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20+ seahorse tattoos – as a tattoo, the animal stands for patience

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When it comes to getting a tattoo, a seahorse tattoos comes relatively little on our mind, but you might be surprised to learn that this tiny creature has quite a bit of history behind it.

Seepferdchen Ideen auf der Bein

Different cultures associate the seahorses with different spiritual symbols. If you take a look at the Disney classics such as Mermaid Ariel, seahorses are servants of King Triodes. This is not a coincidence; The film animators chose to stay true to the ancient Greek and Roman view that the seahorses were servants of Poseidon, god of the seas. The seahorses are believed to be messengers of lost souls and spiritual guides to those who died in the dark deep sea. In different parts of Asia, seahorses are seen as a symbol of good luck. In fact, they are such a popular component of the tradition that the species are in danger of disappearing from the world’s oceans. So the world organization has taken the animals under protection. Hunting these animals without proper licenses and contrary to the established rules is a criminal offense.

Bunte Seepferdchen am Unterarm Innerseite

The meaning of seahorse tattoos

The seahorse has come to embody a variety of traits including:

  • patience and calm
  • Protection
  • Friendship and Cooperation
  • Persistence
  • Creativity and Meditation
  • paternity

Whichever variant you have chosen, a seahorse tattoo is a great way to express to the world that, despite your small size, you seem to be a lot more than you. You are a protector, the provider, and even in the face of obstacles and challenges, you are a fighter. You can use any number that is element from design elements to your artwork, from delicate mermaids to a bunch of bubbles. Most importantly, keep your body art true to your personality and the message you are trying to get out into the world. If you need help you can look at the pictures below that we have prepared for you and if that is not enough you can also get information from professional tattoo artists.

Bunte Seepferdchen am Oberschenkel

Seepferdchen am Unterarm

Seepferdchen am Schulterblatt für Frauen

Seepferdchen auf der Bein

Seepferdchen um den Hals

Seepferdchen am Rücken für Frauen

Aquarell Seepferdchen am fuß

Seepferdchen mit Anker am Oberarm

Seepferdchen am Oberschenkel

Seepferdchen auf der Bein

Kleine Seepferdchen hinter dem Ohr für Frauen

Kleine Seepferdchen auf Hand

Kleine Seepferdchen am Handgelenk

Seepferdchen am Knöchel

Tribal Seepferdchen am Unterschenkel

Blaue Seepferdchen mit Blume auf der Bein

Seepferdchen mit Blume am Rippenbogen

Seepferdchen im Nacken

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