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33 beautiful daisy tattoos and their meanings

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There are a variety of beautiful daisy tattoos in different designs, colors and patterns that also have different meanings. It is a very popular tattoo among women and has deep symbolic meanings for the wearer. It also has a lot of symbolic stories that you will learn in this article. I will also show you the meanings of the tattoo designs so that you can hopefully make the right decision in the end.

Gänseblümchen Tattoo am Unterarm Dotwork The History of the Daisy You can find the daisy in a variety almost anywhere in the world. Daisies are in the family flower group game as sunflowers and asters. In total there are more than 20,000 different species in this family group. It is also said that the daisies have been around for over 4000 years. Daisies are used for tea or are produced as edible oils and seeds. They are not just used for decoration. Daisy tattoos are well known for their sun shaped central wheel and their beautiful outer petals.

The most common daisies are usually shown with a yellow center and white petals. Aquarell Gänseblümchen mit Fahrrad Tattoo Design

Daisy Tattoo Meaning

The daisy can be found in many ancient cultures around the world. the daisy is also found in mythology. In Roman mythology, the nymphs are asked to dance in the orchard and later turned into daisies. They did this to get out of the sight of the god who had an eye on the orchards. Gänseblümchen Tattoo Design am Bauch

The daisy was also often associated with early Christian art. In some cases the daisy has replaced the lilly and other flowers as well. Commonly seen in early Christian art. The daisies were used to represent the innocence and purity of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The daisy tattoo motifs can be combined with many Christian symbols. Tattoo Weiß Gänseblümchen mit Flügeln für Verstorbene

More Daisy Tattoo Meaning

There are tons of symbols you can associate with the Daisy Tattoo, as I mentioned at the beginning, certain colors can create certain meanings. Below you will find even more meanings of the daisy tattoo.

      • Patience
      • Beauty
      • Innocence
      • Purity
      • Love
      • Happiness
      • Serenity
      • Peace
      • Femininity
      • Vanity
      • Meekness
      • Emotion
      • Happiness
      • Youth
      • Courage


Gänseblümchen Design hinter dem Ohr

As I also mentioned above, daisies come in a variety of different designs and as you read that above best known is the one that has a deep yellow center with white outer petals. But because there are so many different types, the tattoo can be used in different colors and shapes such as red, yellow, pink, purple and blue. Yellow daisies look very cheerful so does the meaning. Blue daisies, for example, represent their softer side and emotions.

White daisies, like most other tattoo designs, represent innocence. Gänseblümchen Design am Schulterblatt

I hope this article has made it easier for you to decide. But if you think that the daisy is not for you then take a look at the other articles that I have prepared for you. The right one is definitely there. Thanks for reading until next time. Krabbe mit Gänseblümchen Design am Schulterblatt Schmetterling mit Gänseblümchen Design am Schulterblatt Hirsch schädel mit Gänseblümchen Design am Oberschenkel Drei Gänseblümchen Design am Rücken Hunde mit Gänseblümchen Design auf dem Arm Traumfänger mit Gänseblümchen Design am Oberschenkel Kolibri mit Gänseblümchen Design auf der Bein Tattoo Lila Gänseblümchen Rosen Büffelschädel und Boxhandschuhe Tattoo Rote Gänseblümchen mit Namen und Datum Bunte Gänseblümchen Tattoo auf der Bein Mandala Gänseblümchen Tattoo am Fuß Tattoo Blumenstrauß Gänseblümchen Gelb und Weiß Bunte Gänseblümchen mit Herz am Oberarm Gänseblümchen und Sanduhr Taschenuhr Design Totenkopf und Gänseblümchen Tattoo am Oberarm Gänseblümchen Tattoo Design am Unterarm {35 } Wasserfarben Gänseblümchen mit Tulpen Tattoo am Unterarm Einfach Gänseblümchen Design für Frau Kleiner Gänseblümchen Design Gänseblümchen und Origami Kranich Tattoo am Oberarm Gänseblümchen Design auf dem Arm schwarz und weiß Gänseblümchen Elefant Tattoo Design Bunte Gänseblümchen Design auf der Hand Kleiner Gänseblümchen Tattoo Zeh für Frauen Kleiner Gänseblümchen Design am Schlüsselbein.

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