoo

Tattoos look great in this area, but you have to have a strong will to deal with it; you have to find the right artist for a design that is full of detail so do your research before booking your appointment.

Detailed Chest Tattoo

23.Tattoo from the chest to the sternum

Tattoos that start on the chest and work down to the sternum are generally quite long, so it’s a great place IF YOU are looking for a design like an arrow, Indian spear, or gypsy design.

Sternum Piece.jpg

24.Simple chest tattoo

Simple chest tattoos can come in many forms, such as whichever design you choose, you don’t have to go too laboriously if you want your tattoo not to be too “flashy”.

Simple Chest Tattoo

25.Memorial Chest Tattoo

Whether YOU are given a name or a date, think about the font and size of a memorial tattoo, this design is usually sentimental so choose one that reflects your relationship.

Memorial Chest Tattoo

26.Snake Chest Tattoo

Snake tattoos can be as simple as a black, filled outline, though often they are detailed; however YOU choose, show off your artistic style.

Snake Chest Tattoo

27.Dandelion Chest Tattoo

Dandelion tattoos are a very cute design that can be done as dainty or boldly as YOU want.

Dandelion Chest Tattoo

28.Feather Chest Tattoo

The most popular feather design is a simple black feather that transforms into tiny birds, or you could opt for a peacock feather or a quill pen tattoo for something else.

Feather Chest Tattoo

29.Rose outline chest tattoo

Rose diagram tattoos generally work on various spaces of the chest and distinctive character types, and on the off chance that you go for the little rose and stem, the best situation is the sternum or along the collarbone, while a lot of rose heads on the upper chest looks best.

Rose Outline Chest Tattoo

Wing Chest Tattoo

30.Cross under the chest tattoo

It is an excellent placement choice as it is close to your heart and especially symbolizes the meaning of the tattoo.

Cross Chest Tattoo

31.Arrow chest tattoo

Arrow chest tattoos can be small and simple, or long and detailed, if THEY go for long and detailed, the sternum is the best placement, while something small should sit under your collarbone.

Arrow Chest Tattoo

32.Skull chest tattoo

With a skull, you have the option of covering your chest with a large, creepy-looking design to place your chest.

Skull Chest Tattoo

33.Hands Chest Tattoo

Hands are one of the unique designs that you can choose on your chest, there are tattoo variations like praying hands, devil hand or the karma hand symbol.

Hands Chest Tattoo

34.Collar bone tattoo on chest

Two mirrored tattoos along each collarbone can look cute. You can choose literally each design. This can be flowers, tendrils, arrows, feathers, or even a quote. so that it fits nicely into this placement.

Collar Bone Tattoo On Chest

35.Lightning Chest Tattoo

If you are looking for a small tattoo something like a lightning bolt is a great option. Other tattoo ideas that go with this style include safety pins, sun and moon.

Lightning Bolt Chest Tattoo

36.Lunar cycle chest tattoo

In the event that you are a profound fellow or actually like the plan, attempt a lunar cycle tattoo, you can make this tattoo as itemized or as basic as you prefer, showing the various varieties of a bow moon.

Moon Cycle Chest Tattoo

37.Animal Chest Tattoo

If you feel like you have a strong connection with a spirit animal why not have them inked for you. These tattoos can look anything between cute and cool depending on what you get. Their design can be as simple as an outline of the animal or entire be detailed.

Animal Chest Tattoo

38.Scorpio chest tattoo

A scorpion is a wild design to get tattooed on your chest. When it comes to placement, you can put it in the center of your chest or under your collarbone. There are so many different scorpion designs out there so check out yours Opportunities before you ink yourself.

Scorpion Chest Tattoo

39.Semicolon chest tattoo

A semicolon tattoo is very sentimental and used in the suicide prevention community, wearing this tattoo on your chest means wearing it proudly and showing the world that you or someone you love is a fighter.

Comma Chest Tattoo

Compass Chest Tattoo

40.Insects under the chest

Insect tattoos can look amazing when detailed, they are usually only made with black ink unless you receive something like a butterfly or a ladybug, so before you book an appointment, find an artist who will be with you Details is familiar.

Insect Chest Tattoo

41.Chakra Chest Tattoo

Your chakra is made up of 7 circular vortices, each with a different meaning. It is a term that is commonly used in the spiritual community and goes deeply to those who believe in it. If that is you, why not wear your spirituality in the form of a tattoo.Due to the number of symbols, the best placement is from the chest to below the stomach.

Chakra Chest Tattoo

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