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20+ Sunflower Tattoo Ideas – Images and Meaning

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Would you like to find out more about the sunflower? Or they would like to have the most famous flower tattooed on their body. Or you just want to know what the meaning behind this design is. No matter what you want in this article you will find everything about the sunflower, whether as a tattoo or simply the flowers themselves.

Personality of the Sunflowers

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know the sunflower. Along with the rose, it is one of the most famous flowers. This flower can be found almost everywhere where it is warm and sunny. The flower is found in shades of yellow and is very durable and brings great joy to people. It is pure sunshine and reminds of happiness.

Sonnenblumen Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Sunflower meaning as tattoo motifs

The sunflower has several meanings and can be used as a reminder as a peace sign or as a military tattoo – it has a personal meaning for everyone. If you can see a sunflower tattoo motif in a person that has the following meanings that I have made for you below:

  • You always look to the bright side of life
  • They love flowers
  • They love warmth and sunshine
  • They are always full of life
  • You have a lot of pride
  • You love life
  • They love ‘pretty’ things
  • You are fun-loving

Sonnenblumen mit Namen und Datum Design auf der Bein

The story of the sunflower

The sunflower began with the ancient Incas, who worshiped god the sunflower as a symbol of the sun. Early signs of the sunflower show its roots in Mexico. The sunflower was brought to Europe in the 16th century and began to spread around the world from that point. In plants, the sunflower requires a certain amount of space and most parts of the flower are used for different purposes. For example, sunflower seeds are a popular food and sunflower oil (extracted from the seeds) is popular in the commercial cooking world.

Sonnenblumen mit Feder Design am Bauch

Tattoo Design Ideas

For whatever reason you have chosen a sunflower tattoos motif, you have a large number of options for creating this tattoo.

Galaxis Sonnenblumen Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

Since the sunflower tattoo is known for its large size, it is also used as a tattoo to cover a tattoo for example you have your partner’s name tattooed but the relationship has broken up you can use the sunflower to cover the name or you have a tattoo that you don’t like at all anymore, you can also use the sunflower. The tattoo also goes well on the shoulders or on your hips.

Sonnenblumen mit Auge Tattoo Design am Oberarm

There are also people who add other elements besides the sunflower to personalize the sunflower for themselves. With a butterfly or a cute bird, you have the choice.

Sonnenblumen mit Kompass Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Sonnenblumen mit Totenkopf Design am Schulterblatt

Mandala Sonnenblumen Design am Rücken

Anker mit Sonnenblumen Design am fuß

Sonnenblumen Design auf der Hand

Auffällige Sonnenblumen Design am Oberarm

Wasserfarben Sonnenblumen Tattoo Design

Kolibri und Sonnenblumen Design mit Namen

Kleiner Sonnenblumen Design auf dem Arm

Sonnenblumen und Schmetterling Design am Unterarm

Sonnenblumen Design am Rippenbogen

Traumfänger Sonnenblumen und Schmetterling Design am Oberarm

Sonnenblumen Design am Oberschenkel

Aquarell Sonnenblumen Design am Unterarm der Männer

Sonnenblumen mit Namen Design am Schulterblatt

Closing words

If you are really interested in a sunflower tattoo you should try to create your own design so that they have something that nobody has. And think carefully about where you want it to go on your body. Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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