20 Best Mermaid Tattoo ideas and Meanings

20 best mermaid tattoos and meanings 61b877c2bef99

Do you know the story of the little mermaid? Ariel is perhaps one of the most famous denizens of the deep when it comes to fiction, but the idea of ​​the mermaids didn’t start with this fairy tale. The beginning of half-human, half-fish is a lot more established than the narrative of Hans Christian Anderson, and the secret and interest encompassing this folklore have brought about fantastic mermaid tattoos. First off, where did the idea of ​​mermaids begin?

20 best mermaid tattoos and meanings 61b877c3b826b

The Origin of the Mermaids

Fables of these mythical sea creatures have been told since the beginning of human history. And no, mythology is not just about stories of red-haired young half-women who fall in love with princes and strive to go ashore.

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Different Kinds of Mermaids

Africa’s Mami Wata

Her name means “mother of the water”, but she is not exclusively female – there is evidence that she shows herself to be a man. Her duality is interesting because she takes on a role as a healer, good luck charm and lover, as well as a destroyer. Mami Wata is shown in some cases as half woman and half fish, in others she is a woman with snakes coiling around her. Snakes can represent divination, divinity and fertility – all suitable companions for this powerful goddess.

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Sirens in Ancient Greece

The first sea man could actually have been a merman. The Mesopotainic god Ea was considered a bearer of culture thousands of years ago. Since it was closely related to water, this could be why it was depicted as half a fish. This god was later adapted in Poseidon, the god of the sea in ancient Greece. But what about the beautiful half-women with the long, flowing hair that you saw on rocks?

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Well, these weren’t exactly the friendliest beings according to ancient mythological texts. Sirens, as they were called, had beautiful voices that lured sailors to their deaths. However, those sirens of antiquity were half bird, half woman – there were no fishtails at the beginning of this story. The Greek sirens weren’t the only half women trying to lure men into watery graves. This story has also taken root in Eastern European folklore.

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Rusalki in Eastern Europe

These versions of mermaids are said to be ghosts of young women who drowned by either suicide or murder and remained in the lake or river. When the opportunity arose, these mermaids would crawl out of the water to ambush people (usually men) and take them down with them. This violent story of Rusalki is only part of this Slavic mythology. These creatures are also involved in fertility and agriculture.

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Suvannamaccha In Southeast Asia

Suvannamaccha (meaning golden fish) is a mermaid princess portrayed with a golden fish tail. In her attempt to prevent the Hindu god Hanuman from building a bridge, she instead fell in love with him and helped him accomplish his mission. They even had a child together.

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Ariel in Western European folklore

The Little Mermaid is a popular Disney adaptation of a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. In the film, the mermaid falls in love with Ariel a person and longs to have two legs herself so that she can be with him. Things take a turn when she signs a contract with an evil sea witch to trade her voice for a pair of legs and almost dies afterward. Your love, Prince Eric, saves you and you will live happily ever after. That was not the end of the original story.

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The little mermaid gets her legs from the sea witch, but with every step it feels like knives are stabbing her. Although every step was painful and she had no voice, the prince fell in love with her. But their love is not supposed to be, since he is engaged to a princess from another kingdom. Ariel doesn’t live happily with her love – she dies. While this original story can seem very gritty and a bit of a cautionary tale for young women who are contemplating giving up their lives to chase a man they just met, the fairy tale has a bold theme.

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Selkies In Celtic Mythology

The Selkie is Ireland and Scotland Version of a mermaid. These seafarers were thought of as seals in the water, but were able to molt and became humans on land.

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While spying on a selkie in human form without her seal coat on land, he took her coat without her seeing it and confessed his love. Since she could not return to the sea in her human form, she married him and they had seven children. She put on her seal coat and returned to the sea.

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The Importance of Mermaid Tattoos

Since mermaids have swam through innumerable societies and legends throughout the long term with regards to the implications of mermaid tattoos a great deal relies upon which mermaid story the inked individual is enlivened by. A tattoo by Mami Wata can be a commitment to old African culture and roots. An alarm tattoo can be an image of your adoration for Greek folklore and the old accounts of divine beings and goddesses. A tattoo of a Rusalka could be an image of women’s liberation. The mermaid princess Suvannamaccha can fill in as a steady suggestion to be available to adore and bliss.

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Mermaid tattoos can also be a representation of duality. From a beautiful woman combing her hair on a rock, she can replace this docile posture with a murderous one with a siren song. As we can see from the history of the Selkie, a mermaid tattoo can be seen as a deep longing for freedom.

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An Ariel tattoo can be a reminder to stay true to yourself instead of changing irreparably while encouraging you to dream big (this depends on which version you are aiming for ). Of course, tattoos are very personal, so what is significant to you doesn’t necessarily mean a lot to someone else. The important thing is that you choose a design that you love and that you want to see for years to come.

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Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaids are a popular motif in traditional American or sailor, tattoos. These tattoos have black lines and the style is caricature. Often the design is filled with rich colors and the mermaid can be depicted sitting on an anchor or with the words “hold on tight”. This represents pushing down and riding a storm.

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Small Mermaid Tattoo

Mini designs are a tattoo trend that is going nowhere small mermaid tattoo can be a simple silhouette or a more detailed design. Click here to see what you should know before getting a delicate mini tattoo.

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Mermaid And Moon Tattoo

To delve deeper into the female symbolism of mermaids, you can accompany your mermaid tattoo with the moon. The moon is often viewed as feminine and has additional connotations with goddesses such as Selene and Hecate.

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Mermaid Tattoo Sleeve

A mermaid tattoo can be a fantastic starting point for a full sleeve tattoo. Seashells, an anchor, a ship, and other marine life could all be incorporated into the design for a complete marine theme. The larger and more detailed your tattoo design, the longer your tattoo appointment will last. Chat with your tattoo artist to discuss how best to approach your design. For a sleeve tattoo, you may need to have multiple tattoo sessions.

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Colorful Mermaid Tattoo

A mermaid tattoo can be a great opportunity to go for a colorful tattoo design. Their long, flowing locks, fish scales, and seashells can be of various shades. However, colorful tattoos can fade faster compared to black and gray tattoos, so it is important to see an experienced tattoo artist and follow the care instructions to prevent the colors from fading.

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Mermaids have fueled human imaginations for hundreds of years and have resulted in incredible works of fiction and art. This has evolved to include mermaid tattoos.

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