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20 Inspiring Rihanna Tattoos

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20 Inspiring Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna is a huge pop culture icon. Native to Barbados, the singer collects many tattoos rich in meaning. In this new guide by Tattolandia, we have separated the main tattoos of the singer with their respective meanings so you can learn more about the personality of this great pop culture diva.

Shhh Tattoo on Right Hand Indicator

Shhh no dedo indicador da mao direita

Rihanna loves minimalism and has a tiny tattoo on her finger that reads “Shhh…“ as a request for silence. This tattoo was first seen by the public in 2009, the year the singer must have done it, right after splitting up with rapper Chris Brown.

The tattoo was seen as a warning to the media that silence is sometimes worth more than many words.

Hawk Tattoo on the Right Foot

falcao com o pe direito

Another tattoo the singer sports is a hawk on her right foot, in the style of ancient Egyptian art. The falcon represents the celestial power on earth, being a bird that can see its prey hundreds of meters away and soar long and high.

The falcon positioned on the pop singer’s right foot represents her peak of success, but without losing her roots.

Rihanna’s Ankle Shark Tattoo

Tubarao no tornozelo esquerdo

Another animal that the singer tattooed was a shark, which is found on her left ankle. The tattoo symbolizes her strong personality.

XI.IV.LXXXVI Above the Shoulder

na omoplata

Do you like date tattoos? Rihanna has recorded the birth date of her close childhood friend Melissa Forde. The tattoo is in Roman numerals and appears in the shoulder blade region.

This is one of the tattoos whose history is most beautiful, demonstrating the great gratitude and beauty of Rihanna’s life before fame.

THUG LIFE Tattoo on Finger

A VIDA DO THUG no Knuckles

The singer sports the lyrics Thug Life on the finger region, where each finger features a different letter complementing the thug life philosophy.

Pisces Tattoo Behind the Ear

Peixes atras da orelha direita

Another tattoo that the singer has on her body is small fish behind the ear region.

The singer is from the sign of Pisces – born on February 20th – and her inclination towards astrology led her to get this tattoo, eternalizing on her skin the sign of her life.

More Rihanna Tattoos with Meaning

com significados
estrelinhas nas costas
musica nos pes
na mao
no ombro
o que significa cada uma
Rihanna 1
tattoos da Rihanna
tattoos tribais da Rihanna
tatuagens da Rihanna

Check out some more tattoos that the singer has on her body and their respective meanings:

1988 on the ankle This tattoo represents her birth year. Maori on the Hand As someone who lived her childhood on the island of Barbados, Rihanna had a lot of contact with Polynesian culture, from New Zealand. Therefore, the singer also decided to make a tribal in her hand, aiming to ward off bad energy and bring good luck.Nefertiti on the RibRihanna tattooed the Egyptian queen Nefertiti on her rib cage.Veda’s Prayer in the HipShe also has a Sanskrit Vedas prayer demonstrating her great spirituality. The tattoo says: “क्षमा सत्य महोपेक्षा शुचि निषेध निषेध नियन्त्रण.”Chest GunMade in 2010, demonstrates strength and self-defense.Star Inside the EarMade in 2006, represents the quest of the singer for fame.Quote on OmoplataThe singer’s quote tattoo says “It’s never a failure, always a lesson”.Arabic Quote on the ChestAnother tattoo with a strong Middle East reference means “Freedom of the Messiah” in Arabic.Rebelle Fleur on the NeckThe tattoo on the neck represents the singer’s rebellion.Stars on the backHere is one of the singer’s most famous tattoos, representing a starry sky on the back. Rihanna’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Who is Rihanna in the bread line?

The tattooed singer and pop culture diva has her career marked by remarkable achievements:

  • She soon broke out on her first hit, “Pon de Replay“, released in 2009.
  • she impacted not only the history of pop music but also fashion, with her looks always out of the box.
  • Her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
  • She was discovered by Jay Z after sending her demos to Def Jam Records, which was then chaired by Jay Z.
  • She was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the highest paid singers in the world.
  • Times magazine ranked it as one of the 100 most influential custom designs in the world.
  • At 16, Rihanna would have won a beauty contest at her school, already demonstrating the diva that she was being born.
  • The singer never finished high school.
  • Rihanna’s Day exists and is celebrated by fans on February 21st.
  • Rihanna is a huge Madonna fan.
  • The singer reportedly turned down several offers to land for Playboy.
  • She’s also an excellent actress, acting in films such as Bring It On: All or Nothing, All My Children, Battleship, Ocean’s 8.
  • She dated many famous people, such as Chris Brown, Drake, Matt Kemp, Travis Scott and Rocky.

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