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18 Awesome Dragon Tattoo Designs for Women

Winged serpents are one of the most well known plans for tattoos.These legendary animals are found in societies all over the planet and frequently address altogether different things.Although all mythical beasts appear to be amazing, superb and supernatural, they can be seen as both great and malicious, male and female, and are identified with both fire and water.Depending on the workmanship style, size and shading, a mythical serpent tattoo can be an image of courage, outrage, energy, or wisdom.They can likewise address your beloved anecdotal winged serpent, like the three winged serpents of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones .So assuming you are thinking about a mythical serpent themed tattoo, continue to look to track down the ideal plan for you.

1.Classic Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo is about attitude.It’s tied in with catching the force of the dragon with every one of the exemplary elements: scales, paws and flames!Depending on the dragon’s represent, this tattoo can be put anyplace on your body.While the bicep, back, and thigh are generally well known spots, the chest and stomach have turned into an in vogue region in ongoing years.This dragon is up front, so you can respect your specialty consistently before the mirror.However, additionally a piece of your body can without much of a stretch be covered with a shirt.

Tatuaggio drago classico

2.Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal tattoos keep on being one of the most famous kinds of inks.The dark ink and streaming states of this craftsmanship style impeccably match the plan of a dragon – a western style dragon with huge wings looks especially striking.Tribal tattoo workmanship is straightforward as there are no tones or shades involved.As an outcome, this is additionally probably the quickest choice in the event that you can hardly wait for your dragon body workmanship.

Tatuaggio Tribale Del Drago

3.Floral Dragon Tattoo

Give your dragon tattoo a female touch by consolidating the plan with flowers.The expansion of a delicate botanical component gives a differentiation to the energy and influence of a dragon symbol.Popular petal-based decisions incorporate peonies – which address eminence, abundance and honor in Chinese culture – cherry blooms, which are an image of mortality, love and excellence in Japan, and roses, which address everlasting affection and gentility.

Tatuaggio Drago Floreale

4.Dragon and phoenix tattoo

The Dragon and Phoenix tattoo is an illustration of more than Yin and Yang images, but it comes from Chinese culture.In Feng Shui, the two are viewed as the most remarkable mythical beings that join to shape an impeccably adjusted union.For this explanation, dragon and phoenix tattoos regularly consolidate different images of adoration, for example, Celtic love knots.Seeing the two animals together addresses an ideal marriage so the tattoo can be a good thought for a couple tattoo or for body workmanship just wedded with your accomplice.

Tatuaggio Drago Fenice

5.Chinese dragon tattoo

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of strengthpower and fortune. People born under the wheel are called secure and independentstrong, hardworking and honest. Chinese art frequently depicts a dragon holding a gem as a symbol of churchWisdomhappiness andimmortality.However, consider a Chinese costume tattoo, If you have noticed any of these features or were born in the Time of the Dragon. The Chinese dragon snake long dragonfly is also ideal for prominent corridor of your body similar as midriff or shoulder tattoos.

Tatuaggio Drago Cinese

6.Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are one of the most popular Japanese style tattoos.These brutes are frequently described as destructive and intimidating in Westernculture.In Japan they’re considered generous and wise and use their powers to helppeople.They’ve no bodies and look more like oceansnakes.There are numerous art style options for the Japanese dragon tattooincluding the various traditional lookknown as irezumi-or a more minimalist style.

Tatuaggio Drago Giapponese

7.Dragon Back Tattoo

You will be able to show all the details of your body art with some ink placed here. Just remember that you won’t be able to see your tattoo without the help of a mirror! People with back tattoos tend to be brave and confident, and their ink usually symbolizes what they consider to be the basis of their lives.

Tatuaggio sulla schiena

8.Small Dragon Tattoo

Small tattoos are awesome assuming you go under the needle interestingly – or need to have some winged serpent inks, however don’t need full arms. Additionally a decent decision for those might not have tattoos seen working or have low agony resilience. Exchange is furious and solid, paying little mind to measure. So every time you see your little winged serpent tattoo, you will know what that addresses.

Tatuaggio Piccolo Drago

9.Koi Dragon Tattoo

The Japanese legend has it that when a humble koi fish swims into the waterfall of the dragon gate myth, it turns into a giant dragon and malignant. The story message is that perseverance has a great prize. In life, if you can overcome swimming challenges. Fight the current, you will reach the top of the choice.

Tatuaggio Drago Koi

10.Celtic dragon tattoo

Dragons assume a significant part in celtic folklore and there are numerous legends about them. In light of their heavenly insight and quality, dragons are regularly portrayed in weapons coats in Celtic nations like Wales, who actually have dragons on their banners.Art, dragons are often described by eating tails, symbols of immortality and natural cycles. For this reason, Celtic Tattoos Dragon continues to be very popular to this day.

Tatuaggio Drago Celtico

11.Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Lizards are the closest we need to dragons in the real world. This is why, in many cultures, these reptiles often have the same quality as the mythical dragons. They often represent spirituality, wisdom and ferocity. The Dragon Bearded is a native Australian lizard. There are many dream dream stories about this fascinating creature.The gets his skin name on the neck, which swells when attacked a barbu dragon tattoo shows a connection to earth, native fauna and powerful qualities of lizards.

Copia tatuaggio drago barbuto

12.Dragon Ball Tattoo

If you are a boy from the 90s, you might remember the Dragon Ball Z cartoon, bring a lasting dragon and give your wishes. Event organizers can pay subtle tribute for this classic childhood with a dragon ball tattoo.

Tatuaggio Dragon Ball

13.Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that combines some of the most significant symbols of oriental culture, Yin Yang Dragon is a great design choice. And who and who are two aspects of energy, represent active masculine and passive feminine. When both are united – in the Yin symbol – it represents the totality of the universe.

Drago Yin Yang

14.Tattoo of the blue dragon

In Chinese culture, blue dragon is a god. This is associated with East, spring and calm and will make beautiful tattoos and inspire. If you like color, choose an art style that matches your aesthetics. Blue also contrasts well. With red so that the blue dragon breathes the fire will look great in the form of a tattoo. Treat in mind that tattoo colors tend to fade from time to time, so make sure to schedule refills to keep ink stay alive.

Tatuaggio Drago Blu

15.Dragon scale tattoo

The tattoo scale, or known as a mermaid scale tattoo, is a unique retrieval of the trend of dragon body art. It shows bright colors of dragon skin and tattoo artist skills in creating a scale effect. The dragon scale tattoo aims to make it appear that the scales are right below your genuine skin. This is a tattoo that suggests your inner strength and shows others that there is something mystical and wild inside us all.

Tatuaggio a squame di drago

16.Dragon tiger tattoo

The combination of dragons and tigers is significant in Buddhist culture. Two animals represent the opposite strength: the tiger is masculine, while the dragon is feminine. One is an active force, while others representing Tiger’s passive strength is often combined with Yin symbols and those in art. If you get this tattoo, it will represent a harmonious balance of two completely different strengths, related to destiny.

Tatuaggio Tigre Drago

17.Flaming Dragon Tattoo

In Western culture, the dragon is associated with fire. This represents great strength and the ability to create and destroy mystical creatures. The API also represents the passion, desire and power of nature wanting to combine the elements into your dragon tattoo.

Tatuaggio Drago Fiammeggiante

18.Dragon eye tattoo

Eye dragon tattoos are one of the bravest and most striking ink that you can get. For this reason, the dragon’s eyes are not tattoos. Create realistic dragon tattoos take a lot of skills because it requires the right lines, colors and nuances. Choose an artist who is skilled with a proven trace record that means getting a dynamic and interesting tattoo.

Tatuaggio Occhio Di Drago

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