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20 Dragon Tattoos Design & Ideas

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22 Powerful Dragon Tattoos Design & Ideas

Dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos are particularly popular with men and of course with a growing number of women. From Europe to China, dragons have a huge fan base. Tattoo artists also love to work with dragon motifs. They love that because of the curved shape of the creature, they go perfectly with a kite design anywhere on the body. So there is a dragon tattoo for each of us. Check out these stunning designs to see which one best suits your personality.

1. Classic Dragon Tattoo

Classic Look Dragon Tattoo

Let’s start this list with the classic and most popular dragon tattoo. This classic style has most of what you would expect in a dragon based on your basic intuition. Dramatic attributes include wings, fire, scales, and sharp claws. The artist has to make sure that the dragon looks wild. It shouldn’t look very reassuring to the viewer, anywhere in the direction of coming to life.

2. Dragon tattoo on back

Dragon Tattoo on Back

If a ranking were available for choosing body placement for dragon tattoos, it would display the back at the top of the ranks. This applies to both men and women. The back offers enough space to have a huge dragon colored there. It’s also a smooth area that highlights the detailing. The back is also easy to hide so no one will know if you are about to have a big fire-breathing dragon on your back during your interview!

3. Pectoral & Half Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

Pectoral & Half Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

The above picture shows the classic dragon with his grim eyes staring at the audience. The black and gray background is a tactful contrast technique that highlights the light blue dragon.

4. Black dragon tattoo on ribs

Black Dragon Tattoo on Ribs

A dragon tattoo design like the one above looks amazing on the ribs. However, dragon style tattoos are versatile design ideas that look great on almost any area of ​​the body due to their long tails. The above picture is a classic example.

5. Blue dragon tattoo on arm

Blue Dragon Tattoo On Arm

The blue dragon is also called the azure dragon. This type of tattoo design doesn’t necessarily have a spiritual meaning, but it is always traditional to represent the culture . It means “guardian of the east”. For best results, the blue dragon looks best when contrasted with red and black inks.

6. Photo-realistic dragon skeleton tattoo on arm

Photo-Realistic Dragon Skeleton Tattoo on Arm

The skeleton of a dragon is a unique tattoo idea. But if you add a photo-realistic dragon’s eye, the uniqueness grows many times over.

7. Subtle dragon tattoo on leg

Subtle Dragon Tattoo on Leg

If you take a ferocious, powerful creature and give it a subtle look, a lot of interest adds to the overall appeal. The symbolism doesn’t change much, but the uniqueness catches the eye. The above tattoo shows a tiny dragon with light green, purple, and orange highlights. I love how the dragon’s scales work in fine black lines with negative spaces instead of solid color.

8. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Fans of tribal tattoo art will always be looking for tribal designs of their favorite ideas. Dragons included! Men and women have been in love with tribal tattoos for as long as we can remember. The bold, graphic, and no-nonsense look of tribal tattoos has made them an endless choice. These tattoos are easy as no shading is required. Mostly they are drawn in black and filled in with black. Therefore, it is less of a hassle for the artist to color them, and the wearer loves how relatively cheap such art is.

9. Flowers & Dragon Tattoo

Flowers & Dragon Tattoo

Putting flowers in tattoos with creatures is nothing new. Such combinations of elements look great. Flowers, of course, have been a popular part of tattoo designs as long as tattooing has existed. Of course, different flowers mean different things, but the consensus is that they are a sign of positivity, happiness, and transformation. They give the overall design a helping of color and liveliness as well as subtlety. The contrast is dramatic when flowers and dragons mate, but this creates a fine balance and is pleasant to look at.

10. Tiny Dragon Tattoo

Tiny Dragon Tattoo

Many of us have little space left on our heavily colored bodies. Hence, a tiny dragon tattoo seems like the perfect choice for this remaining unoccupied area. Otherwise, you might want a mini tattoo with a not so small meaning. So it seems imperceptible from a distance and at the same time shows something powerful and symbolic. The little dragon tattoo is perfect for these requirements.

11. Fire Breathing Dragon Tattoo

Fire-Breathing Dragon Tattoo

A fire breathing tattoo always attracts attention. The flaming fire from the dragon’s mouth is associated with European rather than Asian culture. In European cultures, fire-breathing dragons represent destruction, raw power and unstoppable forces of nature. The evidence of their popularity of fictional dragon characters lies in the number of fictional fantasy stories.These tattoos are mainly sought by men who are brave and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you like black light parties, a great option is to design your artist ink with a flame that glows in the dark.

12. Full Forearm Dragon Tattoo

Full Forearm Dragon Tattoo

The man’s forearm is completely covered by the dragon in the above tattoo. The kite is 3-dimensional and yet classic. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a large piece with no coloring.

13. Colorful Dragon TattooColorful Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Dragons of different colors mean different things (see the FAQs below for more information). Aside from the specific meaning, the coloring in your dragon tattoo means you are adding more personality and vibrancy to the design, so you have presented several symbols at once. The winged dragons have their origins in European culture and found further popularity through fantasy books.

14. Japanese dragon tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese dragon tattoos stand for friendliness and protection. They are a symbol that protects you from all kinds of harm. In Japanese culture, the six different (in terms of attributes and power) different traditional dragon species are Ri, Fuku, Sui, Han, Ka, and Hai. For example, you can go for the authentic Japanese Irezumi style dragon tattoo. It can be colorful and elaborate. Alternatively, there are less detailed styles with minimal details that could better suit your personality.

15. Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Bearded Dragon Tattoo

The bearded dragon is very similar to the Australian lizard. Whenever it is attacked, the Australian lizard’s skin flap puffs up. Thus, the bearded dragon tattoo is a symbol of self-protection, protection and intelligence.

16. Dragon eye tattoo

Dragon Eye Tattoo

There is nothing more wild and eye-catching than a beautifully inked dragon eye tattoo. The above tattoo is sure to grab the attention of viewers. Doesn’t the reptile eye look incredibly realistic? In addition, the forearm is the perfect placement. If you don’t want to show the tattoo, roll down your sleeves and you’re good to go. Of course, the artist needs to be very skilled to create a photorealistic eye like the one pictured above.

17th Go, Winged Dragon Tattoo

Walking, Winged Dragon Tattoo

There are a variety of poses when it comes to dragon tattoos. The chest piece above is a classic one in which a winged dragon walks idly. The claws, scales and wings are prominent. It’s an amazing, detailed tattoo that uses only black ink.

18. Dragon Tattoo on Hand

Dragon Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos are famous these days. The hand is a painful place when tattooing. However, once you go through that brief moment of pain (briefly, of course, because the surface area for tattooing is limited), the result will be worth it all.

19. Lower leg dragon tattoo

Lower Leg Dragon Tattoo

In the picture above, the lower leg is completely tattooed along its entire circumference. It looks like a sleeve for the lower leg. It’s an incredibly detailed tattoo that requires viewers to get up close to see the subject.

20. Full Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

Full Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

If you are serious about dragons, there is no comparison to a full sleeve dragon theme.However, if you have a tendency to get one, it can be expanded up to the chest area of ​​your chest. The sleeve is one of the most prominent tattoo points; it would clearly show all of the bold, detailed elements. The only thing to worry about is the time it will take to get the job done. Most sleeve tattoos last for weeks and come at a high cost because of the hours. However, it is always worth the time and money to get a fantastic result ..

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