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16 Mother and Daughter Tattoos

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Mother And Daughter Tattoos

There is nothing like the relationship between mother and daughter.And what better way to show how much you care for one another than with tattoos?Like the bond between you, your ink will last a lifetime.From matching tattoos to meaningful tattoos symbols and sayings, these mother and daughter inks will inspire you and warm your heart.


1.Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are an ideal choice for mothers and daughters who are two peas in a pod.Gemini tattoos show how much you feel like each other and all the things that you have in common.A matching tattoo is also a great way to remember a special experience you both shared.

Gleiche Tatoos

2.Small tattoos for mother and daughter

Small tattoos are no less meaningful than larger designs, so why not choose a small and delicate mother-daughter tattoo?A smaller ink is also more versatile as it can be placed anywhere.Consider some trendy finger tattoos, a tiny design on the wrist or even behind the ear.

Kleine Mutter und Tochter Tattoo

3.Symbol tattoos

Sometimes pictures say more than words!A symbol is ideal for mothers and daughters who want a simple but meaningful tattoo.For the more traditional, the classic symbol of mother and child expresses the close maternal bond.Others may prefer a more abstract symbol in an art style.


4.Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are not only some of the most majestic and beautiful animals on earth, they are also strongly matriarchal.Every elephant herd consists of mothers and their children.Because of this, elephant tattoos are a wonderful idea for both mother and daughter.Elephants are also strongly associated with memory – as the saying goes, “An elephant never forgets” – so your ink will always remind you of each other.

Elefant Tattoo

5.Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos are ideal for mothers and daughters who have different but complementary personalities.The duality of these two heavenly bodies reflects how opposites complement each other.They can also represent that you are never alone – you hold yourself in your hearts day and night.

Sonne und Mond Tattoo

6.Adhesive Tattoos

There are many different types of tattoos that can express the unique bond between mother and daughter.A cute option is a cartoon portrait of you put together that includes some connecting element like a line.That way, when you look at your tattoos together, they are connected.Bond tattoos look best in a position where you can see them anytime, e.g.B. on the wrist or forearm.

Mutter und Tochter Bond Tattoo

7.Chinese Tattoos

Family is central to Chinese culture, and a mother’s devotion and love for her children are very important.A mother-daughter tattoo in Chinese script not only looks interesting and beautiful, it also feels more private because not everyone can read it.It’s a simpler, smaller, and more delicate form of a word tattoo.Other options are your Chinese zodiac signs or a Chinese proverb about the family.

Chinesisches Tattoo

8.Sayings Tattoos

There are many sayings about mothers and daughters that could inspire coordinating tattoos.From folk wisdom to famous quotes or even texts, the said tattoos are poetic and will be remembered.These meaningful and personal tattoos are a great way to express how you and your mother feel about each other.

Sprüche Tattoo

9.Butterfly Tattoos

A butterfly is a very significant design when it comes to mother-daughter tattoos.Not only are they associated with love, transformation, freedom, and hope, but they are also feminine and graceful.Therefore, they are perfect for mother and daughter who love nature and beauty and want an ink that is both cute and poetic.


10.Linking Tattoos

One of the cutest tattoos for mothers and daughters is a link design.These tattoos are only complete when viewed side by side and for this reason symbolize how they complement each other.A nice option for mothers and daughters who are often separated.Link tattoos remind you of each other every time you look at them and bring back happy memories of your last time together.

Verknüpfte Tätowierungen

11.Heart Tattoos

As a classic and emotional tattoo option, hearts symbolize love and affection.There is no easier way to show how much you and your mom mean to each other!Try adding each other’s initials or some other personal touch like your birthday to the tattoo.

Herz Tattoo

12.Flower tattoos

Flower tattoos have a feminine look that makes them perfect for a mother-daughter tattoo.Traditionally, carnations are associated with mothers and Mother’s Day because they signify love, faith, purity and generosity.Roses also represent love, while daylilies and orchids are associated with motherhood and children in Chinese culture.

Blumen Tattoo

13.Sworn small finger tattoo

A small oath – also known as a pinky promise – involves two people interlacing their little fingers to symbolize an agreement.In tattoo form, a small oath means loyalty, honesty and keeping your word.For mothers and daughters, this tattoo could represent a lifelong promise to always be there for one another.

Kleiner Finger schwört Tattoo

14.Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos are one of the most popular designs for mothers and daughters because of their importance.Flying birds can represent daughters who have grown up and “left the nest ” and pay homage to the woman who taught them to “fly ” in life.Mothers often choose a “three birds” tattoo to represent three daughters, while chicken tattoos are traditionally associated with motherhood and caring.


15.Writing Tattoos

There are many poetic and meaningful tattoos for mother and daughter, and one of the best is tattoo writing.From sayings to song lyrics, writing tattoos is deeply personal.You can add a unique touch and have the handwriting tattoo inked according to your handwriting.So you always have a piece of each other with you.

Tätowierungen schreiben

16.Tree Tattoos

Trees are often associated with family, wisdom, age, and protection, which makes them perfect for mother and daughter tattoo design.They are ideal for mothers and daughters alike, as the saying goes: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.Trees are a great tattoo choice for people who deeply value their family ties and roots.

Baum Tattoo

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