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20+ arrow tattoos for women


The bow and arrow are a powerful weapon that was used by the Native Americans to hunt, fight, and protect. It is often seen as a symbol of strength and resilience, which is why there is a wide variety of body arts usingeach of their own meaning. For example, someone who wants to remember how they overcame difficulties will be drawn to a semicolon arrow tattoo. Or maybe you want a design that focuses on direction and orientation; then this is the oneArrow compass is the right choice for you. Placement is just as important as your chosen design; the ideal location is in a place large enough to accommodate details like the arm; that is, tiny ink on your finger or wrist is just as meaningfulIf you’re looking for inspiration for your next piece, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Bow and arrow tattoo

If you do decide to get inked, a bow and arrow is a fantastic choice. Not only is it a visually pleasing design that can look great in multiple placement options, but it’s a tattoo that has meaningThe weapon is associated with strength and power. It can also be a way to focus your energy on the future and leave the past and any negativity behind you. The bow is also considered a source of female power and is thereforea particularly attractive choice for a woman who wants to celebrate her femininity.

Bow And Arrow Tattoo

2. arrow-Compass-Tattoo

The arrow and the compass are both connected with a direction, and the combination of these two images results in a powerful tattoo. It is a piece that marks a new chapter in the life of the wearer andrepresents a shift in focus. If you are up forChoosing this design, it is an incredibly positive piece. It will serve as a reminder of the things that matter to you. Given the symbolic value of this tattoo, it’s not difficult to understand why it would appeal to a woman who is herselfwants to remain loyal.

Arrow Compass Tattoo

3.Arrow Name Tattoo

Name tattoos are an excellent way to honor a loved one, and an arrow design makes for beautiful but meaningful body art. Arrows usually symbolize strength and direction, andsomeone special’s name adds to these ideas. It would be best if you were warned if you are tattooing someone’s name. You don’t want to get inked with your friend’s name only to break up weeks later and with regretto be left behind.

Arrow Name Tattoo

4. The appeal of these tiny designs is also that they lend themselves well to multiple placement options. You can get a tattoo behind the ear or on your finger if you want. Small ink isn’t as an obligation as large, detailed pieces, andmany people find it a great introduction to body art. Another bonus is that it takes less time to complete than something more extensive, so not only is it less expensive, but it also doesn’t cause as much inconvenience.

Small Arrow Tattoo

5.Feather Arrow Tattoo

Feather and arrow symbols often go together because Indian warriors often use plumage to stabilize the weapon. A feather alone is often associated with wisdom, strength, and honor, while an arrow is associated with direction and power. The combination of theseImages are rich in symbolic value and represent UnaDependence and freedom. If you value these qualities in life then this is the perfect tattoo design for you.

Feather Arrow Tattoo

6.Heart and Arrow Tattoo

If Cupid’s bow hits you, you will fall hopelessly in love, but if that’s how you feel about someone, then maybe a heart and arrow tattoojust right for you, honor them. Associated with passion and desire, this design is the perfect ink for a woman who wants something sweet yet meaningful. You can show your affection for that special person without getting their name tattooed

Heart And Arrow Tattoo

7. Broken Arrow Tattoo

A broken arrow will not serve its intended purpose, and there is no point in using a weapon that does not work. In tattoo form is a broken arrow however, rich in symbolic value and represents the end of a battle. This can be incredibly positive as it could mean that the wearer has fought and overcome their problems, is stronger and more focused on the future. It can also symbolize peace.

Broken Arrow Tattoo

8. Crossed Arrows Tattoo

Would you like yours Body art honoring your friendship with someone? Well then how about a tattoo of crossed arrows. The image is a popular choice for friends and loved ones to get matching ink to appreciate their bond. It is hands down the perfect pieceto get tattooed with your best friend, and it’s a simple but cute design, there is also another interpretation of this ink, it’s sometimes associated with protection and is meant to help keep the wearer safe from ghosts and those whowho want to harm them, to protectzen.

Crossed Arrows Tattoo

9. If you see an arrow-To want a tattoo but want it to look a little different, consider doing it in a geometric technique. This approach focuses on the shapes and lines, creating something visually interesting and often intricate. They also represent symmetry, balance andHarmony.

Geometric Arrow Tattoo

10. Green Arrow Tattoo

Die People often take inspiration from books, movies, and poetry for their tattoos, and if you are a fan of superheroes then a Green Arrow piece is for you. The fictional hero, also known as Oliver Queen, is a do-gooderand sometimes associates with Batman. There is also a series inspired by the story called Arrow, so if you go for a tattoo like this, you are either a super fan or voInspired by the skills or alertness of DC Comics characters.

Green Arrow Tattoo

Green Arrow Tattoo

11. Infinity Arrow Tattoo

As the name suggests, an infinity symbol represents the concept that something is infinite and unlimited in time. The mathematical symbol is a popular tattoo Choice as it can express everlasting love and eternity, but when you combine an arrow with this design it takes on a new meaning, the piece is incredibly positive and reminds the wearer of any problems they face or are caused byhe goes, only temporarily.

Infinity Arrow Tattoo

12. Semicolon arrow tattoo

If you have fought in the past or are still working on your problems then you will like a semicolon arrow tattoo. It is a sign that the fights of your life are notwill last forever, and focus your energies on the future. It is also a symbol of solidarity and strength in the face of suicide and other mental health problems. A woman who has overcome difficulties or is committed to what has been achieved and the direction in which they are goingwant to remember is drawn to this meaningful design. The symbolic value of this ink makes it attention grabbing. It’s best to get it somewhere; you can see it every day.

Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

13.Follow Your Arrow Tattoo

The wide variety of meanings associated with arrows make them a popular tattoo option. Among the many things that these weapons dosymbolize is the direction, and if you focus on the future and stay on the right track, an “FFollow your arrow tattoo as a fond reminder. Watercolor arrow tattoo

Classic black ink tattoos are great, but why not watercolor body art if you want to make a statement? The technique is impressive,since the bright, bold colors are perfectly blended to make it look like they were painted on a canvas. There are many designs to choose from, but an arrow is rich in symbolism and would be a great choice. You can have your tattoo on yours Bring skin to life and no one else will notice.

Watercolour Arrow Tattoo

14.Indian Arrow Tattoo

When you search for designs and an Indian Arrow tattoo comes up, it refers to the Native American weapon. It is a symbol of strength,Protection and even perseverance, and it’s not hard to see why someone would find it an appealing choice to have a piece with these meaningsIf you want powerful body art this might be exactly what you were looking for.

Indian Arrow Tattoo

15.Native American Arrow Tattoo

The arrow plays an important role in Native American culture. It served its purpose as a weapon, but the arrowhead was also a symbol of protection. IfIf you want to be true to the origin of the arrow, you may be drawn to this tattoo option, but it is always important to research the accuracy of the design and make sure you don’t culturally appropriate or cause offense.

Native American Arrow Tattoo

16. Warrior Arrow Tattoo

The arrow serves many purposes in Native American culture, including use by warriors. It is a symbol of strength and power, and a woman who possesses themchaften guesses, may want to portray this in tattoo form. There are many variations on the design and different interpretations of its meaning including perseverance and struggle. Other than that, we can probably all agree that this would result in some exciting body art that will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation

Feather And Arrow Tattoo

17.Arrow Head Tattoo

SearchYou have a simple but meaningful design? If so then look no further. Without the arrowhead the weapon would be useless and therefore it has high symbolic value. It is often associated with courage and protection. It is also saidThat some Native American people felt that the weapon was crucial in keeping them safe from harmful energies and could even absorb the power of their enemies, so with that in mind, you can see why the piece made for a powerful tattoo.

Arrow Head Tattoo

18.Tribal Arrow Tattoo

You might be looking for a tattoo that symbolizes strength and power and you will find it with a tribal arrow design. The piece is inspired by the Native American people, the arrowsused for hunting, guns, and protection. The style usually tries to get close to the original design of an arrow that used feathers and a shaft made from reeds or shoots. It is important to note that you should always do your research before venturing outColorize to make sure you don’t select anything culturally inappropriate or insensitive.

Tribal Arrow Tattoo

19. Sagittarius-Arrow-Tattoo

Sagittarius is the astrological sign for people between the 23.December were born.The constellation is often depicted as a centaur archer so special emphasis is placed on the bow and arrow. If this is your birth sign then coloring in with this design could be a symbol of good luck. It is also a way to pay tribute to your zodiac sign.It also makes for a super cool and visually appealing tattoo.

Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

20. three arrows-Tattoo

You should get your girlfriends and go to the tattoo parlor together because a three-arrow design is a symbol of friendship. It is a piece that represents love and a strong bond andmakes it perfect for honoring those who are important to you and who you share, there are many interpretations of this ink, both in terms of meaning and style.So if you love the idea, get creative with your design and make it unique.

Three Arrow Tattoo

21.Wrist Arrow Tattoo

The wrist is one of the best places to get inked because of its visibility. It’s a placeYou can look at every day.So when you choose your tattoo it helps to get something meaningful that you won’t regret over time, and this is also a place people don’t see unless you want your ink to be more personal.There are far more advantages than disadvantages to getting a tattoo in this area, but it is important to note that the thin skin and lack of muscles cause some discomfort.

Wrist Arrow Tattoo

22. Placement only works on small, simple designs, and an arrow is one of them. If you want to show off your body art, this is the place, thoughthere are some downsides. The hands are filled with nerve endings and have thin skin so inking here will cause some discomfort. Your tattoo will also fade faster as it is exposed to the elements and frequency of use. On the positive side, it should be noted thatFinger tattoos are usually done quickly and nIt doesn’t cost a lot.

Finger Arrow Tattoo

23.Arrow Tattoo on Arm

There are many great places for body art depending on your preferences and lifestyle, but hands down one of the most common is the arm. The appeal of this placement is that it is on the pain scaleis not considered high. The area is large enough to allow for a detailed tattoo if you wish. If you want to show off a design that is meaningful to you, like an arrow tattoo then look no further.

Arrow Tattoo On The Arm

24. Forearm Arrow Tattoo

When it comes to body art, placement is just as important as the design you choose. You need to consider your lifestyle; some areas are too visible for more reserved people or corporate jobs. However, if you want a job that requires attention and you bIf it doesn’t cause too much pain when coloring, the forearm is the right place for you. Another advantage is that the arm shape is also well suited for narrow designs like an arrow.

Forearm Arrow Tattoo

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