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32 Sexy Lace Tattoos for Women

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32 Sexy Lace Tattoos for Women

Lace tattoos are elegant and graceful tattoos. With more delicate features, they are perfect on women. But it’s also quite made by men. If you like lace tattoos, check out our article!

It doesn’t look like it, but these tattoos are extremely complex and difficult to make. The tattoo artist needs to have a lot of skill.


Unlike other types of tattoos, lace tattoos do not have a specific meaning. It all depends on the intent of the person doing it, as it is more of a tattoo style than a theme.

com coracao 1

A rich composition with various symbols

com joia

With jewels On the shoulder

coracao 1

On the back, with a padlock heart

Lace has a double symbology: while it represents purity and innocence, as when used in wedding dresses, it also represents feminine sensuality. Due to the beauty of the fabric, it appears in all decades of women’s fashion.

de onda de pena 3

In pen format

de renda de renda 1 estilosa feminina 8
flor 7

Here are the types of lace tattoos commonly made:

  • Lace sleeve: here’s a tattoo that simulates a clothing sleeve through the lace texture;
  • Dream Filter: how about a dream filter made of lace?
  • Lace: the lace made of lace can accompany other objects such as roses and other flowers;
  • Lace socks: if you plan on getting your leg tattooed, lace socks might be a good idea;
  • Neckline: Another interesting option is to simulate a fabric neckline through the tattoo. This style looks really cool with black ink;
  • Jewelry: Jewelry accompanied by lace traditionally represents the nobility and are excellent requests for sophisticated tattoos to make.

grande 8 lacinho na perna 13 na perna 1 1 na perna 2 1 nas costas 6 no braco 2 no braco 1 1 576x1024 no braco 2 1 no braco 3 no ombro para mulheres rosa 2 sofisticada tattoo de renda 577x1024 tattoo de renda 1  tatuagem no ombro tatuagens de renda

Here are a few more tips for you to consider:

  • Choose a tattoo artist who already has experience with lace tattoos. Someone who has already mastered the style will be able to reproduce their ideas as their imagination projects;
  • Some professionals work more with thick lines and others have more dexterity with fine lines. In the case of lace tattoos, the second category performs better;
  • If you have little money to get a tattoo, you better wait. A cheap tattoo artist can cost you dearly, and may even result in removal procedures;
  • When choosing a design, remember that it should match your style;
  • Although this tattoo style is mostly done by women, it can easily be done by men. The world of tattoos does not admit sexism. Don’t be ashamed to do what you like;
  • Before deciding on a project, think carefully about the idea. The ideal is to talk about the idea with your friends and family, collecting opinions that can help you make the best decision. Avoid getting a tattoo on impulse;
  • Take time to research tattoo studios that offer professional service. This will greatly define the success of your endeavor;
  • If you’ve never had a tattoo, consider bringing someone you trust to comfort you during the moment, preferably someone who has already done it and knows all the steps to help you.

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