25 Best Geometric Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Looking for a super cool tattoo idea? Your search ends here! Best Geometric tattoo are stylishly cool as well as exceptionally famous on the grounds that they are exact, balanced, definite and shrewd. The only thing to keep in mind is to have them done by a skilled artist with sufficient experience in coloring geometric shape designs. Another reason geometric tattoos are here forever is because of their “sacred” appeal. This is due to the centuries-old, ancient advent of both tattooing and sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is associated with religious and spiritual iconography supported by history.

This means that the geometer of the universe in which we live is shaped and influenced by divine power. Accordingly, numerous fundamental qualities, standards, and ideas in our lives can be symbolized with hallowed math tattoos. This article is your finished manual for geometric tattooing. I handpicked the best geometric tattoos from the internet. Every one of these designs have a mind-boggling tasteful and imagery. The craftsman/source data is referenced under each picture so you can straightforwardly investigate more work by the skilled specialists. This aide wouldn’t be finished without taking a gander at the geometric tattoo FAQs.

Geometric Tattoo Meanings

Before looking at photos of the best geometric tattoo designs, it is useful to know what meanings geometric shapes radiate. Geometric tattoos either straightforwardly symbolize something or are the rationale behind something meaningful. This “rationale” or the way to comprehension is delineated when each piece of the geometric tattoo outlines a meaning. At the end of the day, most geometric tattoos have a meaning that is uncovered when every component (a geometric shape) that makes up the design goes about as a structure square of information.

Each sort of geometric shape is related with an interesting component that is established in nature and society. For instance, circles symbolize connections, local area and life, while the square shape is related with dependability. To address the differentiation among solidarity and intricacy, astounding shapes like a dodecahedron or an icosahedron can be utilized.

The previous is a 3D state of any polyhedron with 12 appearances and the last option is a 3D state of any polyhedron with 20 countenances. A block molded component in tattoos is frequently illustrative of the earth. The tetrahedral shape symbolizes fire. Water is addressed by the icosahedral shape. What’s more air and psyche are shown utilizing the octahedron and dodecahedral shapes, separately. In the realm of tattoos, our satisfaction is advanced when a mix of geometric shapes make up the tattoo, rather than adhering to one shape.

Along these lines, various meanings and expanded imagery are accomplished through layering and noteworthy mixes of the various shapes. Imagination permits you to compare the geometric components to communicate practically any meaning. The particular position of your geometric tattoos further impacts what esteems ​​you need to suggest. This is the substance of consecrated calculation and its good, otherworldly, and wellbeing related undertones. Beside the muddled shapes, here is a synopsis of the fundamental shapes and different components famously utilized in geometric tattoos of more current occasions:

Geometric shapes

Shape: Meaning/symbolism: circle connections, concordance , Community, life. SquareEarth, balance, solidness, honesty. Triangle strength, innovativeness, congruity, supernatural. A significant image in both Christianity and Judaism. Creature/Creature: Meaning/Symbolism: Leo Brave, honor, equity. ElephantWisdom or driving figure. OwlWisdom Birds (Eagle and so forth) Freedom DeerIndependence, solid will, family, honor, honorability. BearIncredible inward and external strength.

Felines and DogsFriends, particularly assuming that you have pets. Butterfly development, resurrection, change, opportunity, individual advancement. That simply starts to expose what’s underneath. There are a lot more well known creatures, animals, and different components utilized in geometric tattoos. These incorporate whales, wolves, precious stones, hearts, straight lines, bolts, blossoms, mountains, or whatever else you can imagine. The shocking tattoo images beneath make certain to motivate you and carry you nearer to your next tattoo design finish:

25 Best Geometric Tattoo Designs

1. Colorful Ornamental Design

Colorful Ornamental Design

This geometric tattoo on the woman’s upper back is the perfect size to be inked right under her neckline.This responsive tattoo has lots of small square shapes and some triangles that combine to make a decorative square (or diamond) shape. The use of different shapes and the perfect symmetry make this a unique geometric tattoo.

2. Artsy Geometric Tattoo

Artsy Geometric Tattoo

This is a masculine tattoo design using geometric shapes and abstract art. The talented artist did an excellent job using a variety of techniques and probably the best tattoo equipment. The eye is the central piece on the chest and symbolizes that God watches over humanity. Incidentally, the enthusiastic artist claims that this work of art is inspired by Szukalski’s art (he is a Polish sculptor and painter) and the Mesoamerican tribal culture.

3. Half sleeve and chest mandala tattoo

Half-Sleeve and Chest Mandala Tattoo

Getting a sleeve tattoo takes talent and dedication. Once done, a sleeve tattoo has a lot to show off. This particular one has a central mandala on the upper arm and other geometric images everywhere else. The theme is the fascinating mandala which, as we all know, means love, femininity and the blossoming of life.

4. Abstractes Rosendesign

Abstract Rose Design

This design is the result of the magic of the hand stitch style of tattooing. Abstract art is often wonderfully complemented by geometric shapes.

5. Geometric Stipple Whales Tattoo

Geometric Stipple Whales Tattoo

The dot work here is commendable. Coloring minimalist geometric dot patterns is a challenging task. The cute whales stand for inner peace, motherhood, harmony, strong family ties and, above all, protection.

6. Geometric cover-up design

Geometric Cover Up Design (1)

You may have experienced a tattoo blowout or the artist got involved with you while tattooing. Do not worry! Pick out your favorite geometric symbols and some other elements that are close to your heart and, like above, you can cover up the mistake nicely.

7. Geometric lion tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Lions are brave, honorable and represent justice. No wonder lion tattoos are so popular. Combine that with fine geometry and you have an amazing tattoo design that is incredibly precise and extremely impressive.

8. Geometric mountain design

Geometric Mountain Design

This tattoo eventually addresses your adoration for nature and travel. The fundamental meaning of the shape of the triangle symbolizes strength, imagination and congruity. As you might have detected, this tattoo is an illustration of energy.

9. Geometric Pet Design Tattoo

Geometric Pet Design Tattoo

Geometric designed pets are a formidable option. In the above design, the lap dog is sketched with different geometric shapes, but one can still see the strong similarity. Choose a professional artist who knows what they’re doing and this concept won’t let you down.

10. Geometric Owl Design Tattoo

Geometric Owl Design Tattoo

While in some cultures an owl is an unfortunate symbol, in most others these nocturnal birds are a symbol of an excellent life transition.The reason most people choose owl tattoos is because of the owl’s symbolism that light shines through the darkest of times and is the epitome of hope.

11. Synagogue Window Design Tattoo

Synagogue Window Design Tattoo

This fantastic geometric tattoo represents a synagogue window. The fine geometric pattern and intricate details are at least fascinating.

12. Moth Tattoo

Moth Tattoo

If you are someone who is going through a difficult time in your life, a moth tattoo could be the appropriate representation. To add an extra dose of attractiveness and an exciting twist, you can go for a geometric moth tattoo like the one above. Like butterflies, moths are understood as icons of transformation or metamorphosis

13. Compass Tattoo

Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos simply mean anything to do with direction. The perception of a positive attitude makes me believe that this is the direction on the right, positive path in life. Overall, it’s a tremendous geometric choice.

14. Minimalistic Abstract Elephant

Minimalistic Abstract Elephant

This is another notable minimalist option in the geometric tattoo category. The elephant symbolism throws a spanner in the works of this small tattoo. Elephant tattoos represent wisdom and guidance from an honorable teacher or guru.

15. Geometric Mandala Sleeves Tattoo

Geometric Mandala Sleeves Tattoo

This piece looks like it was the work of a printing press. In reality, all of this perfection is the work of a fabulous, talented tattoo artist. The artist obviously knew everything about getting geometric patterns right. The design is that of a mandala – a geometric combination of symbols that are aligned in a circular formation. That is, a mandala symbolizes balance, perfection and eternity. However, this symbolism is not set in stone.

16. Black & White Lion Tattoo

Black & White Lion Tattoo

The bravest animal had to make this list at least more than once. This tattoo is simple but ideal for the back of your upper arm. It makes sense to have vertically flowing tattoos at this point. The lion is one of the best options and this tattoo looks very appealing.

17. Hourglass Tattoo

Hourglass Tattoo

In general, an hourglass tattoo symbolizes time. That meaning is not set in stone, however. You can imply anything you want with your hourglass tattoo. The above combination of hourglass, sun and tree indicates a deeper meaning. Perhaps it means that the sun is the source of new life and fertility. Therefore, over time, the tree can grow. What’s your interpretation?

18. Full Leg Tattoo

Full Leg Tattoo

This is a bold tattoo. The back of the knee is a painful area to get tattooed. Otherwise, this person would have had to go through several deplorable sessions as the tattoo is quite dense and large. The result is breathtaking and impressive as one would expect after the pain, expense and multiple sessions.

19. Geometric Paradise Tattoo

Geometric Paradise Tattoo

This grand design is relieving to the eyes.

20. Wolves Tattoo

 Wolves Tattoo

This bloodthirsty pack is the perfect symbol of loyalty. I love this tattoo because of its intricate geometric design with remarkable dot work. The ideal placement for this type of design is the inner forearm.

21. Pattern of the Flower of Life

Flower of Life Pattern

The inner ears are a difficult place to tattoo. Once the tattoo is inked, you will be presented with a pattern like the “Flower of Life” shown above – Be overjoyed at design.

22. Intricate Dotwork Tattoo

Intricate Dotwork Tattoo

This is another amazing geometric tattoo design to be proud of. It occupies the entire inner forearm space and shows the mandala in intricate black and gray dot work.

23. Minimalistic lined girl

Minimalistic Lined Girl

This design offers femininity, fertility and sensuality. It’s a simple line tattoo that depicts a woman’s back pose. The rectangular frame adds to the interest, especially with the piece of line extending below that depicts her waist curve.

24. Geometric Tribal Leg Piece

Geometric Tribal Leg Piece

This geometric tribal design is easy to make. However, the thick, bold lines cannot be reached painlessly. If you’re looking for a simple yet bold tribal tattoo that will cover the entire back of your leg, this is an excellent option.

25. Geometric Art On Full Leg Front

Geometric Art On Full Leg Front

This is a beautiful, colorful, all-over geometric leg piece. It is extremely important that your tattoos are properly cared for with the best aftercare products in order for them to heal and look wonderful.

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