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20 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs With Meaning

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20 lotus flower tattoo designs with meaning

Lotus flowers are more than beautiful. In addition, there are religious and spiritual meanings associated with this flower, which makes it a beautiful symbol. Lotus flower tattoos are very popular. Their aesthetic beauty and rich symbolism have led fans to have the designs inked on their bodies. These designs have more female fans than men. But that hasn’t stopped men from incorporating the lotus symbol with other elements. In this article, you will see pictures of some of the best lotus tattoo designs that are trending online. Additionally, the artist / source information under each image will help you explore more of their work. Finally, at the end of the article, you will learn more about the symbolism of this excellent variety of flowers. And one last thing, don’t forget to read the FAQs to educate you further!

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Without further ado, here are some of the best lotus flower tattoo designs that are trending online:

1. Black Linework Lotus Flower Tattoo

Black Linework Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower is unique for the way its petals open. In this tattoo, the back looks beautiful because of the simple yet vivid full bloomed lotus tattoo. The Hindu “Om” sign – meaning “the original vibration of the universe” or “the original sound of creation” – perfectly complements the lotus.

2. Large blue Japanese style lotus tattoo on the back

Large, Blue Japanese style Lotus Tattoo On Back

In Japan, according to the Buddhist belief, lotus flowers are considered pure and perfect. The Japanese variety is relatively colorful. You see above, the large tattoo in shades of blue looks amazing on the woman’s upper back. Although it is a large tattoo, it is tactfully placed just below the often exposed cutout so that it can be easily covered if necessary.

3. Lotus Flower & Turtle Tattoo

Lotus Flower & Turtle Tattoo

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, strength and peace etc. The turtle symbolizes strength, stability and protection. Both elements complement each other, and so this tattoo looks and means good. In addition, the delicacy and technique of the tattoo are to be praised. The artist has created a design that is sure to delight viewers.

4. Watercolor style lotus flower tattoo on shoulder

Watercolor Style Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

The summery, cool look of the above tattoo is inspiring and fun. It is a deep purple lotus that grows from murky waters. Such is the beauty and preciousness of this divine flower. The symbolism is magical and this tattoo shows the pleasant truth. The placement is perfect too. The tattoo is on the upper left back, including part of the neck and shoulder on its way. This tattoo will show up when she’s wearing a halter neck dress or beach clothes. It can be hidden on job interviews and formal occasions. Placement is tricky, but an important factor when it comes to bigger, denser tattoos. On the whole, this tattoo is great if you consider being pure as one of your qualities.

5. Small Pink Lotus Tattoo

Small, Pink Lotus Tattoo

In general, lotus flowers grow in one of six colors. These include pink, red, blue, white, purple, and yellow. The tiny pink tattoo next to the wrist looks cute. There is also a cross at the top that is small but obvious. The cross gives the lotus a strong emphasis on Christianity. The lotus is known to be closely associated with Asian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. So this tattoo is great because it portrays Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity in the same picture.

6. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Hand

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Hand

Getting your hand tattooed can be painful.Of course, the artist must be experienced and use the best equipment to alleviate the discomfort. Even so, it can be challenging, especially if your pain threshold is low.

7. Lotus Flower Tattoo on the Neck

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Neck

Speaking of painful areas to tattoo, the neck is at the top of this list. But again, if you are brave and want to stand out, you will. The lotus stands out clearly on the man’s neck. It takes several sessions to get a tattoo like the one above, but patience is key as it is a sensitive area.

8. Falling Lotus Petals Tattoo

Falling Lotus Petals Tattoo

The falling leaves represent the cycle of life. Everyone goes through life, death and rebirth. Even the purest are not spared from this natural fact. However, the lotus is beautifully depicted on the woman’s shoulder and back region. The colors are a subtle shade of pink that doesn’t hit the eyes at all. It’s a feminine and sensual placement.

9. Lotus & Lord Buddha Tattoo

Lotus & Lord Buddha Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos can be disastrous if they go wrong or lose meaning over time. However, a tattoo of a budha and a lotus is eternal and spiritual. It is one of the best decisions to be made when choosing sleeve tattoo design. There is an incredible level of detail, shading, and juxtaposition of the elements in this tattoo. The artist succeeded in doing this wonderfully. It takes a brave mind and firm conviction to get a full sleeve. For those who aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to try on a fake sleeve first to feel the experience.

10. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Stomach

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Stomach

Fertility is one of the meanings associated with lotuses, especially from the ancient Egyptian association. The above tattoo will look amazing when you wear low waist jeans and a short top. The central lotus appears to be in full bloom while the others are emerging along the line. In a way, it looks like a realistic representation. It will surely inspire you to check out more work by this talented artist.

11. Mini Lotus Flower Tattoo

Mini Lotus Flower Tattoo

The little lotus is great if you’re not into tattoos. The purpose of this tattoo is to look pretty and mean pure, peaceful and at peace at the same time. It’s an easy to engrave tattoo and the inner forearm position is perfect for it. For this hand-poke look, delicate lines can be created with a stick and poke tool.

12. Skull and Lotus Tattoo on Arm

Skull & Lotus Tattoo on Arm

People generally wear a human skull tattoo to show that they are not afraid of death. The lotus stands for purity and enlightenment. These two elements are in stark contrast to each other, which means that they generally don’t go together. But that’s the irony and spark in this tattoo that makes it super unique and fun. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

13. Lotus Flower Tattoo on the forearm

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm

The above Lotus Flower Tattoo is unique due to the geometric representation. First, you can see the circular, dotted sun in the background, which is essential as a sign of natural habitat. In addition, the petals are curved triangles, each of which is identical to the other petals. All of this shows the harmony between the different elements in nature.

14. Ornamental Lotus Tattoo

Ornamental Lotus Tattoo

Many people get bikini top line tattoos as regular beach goers. The above tattoo is perfect when you think about it. The ornamental border pattern helps to emphasize the central feature, the lotus. The placement is impeccable. The artist kept the symmetry in mind to make the tattoo look logical.

15. Elegant shoulder lotus flower tattoo

Elegant Shoulder Lotus Flower Tattoo

What looks more elegant than wearing a tattooed jewelry? The above tattoo adds a touch of elegance and sexiness. Lotus Tattoo All Over Chest

Entire Chest Lotus Tattoo

A tattoo with multiple colors of the color palette should be inked intelligently to look good. The chest piece above hits the mark on this front. This tattoo looks masculine because it adds several elements to the lotus. It’s an abstract tattoo that uses black ink to separate the components.

17. Pink Outline Lotus Tattoo on Ankle

Pink Outline Lotus Tattoo on Ankle

A mini tattoo like the one above is insignificant in size but is important to get the message across. It definitely stands out for its size and color. Plus, such tattoos are inexpensive and it takes a few minutes to dye freehand. In terms of placement, the ankle is fantastic, but the wrist is just as appealing.

18. Butterflies and lotus tattoo

Butterflies & Lotus Tattoo

Butterflies generally represent transformation, change and positivity. That is close enough to what Lotus represents. The wonderful thing about this picture is the colors of the butterflies, which make them stand out more than the lotus they are resting on. This scene is not uncommon where butterflies are often hanging around various flowers, including lotus.

19. Blue Lotus Tattoo

Blue Lotus Tattoo

An atypical appearance is not uncommon in the world of lotus tattoos. However, it can create a dreamy, unique effect when the right colors and contrasting inks are applied. The above tattoo is the correct example to explain that.

20. Butterfly & Lotus Hand Tattoo

Butterfly & Lotus Hand Tattoo

If you like the henna tattoo look more permanent, then you can’t go wrong with this tattoo choice. ..

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