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25 Incredible Ring and Bracelet Tattoos

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42 Incredible Ring, Bracelet, and Anklet Tattoos!

The universe of tattoos is fascinating. In this guide, we’ll explore those tattoos that simulate accessories like rings, bracelets, and anklets. Ready?!

Ring Tattoos on Fingers

Ring tattoos are ways to simulate finger jewelry. They are widely used as alliances by couples who want to get away from the conventional. Check out some inspiring images of ring tattoos: aliança

Tribal style

anel 1

With a heartbeat

com nome

An option is also to use the beloved’s name


In a rope shape

de casamento

Different and creative More ideas beyond the standard



fotos de tatuagens

More ideas for couples

para casais pintada preto

simples tribal

Wrist Bracelet Tattoos

Now Bracelet tattoos (also called bracelets) simulate the wrist accessory. bracelet bracelete 1 bracelete 1 1 com frase com nome 2 de flores de flores 1 de linha no pulso no pulso 1

In three dimensions

pulseira hippie simples 2 tattoo de pulseira

Shin Ankle Designs

Finally, we have the tattoos that simulate an ankle bracelet, made in the leg region.The ideal is to really think about the idea. Leave it in a period of maturation. It’s also a good idea to start with the first tattoo and a less visible location;

  • Unlike going to the barbershop, where the professional’s mistakes are corrected by time, a tattoo is a definite feature on your skin. Therefore, it is important to carry out extensive research by professionals before selecting the most suitable place for you to complete your project;
  • Before starting the tattoo, the professional will show you the complete design. That’s when you must change something if you want to change. Think carefully before saying the “ok”;
  • Respect all the care and requirements of the process, which guarantees the success of your endeavor;
  • Eat well and hydrate yourself before, during and after of the big day;
  • When choosing a studio, pay attention to the reputation of the place, the portfolios of professionals, the way they sterilize the equipment and serve their customers;


Your tattoos are yours. Do what makes you happy. You’ll keep them for the rest of your life;

  • It’s interesting – and relevant – to collect the opinion of people who care about you;
  • Our blog has numerous articles with extensive galleries of images for you to search for references for your project;
  • A cool idea is to create a folder on your computer where you’ll file all the ideas – many people already do this, but here’s a tip for those who don’t ;
  • There are also tattoo magazines. For those who like it, it’s worth the investment;
  • Finally, I guarantee it’s worth the pain and worth the money invested;
  • Good luck!


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