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28 Belly Tattoo Ideas

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28 Belly Tattoo Ideas

Female belly tattoos are not one of the most common places to get tattoos, but many women choose to do this type of art in the region.

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Whether for personal taste or to hide scars such as cesarean sections and stretch marks, belly tattoos are stylish and authentic, as this is a practice common good among women.

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That’s why we can find different types of female belly tattoos, of all sizes, models and colors.

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To inspire you, we’ve separated some design options, at the end, check if this region hurts a lot to get a tattoo and what precautions should be taken with female belly tattoos.

Women’s Belly Tattoos – Delicate Model Ideas


The first step in choosing a tattoo is the image style, size and model of the belly tattoo. Delicate models are suggestions for those who are in doubt about the best design to choose, as it will hardly bring regret.

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Choose a professional who makes finer lines, depending on the size of the tattoo and the style of the professional, the result will be surprising.


Check out our tips with ideas for delicate female tattoos for the belly region:

  • Flowers are delicate options regardless of size, and you can add leaves and branches in fine lines .
  • Butterflies are full of details and you can choose colored or black and gray designs.
  • Heart designs can be a great idea to hide scars and symbolize love, like birth.

Women’s Belly Tattoos – Big design inspirations

If you’re one of those who prefer a large belly tattoo, the suggestion will be to bet on more elaborate tattoo models.


Some ideas with flowers and pendants can bring a more Indian style, with flower details, symbols and jewelry. Another tip for large belly tattoos are landscape models with geometry, animals and under boob tattoos finished in the region or beyond, for example, on the private parts and thighs.

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You can also combine phrase tattoos with delicate letters, bolder tattoos with arabesques and serve as a continuation for rib tattoos.

Colored Women’s Belly Tattoos

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The belly region can be a great opportunity to invest in old school tattoos, this is an American style tattoo with bold strokes and a more limited color palette. Usually, yellow, black, green, red and sometimes purple are part of the design. For those who don’t like a very colorful tattoo, this is a good alternative. Now, if you like a well-colored female belly tattoo, a tip is to bet on the watercolor tattoo style, a filling technique that is a true work of art.

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Other options for colorful female belly tattoos are Mexican skulls, landscapes, flowers and animals. Don’t skimp on colors

Small Female Belly Tattoos

Now, if you prefer a small female belly tattoo, our tip will be minimalist tattoos.The idea is to bring the beauty of the tattoo’s delicate features and combine it with discreet designs.

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Drawings with roses, writing and geometric figures can favor small tattoos on the belly region and also contribute to the combination of looks.

Women’s Belly Tattoos are perfect for covering imperfections


One of the reasons to bet on women’s belly tattoos is that they are perfect for covering imperfections. Many women suffer from the appearance of the belly, especially after surgeries such as cesarean, bariatric, appendicitis and other reasons.


Therefore, to hide the dissatisfaction with the appearance of the region, tattoos can bring new meanings, promoting a stylish and beautiful touch. In addition to scarring from surgery, many women also suffer from terrible stretch marks, which despite being something common, interfere with self-esteem.

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Because this is one more reason to get a belly tattoo, before scheduling the session, choose the best design and talk to a tattoo artist with experience in this type of procedure.

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The scarred belly is a sensitive site, which may have different textures and elevations, so the procedure may require additional care and a professional qualified in the technique.

Does belly tattoo hurt?

Does belly tattoo hurt? This is one of the most common questions, as, after all, it is a region that can be well sensitized.

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However, according to professional tattooists, pain can vary from person to person, and the region can also influence it.

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The belly regions such as the ribs tend to hurt a little more because of the bones, the region above the navel can also be more painful because the skin is very thin.

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On the other hand, regions such as below the navel, near the hips and in the belly region may hurt less, compared to the places mentioned above.

How to take care of your female belly tattoo?

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Although some areas of the belly may hurt a little more when getting a tattoo, this is one of the best places to have the procedure, as it does not have direct access to the sun and most of the time, it is covered by clothes.

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However, even if it is a preserved place, essential care with tattoos should not be dispensed with. These are the cares that help in the healing and conservation of the tattooed area.

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Check out the list of care for your female belly tattoo:

  • Don’t practice physical activities after the tattoo session, practice makes you sweat, making healing difficult;
  • Avoid wetting the site for the first 24 hours, put a plastic insulfilm to protect the design;
  • Avoid sunbathing with the unprotected area until healing is complete, then don’t stop using sunscreen;
  • In the first days after getting the tattoo on the belly, avoid wearing very tight clothes, prefer looser pieces and with light fabrics;
  • Always apply the ointment that the tattoo artist indicates, preferably reapply all Once you feel the region dry;
  • Be very careful in the desquamation process, this is when the uncontrollable itching starts to appear.

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