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40 best tattoo ideas for women 2021

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The Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoos are all the rage, but you want them to either have special meaning or be creative. Itcan be difficult deciding what to get. After all, it will be there for the rest of your life (unless you get it lasered) so placement is a big consideration too. To help you we havecompiled the best tattoo ideas for women and some advice to walk you through the process.

1.Butterfly Tattoo

If you’re looking for fresh new ink inspiration, consider a butterfly. Although butterfly tattoos have been popular for decades, they have a timelessness and wide varietyAn Designs has made sure that each piece remains unique for the wearer. Butterflies can be delicate and beautiful, but they can also transformion, resilience, hope and even love. The design also has a feminine element, which is why it is so popular with women.

Butterfly Tattoo

2.Dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoos can make a powerful statement and symbolize wisdom, fearlessness and protection. The stories of these mythical beasts can be found in many cultures around the world.They are heavily represented in both European mythologies and East Asian cultures. A dragon is often viewed as a fierce and powerful creature that must be respected but also feared. When choosing a tattoo, you can choose from the many inspirations andDraw interpretations, but ultimately choose what the ink should represent for you; be it passion or mystery or something deeper.

Dragon Tattoo

3. Lion Tattoo

Considered the ruler of the animal kingdom or king of the jungle, the lion is a creature both respected and feared. When deciding to ink this powerful predator, many people choose to do sodue to the traits involved; courage, bravery, royalty and wisdom.There are many variations on tattoo design, with some going for a super realistic approach and others combining different elements like flowers and shapes to create a unique and more feminine finish

Lion Tattoo

4. semicolon tattoo

tattoos can have deeply personal meanings and the semicolon tattoo design is one of them. Your journey is not over yet and your life will go on despite your struggles, which is why these tattoos work best in places where they are clearly visible, such as onWrist, so that they remind you every day which obstacles the individual has overcome and how he can deal with them in the future.

Semicolon Tattoo

5.Wolf Tattoo

If you want to ink something that represents love and loyalty then get a wolf tattoo These beautiful animals live in packs and their strength and survival depend on their number. For this reason, this design often symbolizes the family, suggesting the strength in unity and encouraging the wearer to understand the importance of these close family tiesThe wolf also has a special meaning for certain cultures, namely the Indians, who have a great respect for animals.

Wolf Tattoo

6.Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are majestic animals and they also represent power and wealth. These huge mammals animals are often associated with fantastic memories; you may have heard the saying “an elephant never forgets”, which is why they symbolize wisdom. What you may not know is that the head of an elephant herd is always a female, and thereforethis can be a fantastic piece for a woman who wants to celebrate her femininity, they can choose between a large, intricate design or a small and simple design.They are a good choice if you have a religious background and have the opportunity to intertwine two ideas into one design.

Cross Tattoos

7. Simple tattoos

Simple tattoos are usually something like a heart, moon, sun, or the outline of a flower or animal.They’re a great choice if you’re having trouble finding a design. Usually, you can explain what you’re looking for to your artist and they’ll show you an option for something they may already have stenciled very quickly.

Small Tattoos

8. flower tattoos

Flower tattoos are very popular with women, especially wildflowers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box and come up with your own ideas. There are so many different types of Flowers to choose from. You can get anything from an outline of a lavender to a water lily perched on a pillow.

Flower Tattoo

9.Hand Tattoos

There’s so much you can suggest in hand tattoos like love, peace, and promises. They’re usually just an outline, but you canas bold and detailed as you like.

Hand Tattoos

10. These tattoos usually look quite delicate depending on the font you use.

Lettering Tattoo

11.Stick and Poke Tattoo

Stick and Poke tattoos have been growing in popularity in recent years. This is because people are looking for alternative styles and ways to color themselvesIt’s worth noting that the DIY approach is definitely not recommended, that is, it is actually one of the oldest methods of body art. The technique uses a needle and rod shaped device and is inked by hand instead of an electric tattoo machine. The result is unique, each piece has slight imperfections and a very special look, but that isthe beauty of this style. It can also be attractive to a woman who wants something with a rebellious association or wants to go back to the basics of tattooing in its original form. When it comes to what you can ink there are no limits fromsmall to large pieces.

Stick and poke Tattoo

12.Minimalist Tattoo

Body art doesn’t have to be extremely detailed to make a statement, as the minimalist tattoo trend shows. They are often created with black lines and minimal color, and they simplify the design.The great thing about this oneThe technique is that it focuses more on the subject than the style it was created with. It will often be without shading and created with clean, clean lines. There are no limits to what you can or cannot dobut most people go for something small or simple, which is great if you’re looking for a delicate piece or something subtle that is easy to cover up, choose something with meaning that inspires your daily life, or an icon that youDearest.

Minimalist Tattoo

13.3D tattoos

The artof tattooing is so fantastic because there are so many different styles to choose from, undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching and detailed is the 3D tattoo which, as the name suggests, adds an extra dimension to your artwork so that it looks like yoursDesign comes to life on your skin using shadows, shading and blurringe creates the illusion of depth, the skills of your chosen tattoo artist allow you to choose from a wide variety of images, but some of the most popular options are things like butterflies or dragonflies that can be made to look like they’re overYou float. Another popular approach is to make it look like your design is in your skin; for example, a flag of your country to show your patriotism or a robot design for a futuristic feel.

3d Tattoo

14. Sibling Tattoo

What better way to celebrate the bond with your family than with a sibling tattoo? The relationship between siblings is like no other. Whether you choose to celebrate the sisterhood or your close relationship with your brother, manygreat designs to choose from reflect thisDon’t you want a gender neutral image or matching pieces? Or celebrate a childhood memory with one of your favorite cartoon characters or symbols. There are so many choices from simple to detailed so find something you and your siblings love for the restOf your life.

Sibling Tattoo

15.Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Some tattoo designs are pretty and delicate, others are cool and terrifying, and the skeleton hand tattoo definitely falls into the latter category, this option is for someone who has a rebellious streak and doesn’t want to fit in with the crowd becausehe is visible and makes a statement. The human skeleton is often associated with death and while this may seem a very morbid image it can represent fearlessness and show that you are not afraid of what is to come.It is also with renewal and evanescenceThe decision to get tattooed on your hand is not only very symbolic but also a bold decision. It is not just an area due to the nerve endings andthin skin is considered high on the pain scale, but is also incredibly visible.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo

16. Japanese Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are a popular style because they are bold, bright and extremely expressive. The subject is very important and basedoften based on tradition or folklore. Common images are animals, flowers or mythical beings – for example tigers and koi fish, the lotus or cherry blossom, and dragons and phoenixes. The colors and shades highlight these pieces, making it an excellent option foris someone who wants an exciting and eye-catching design. FarPracticing can also change the meaning of your act; for example, a black koi fish represents masculinity and adversity, while a green dragon has connections with nature. Body art in Japan is controversial and carries a stigma due to its association with the infamous yakuza-Gear that covers her entire body in ink to show her commitment to the organization.

Japanese Tattoo

17.Family Tattoo

For many people, their family comes first. These people will stand by their side in good times and bad, show their support and give their love freely. Howwhat better way to honor that association than with a family tattoo? The amazing thing about getting ink celebrating your loved ones is that there are many designs to choose from, some are simple, like a heart, a quote that is special to youHas meaning, or a little coincidentSymbol. Other people want something more detailed, like a family tree with all the names or a coat of arms. There are also certain animals, flowers and objects that are related to the family. For example, an anchor stands for stability, a wolf symbolizes loyalty, teamwork and protectionand flowers like hydrangeas are often colored in honor of the family.

Family Tree Tattoo

18. It uses thick black lines, a light but limited color palette of yellow, green, red, and blue, and the pieces often have a specific theme. Popular choices include animals, nature, people, and nautical artwork. Their inkcan also tell a story by combining several images. These pieces are symbolic and will stand out and make a statement thanks to the interesting theme and approach. If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd then this is the right choice forYou.

Traditional American Tattoo

19. Arrow Tattoo

If you are not sure what to choose Your next ink to take, consider an arrow tattoo. Meaning to the Native Americans who used it for hunting, fighting, and self-protection, and is considered a symbol of strength, resilience, and power. There are many waysgetting this piece tattooed, and it goes with various techniques from minimalist to watercolor; some people choose to include a picture of a bow and arrow; others can focus on an arrow compass design; a reminder to be on the right track toostay and help you find your way. After deciding on a style, consider where to place your ink. Is it large and detailed? Then the thigh or shoulder are fantastic options. If you want something simple or smallprefer, then dhe wrist, forearm or behind the ear are all places where women like to have a tattoo.

Arrow Tattoo Update

20. Half Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a woman who wants to express yourself through body art, you get the idea of ​​a Half Sleeve Tattoo love. it starts at the top of the arm or wrist and ends halfway around the elbow. It is large and detailed enough to grab attention but is more discreet and less authoritative than a full sleeve piece. There is no limit to thatwhat you can or can’t do with ink. Maybe you prefer a theme such as a floral design or nautical imagery. Or combine your own images that tell a story that is unique to you. This tattoo is meaningful to the wearer, it isa way to get artistic and it will be something you want to show off, but be on your ownPrepare a long and expensive tattoo session, because half sleeves are not cheap.

Half Sleeve Tattoo

21.Feather tattoo

Feather tattoos are a popular choice because they are symbolic. In general, a feather is associated with the ideas of freedom, courage, and wisdom. It is the perfect design for a woman looking for a free oneHas ghost and wants to signal that she is not abiding by the rules of society. Or it could have a spiritual association as plumage played an important role in Native American culture and is not just used for decorative purposes. The piecelooks great in color or black ink and goes well with a variety of styles, from simple and minimal to bright options like the watercolor effect, the type of feather you want to ink can also say a lot about you, the feathers of a peacockfor example are colorful and bold and standen for beauty, pride, royalty and luxury, while the feather of an eagle is associated with bravery and strength.

Feather Tattoo

22.No matter how you interpret the snake-haired virgin, you are likely familiar with her image and perhaps even her story; according to ancient Greek mythology, she was derived from theGoddess Athena cursed which caused anyone who caught her gaze to turn to stone. She became a victim of Athena’s anger for her association with the god Poseidon. Her Medusa tattoo design can be large or small, simple or hyper-realisticIt’s your decision. Equally important is the placement of the ink you choose. Medusa is often viewed as a feminist symbol and can be invigorating, and you may want to express this by choosing a particularly feminine or sexy part of the body; for example, the thighs.

Medusa Tattoo

23. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are a great oneOption to focus on the lines and shapes for a unique finish. They represent balance, symmetry, harmony and even mystery. Almost every image can have a geometric element, whether you are going for an animal or a floral designThanks to the versatility of this approach, you can get something meaningful, but it will also be visually interesting. When choosing the perfect spot to inking, consider the size of your chosen tattoo and whether or not you want it to be discreet. The wrist is a popular onePlace for women who want to look at their design every day while the forearm or thigh allows for larger, more detailed designs and is easy to cover up.

Geometric Tattoo

24.Moon Tattoo

If you want a symbol of transition, creativity and growth, then a moon tattoo is perfect for you. Earth’s natural satellite can be tattooed in one of its phases, including a full, half or crescent shape, each with different meanings; you may be drawn to the ideas of magic and mystery; then a full moon is a fantastic choice as it is associated with the supernatural. The crescent moon canRepresenting hope and change, and a crescent moon is for a woman who is inspired by creativity or wants a piece that shows the transitions she is going through in life. It can also be a symbol of growth and achievement. The moon can be various othersContain images that can change the meaning of your tattoo, for example a piece of the sun and moon, which you see as a meeting of opposites and as a representation of two opposing K

Moon Tattoo

25. Forearm tattoo

Tattooshurts but some places cause far more discomfort than others. A forearm tattoo is a fantastic place to get your ink as it has muscle, thick skin and is considered low on the pain scale. It is also an area that is easy to care for and withoutShould heal problems. The place is big enough to accommodate details, whether you choose a single picture or a series of different pictures to create a story, but they work just as well with a small and delicate piece if you choose it more subtleand easier to cover up. Given the visibility of the area, it’s best to reserve it for designs that really mean a lot to you because this is a place you will see every day.

Forearm Tattoo

26. It has been mentioned in myths and culture, including Greek mythology and Chinese folklore. The firebird represents hope and perseverance and serves as a reminder that you can rise above anything in front of you. It is also withRenewal linked because the creature cycles, regenerates itself by going up in flames and rising from the ashes of its predecessor.This is an excellent choice for a woman going through a difficult period in her life.There are many styles to choose from,Whether you want a small, simple outline or something large and extremely detailed. It can be inked in black but looks extra noticeable in color. A popular choice is to create your phoenix tattoo with shades of red and orange toto imitate the appearance of fire.

Phoenix Tattoo

27. Behind the ear tattoo

When it comes to bodies When it comes to art, the placement of your piece is often as important as the subject. You want to consider visibility and pain, and whether the area fits your chosen design. One of the coolest, most discreet spots is a behind-the-ear tattoo. In recentFor years they have become hugely popular because they make delicate and feminine works of art possible. It would be best if you go for small designs, and often it is best to keep them simple. Although you don’t see it every day, it is enoughfrom knowing that your ink is etched on your skin. Be warned that tattooing this area will hurt and the ink will not last as long as other areas. Still, you may feel like it is all worth it, becausethe result is impressive.

Behind The Ear Tattoo

28.Lotus Tattoo

The lotus is not only a visually interesting and beautiful flower, butalso a symbolic one. A lotus tattoo represents many things including a balance between body, mind and spirit. It is often associated with beauty, strength and spiritual awakening and is a fantastic choice for a woman seeking out her or her personal growthAnother common theme is resilience. The conditions in which the lotus grows, muddy and murky waters, may not seem ideal. This is often seen as a reminder that hope and goodness await in troubled timesmany colors to choose from, each with a slightly different meaning. For example, red for matters of the heart and blue for spirituality.

Lotus Tattoo

29.Mother Daughter Tattoo

The bond between a mother and her daughter is difficult to describe, but it is one of the purest forms of love. This is the woman whoeverything forr does, loves you without question, and always supports you. What better way to honor that special bond than with a mother-daughter tattoo? Choosing the perfect design to celebrate each other is probably yoursIt could be anything, whether you want a matching ink, a piece to complement another, or something entirely different but with unique symbolism. Some choices include expressions such as “Mama ” and “Mama ‘s Girl “. Or it could be mother-and-child characters, or matching symbols like hearts or flowers. Your body art doesn’t have to be large or detailed to be meaningful, but you can opt for a placement that does your deedevery day.

Mother And Daughter Tattoo

30.Rose tattoo is not only beautiful but also symbolic. The flower stands for life, beauty and pain and that some things are not okThey are always what they seem; the flower is stunning but the thorns cause pain. This can be a reminder to protect your heart or be careful who you trust. The color you choose will also change the meaning of your design.Red is associated with passion, love and even anger, while yellow is the hue that represents friendship and joy. It is also common to combine the rose with different images such as a snake, a skull or a heart. Think about itthe meaning and image you want to convey in order to find the perfect look for you.

Rose Tattoo

31.Matching Couple Tattoo

If you think you’ve found the right couple, you may want to celebrate your bond with a matching couple tattoo. Choosing someone with your body artHonoring is a big decision, and it will be oneMake a statement about your relationship and your commitment to it. It’s a way of bringing you together for life. When it comes to finding the perfect piece of art, that can be anything. Maybe you love the same character from a book or game, or maybeIs there a quote that really moves you? It can also be two complementary images, for example a lock and a key, or words that show that you are taken, or an inside joke that just has to mean the twoYou understand. The decision to team up is also a bonding experience and a memory that you will cherish forever.

Matching Couple Tattoo (1)

32.Sunflower Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo symbolizes hope, optimism, eternal love and adoration. It is associated with the sun and stands for happiness; just looking at it can do youfill with joy and put a smile on your face. The meaning of thishe flowers make them a popular option for women who want to remind themselves to look at the bright side of life, it’s a piece that can be colored in different places, this includes visible options like the wrist to the more discreetAreas like the thigh. One of the nicest things about a sunflower is of course its color, and the decision to have it inked a bright yellow will make a statement, but even so, a piece of black ink or a simple outline still has the same meaning.

Sunflower Tattoo

33.Sister Tattoo

The relationship between the sisters isspecial. She may be your best friend and the person you share all your secrets with and you will always be there for each other. Sister tattoos are a wonderful way to celebrate your bond and show how much to each other and the rest of the worldthey They can be matching, complementary pieces, or they can tell a story. You might want artwork that reminds you of something from your childhood or a cute animal that you both love. Quotes, words, and dates are also good options. Youcan have them tattooed in the same spot or in different places; it’s the symbolism associated with your ink that counts. The design you are going to ink in is going to be half the fun so get it off your feet.

Sister Tattoo

34.Best friend tattoos are an excellent choice to honor the relationship with the person who is alwaysMaybe you met as a kid on the first day of school or you grew up together since childhood and then you want to color yourself with a childhood memory. Other options include matching pieces that may matter to you and your best friend. Quotes may beRepresent your relationship; friendship symbols, little birds, little hearts, and infinity symbols are cute options.

Best Friend Tattoo

35.Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos are definitely more noticeable and are smaller in design.Fingers are the perfect place for henna tattoos, small words or designs between your fingers.

Finger Tattoos

36.Rib Cage Tattoos

The ribs are a great place to get a tattoo as they stay hidden most of the time. It’s also a great area to work with so you can get a tattooany size and not have to worry about people seeing it too often, just keep in mind that this is a pretty painful place to get a tattoo.This could be another factor in whether you want to place them there depending on your personality.

Thigh Tattoo

37.Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeves are certainly one tattoo that you might want to think about. They cover a fair amount of skin and are on display roughly half the year. This is where you have a wide range of choicesDesigns so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something.

Wrist Tattoos

38.Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos can either be small and dainty or wrap around the leg. Whichever you choose, you have many options. This area, too, will practically always be visible.So take the time to decide on something you love.

Ankle Tattoos

39.Back Tattoos

The back is a great place to be hidden. Most people tend to get a back tattoo that sits either on the side, under the shoulder, or on the spine; it’s a painful onePlace to get a tattoo so make sure you’re brave enough to deal with it.

Back Tattoo

40.Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo lets you show a little skin without too much. The beauty of this area is its versatility; you can flaunt your ink and be a bold oneMake a statement or cover it up if necessary. It also works well for a variety of different designs, both large and small, if you want a detailed flower tattoo that is over your shoulder and armthat’s great, but a little angel on your shoulder blade is just as appealing. The shoulder is associated with strength, so celebrate your feminine strength with a piece colored here

Flower Shoulder Tattoo

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