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35 White Ink Tattoo Designs

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35 White Ink Tattoo Designs

White ink tattoos are in fashion. But what are they? How are they made? How much? How does it differ from color ink tattoos?we will answer all your questions.

What is a white ink tattoo?

Often, tattoos are made with colored pigments. Black ink tattoos have only recently gained popularity. A white ink tattoo is nothing more than a tattoo made with white pigment.


Although they have gained popularity recently, these tattoos are very difficult to make, requiring an experienced tattoo artist.

com preto
Black and white snake

Because of its light aesthetic, this tattoo was chosen a lot by women, but is also done by many men. In our image gallery, you can check references of male and female white ink tattoos.

cruz branca
de flor
Large flower
de linhas

em duas cores

With black ink

em pele morena
Lace style
Design ideas for tattoos
filtro dos sonhos
Dream filter to filter out bad energy…

How to do it a white ink tattoo

The first thing to keep in mind is that these tattoos don’t look good on all skin tones. The color of your skin creates the contrast with the white, and you can highlight or not this tattoo according to the degree of contrast.

floco de neve
Snowflake: one of the designs that best match the white color.

Here’s what you should consider when getting your white ink tattoo:

  • Qualified professional: As stated earlier, this type of tattoo is more difficult to make, requiring a trained eye professional to needle accurately. Ideally, you should look for a professional who specializes in projects that use white ink.
  • Choose simple: white ink doesn’t allow more complex designs to be formed. It requires minimalism to function. Therefore, choosing a design that matches this color well is essential for the ultimate success of your project.
  • Remember the future: tattoos in this color tend to fade more easily and resist less to time. Because of that, think of a light design that you can retouch frequently.
flor branca
flor com tinta branca
Pink with thorns For luck…
formas geometricas
Geometric data and shapes
hope no dedo
let it be
Let it be
na mao
Tattoo geometric type
no dedo
Peace charms
no pulso
For luck
para mulheres
Two suggestions
pequena na mao
Minimalistic wings in hand.
rosa com espinhos
Pink tattoo with white ink on wrist
rosa na mao
Ink white allows only simple strokes and no shading.
rosa tatuada
Pink tattoo with thorns
Snake tattoo
tattoo com tinta branca
Lotus flower
tatuagem branca
Tattoo ideas with white ink
tatuagem com tinta branca
Lace style tattoo
tatuagem de mapa com tinta branca
World map.
tinta branca

tipo renda

Lace Tattoo

tipo runa
Ancient runes with mystical meanings.

White Ink Fades Faster?

Yes.Because of this, you may have to frequently retouch your tattoo. Although it has a shorter lifespan, it is possible to fix the ink better if you follow some simple tips such as:

  • Strictly follow all care protocols to avoid complications during the tattoo healing process;{3 }
  • Choose a renowned professional who already has some experience and work using white ink;
  • Spread your tattoo with sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun;
  • Keep your tattoo always well hydrated with special moisturizers for tattoos;
  • Keep your distance from swimming pools, beaches, bathtubs and other aquatic environments during the healing period to encourage better ink fixation.

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